Jan 282018

How to analyze Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part Six

This is in continuation of my previous articles on Yogas in Vedic Astrology.

Exchange between first and second house of horoscope generates Maha Yoga

As per the general results of a Maha Yoga, the native born with Maha Yoga in his/her horoscope may wear good clothes and ornaments and may be awarded with recognition and fame. He may enjoy authority over many people and may have comforts of vehicle. And, he may also enjoy happiness from son.

However, as mentioned in my previous article, the actual results of Maha Yoga will depend upon the Houses involved in the Yoga, General Nature of Planets, Operational planetary period and disposition of relevant planets in Navamsha division. And, therefore, I will try to explain and elaborate the exchange between 1 and 2 houses accordingly.

First house signifies self, physique, nature, strength, intellect, fame and success etc. and the Second house of the horoscope is meant for examining wealth, status, family, food, face, eyes, mouth and speech etc.

Therefore, the exchange between first and second house of a horoscope will primarily influence these specific aspects; and, the overall conclusion is to be drawn in accordance with the general results of this Yoga. That is, formation of a Maha Yoga with exchange between first and second house of the horoscope may generate specific results in following terms: Continue reading »

Aug 112014

In vedic astrology, the term “Yoga” implies a specific combination and/or disposition of planets which are supposed to generate specific results for the nativity. And, these Yogas can be good as well as bad; for example, there are good yogas like Dhana yogas (related to Wealth) or Raj Yogas (related to Power and Authority) Yogas; and, there are bad Yogas like Daridra Yoga (Poverty). Sometimes, one may get confused or delighted when the astrologer, whom he or she is consulting, comes up with such terminology like, “there is a Dardira Yoga in your horoscope” or like, “you are having a Raj Yoga”. And, if you take this seriously, you may lack in proper understanding of your horoscope. I, personally, avoid using such terminology in my consultations; and, instead, try to offer a clear perspective on specific aspects of horoscope like Marriage, Profession, Finance etc.

The primary objective of these terms, ‘Dhana Yoga’ or ‘Raj Yoga’ etc. is for learning purpose; while, for a layman seeking astrological advice, use of these terms should be kept as minimum as possible. This is so because it works more towards in generating a happy or sad feeling (depending upon which type of Yoga is present in your horoscope); while, this may not serve any significant purpose on practical grounds. Like, you may be looking to know about professional prospects of your horoscope. On ground level, the prominent and practical questions, which needed to be addressed, are related to stability, security and growth in profession. And, for addressing this, one may need to be specific both in questions as well as answers. The appeasement therapy of showering good looking words like you have a Raj Yoga or Dhana Yoga may, sometimes, also create unwarranted problems; and, except a happy feeling (which may not sustain longer), nothing much can be achieved. Continue reading »