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Generally, Saturn is understood to be a negative and inauspicious planet; however, when strong and favorable, Saturn also gives auspicious results in a horoscope. The general astrology readings of Saturn transit in Libra zodiac sign are given below.  These astrology readings are based upon your ascendant sign and not on your Moon sign.  Therefore, be sure and very clear about it. The astrology readings for twelve ascendant signs are of general nature, and specific results may differ on the basis of strength and placement of Saturn in your vedic horoscope.  For absolute  vedic astrology readings of  your horoscope, you may approach for paid astrology readings.

Personalized report of Saturn Transit for your horoscope:

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On 15 November 2011, transit Saturn will enter in Libra zodiac sign at 10.12 AM, Delhi-India Time. The transit of Saturn in Libra zodiac will complete on 2 November 2014. During its stay in Libra, the transit Saturn will have a temporary shift to Virgo zodiac sign.  During its retrograde motion, transit Saturn will enter Virgo zodiac on 16 May 2012 and  it will remain in Virgo  till 3 August 2012.  From 4 August 2012 onwards, Saturn will again resume its transit in Libra and will remain there till 2 November 2014.

Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Aries Ascendant: The transit of Saturn in Libra is auspicious for professional and financial aspects of people having Aries Ascendant.  However, it may cause delay in matters related to marriage besides being at Maraka Bhava, some health issues may also be there.  You may remain religiously inclined and there are also strong chances of having a pilgrimage or visit to Shrines and religious places during stay of Saturn in Libra.

Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Taurus Ascendant: Due to transit of Saturn from sixth house of your natal birth chart, you may face struggles and opposition in your endeavors. However, being exalted there will be success in the end. You may have auspicious and fruitful results regarding foreign visits, promotion in job and success in your business matters during the transit of Saturn in Libra.  It may also bless you with success in love relationships; and those aspiring for love marriage may be lucky.

Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Gemini Ascendant: During its stay in Libra zodiac sign, Saturn will be transiting from fifth house of Gemini Ascendant Horoscope.  It will be specifically auspicious for higher education and financial matters.  However, the expenses may also increase  a bit;   and those aspiring for love marriage and intimate relationship may suffer from delays and emotional setbacks.  This transit of Saturn is, however, appearing favorable for expecting promotion and favorable relocation in job.

Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Cancer Ascendant:  The transit of exalted Saturn will give mixed results for Cancer Ascendant.  Saturn in Libra will generate opportunities for new business activities and sudden financial gains are also expected.  Transit Saturn in Libra will also be supportive for marriage and relationships.  However, it may cause domestic problems, mental tensions and trouble to parents.   Those aspiring for foreign travel may expect favor and support from exalted Saturn in Libra.

Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Leo Ascendant:  Exalted Saturn in third house of Leo Ascendant is auspicious for business and independent profession.  You may have new opportunities for investment; and your business ideas will be successful.  There will be financial gains from property, machinery, vehicles, and from journeys. However, it may also cause problems due to health issues and relationships may remain disturbed.

Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Virgo Ascendant: The transit of exalted Saturn in second house of your lagna chart is auspicious for social status, wealth and education. However, it may cause disputes in family and you may suffer from financial problems due to debt or loan. The beneficial influence of transit Saturn will be more pronounced for politicians, lawyers, judges, industrialists and those who are dealing in medicine and healing.

Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Libra Ascendant :  Exalted Saturn will be transiting from first house of your Natal Birth Chart, which is very auspicious for name and fame.  You may experience success in most of your endeavors, successful foreign visits, financial gains, acquisition of vehicle and property and happiness from children.  However, there may be some health issues and mental worries to your spouse.

Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Scorpio Ascendant:  The transit of exalted Saturn from twelfth house is not very auspicious for Scorpio Ascendant People.  There may be sudden financial losses, mental tensions, problem to parents, loss of property/vehicle and separation from family.  You may also suffer from accidents, injuries and health issues.  Those aspiring for higher education in foreign lands may expect some favorable results, though.

Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Sagittarius Ascendant:  During its stay in Libra zodiac sign, Saturn will be transiting from eleventh house of Sagittarius Ascendant.  It will generate new opportunities in profession/business, and there may also be  financial gains. Social status will improve and you may also expect aquisition of higher post.  However, it may spoil your relationships with brother, friends and in-laws.

Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Capricorn Ascendant:  Exalted Saturn will transit from tenth house of your Lagna Chart.  It will generate very fortunate results in respect of profession, finance and social status.  The matters related to family and relationships are also looking good and strong.  The exalted Saturn will be auspicious to father and you may also have visit to religious and spiritual places during the period.

Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Aquarius Ascendant :  Transit Saturn will be exalted in ninth house of your Natal Birth Chart.  It will generate many auspicious results in overall aspects of life. There will be good news in the family and financial gains to father. Exalted Saturn may bless you with success in business, acquisition of higher post, meeting with high authorities, success in foreign visits and happiness in marital relations.

Astrology Readings of Saturn transit for Pisces Ascendant:  The transit of exalted Saturn from eighth house of your Natal Birth Chart is not very auspicious.  It may cause financial losses, besides generating sudden increase in your expenses. You may encounter obstructions and delays in your educational and professional matters.  Health may  remain disturbed and minor injuries are also possible.

Personalized report of Saturn Transit for your horoscope:

  • Brief Analysis – 20 USD
  • Detailed Report – 60 USD

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  1. Hi Dear Raj,

    Can you tell me how the Saturn Transit will affect me thank you.

    October 19,1994
    Azerbaijan,Baku Longitude 49,53E Latitude 40,22 +4 UTC/GMT
    22:11Pm (10:11Pm)

  2. Thanks brooo btw i followed you on Twitter my names IdMarriJuana

  3. Yay! I have a Libra Ascendant 🙂

  4. Thanks alot – your answer soevld all my problems after several days struggling

  5. Hi

    I have saturn placed in libra in 5th house and i m gemini ascendant. Saturn is exalted in this situation, so
    Am i still going to have problems in my love life?

    • well the placements of Venus and Moon are also to be analyzed in your Lagna and divisional charts for assessing the influence of Saturn for love and relations. Being Tamasika planet Saturn is not considered clean for sophisticated aspects of life.

  6. I am impressed by your forecast.
    My D.O.B. 6TH,fEB,1949, tIME 07.45AM, PLACE-DELHI
    Can you please tell me situation of finances and any good fortune waiting?

  7. can u tell me how saturn transit will affect me?
    Name: chitesh rai (named by pundit)
    Born: 23 September 1989 in brunei stayed in nepal after 2 years and now I’m in uk for 4 months
    Time: I am not sure but it’s between 10 am to 2 pm(indian time)

    • Hello Chitesh
      The transit influence of Saturn will depend upon the ascendant sign and nature of Saturn for your specific horoscope. As such, you are not having confirmed birth details, you may first need birth time rectification to ascertain your correct lagna and navamsha charts; and only thereafter, the influence of transit Saturn for your ascendant can be worked out.

      You may take paid astrology services for birth time rectification and additional queries of yours.


  8. Dob
    October 19,1974
    Cochin, India , 9:15 am
    What will be the impact of this transit?

  9. My DOB is Aug 15 1954 10.20 AM at Chennai (Madras), India.

    My ascendant is Libra sign and the moon sign is Aquarius- as per astrologers

    Pl. send me a concise reading on what Saturn transit holds for me from Nov 2011.
    If this comes only to my email – would be thankful for further interactions



  10. Hi

    My DOB : 26th December, 1968
    Time: 2:45 pm
    Place: Kolkata

    What will be my ascendants? Thanks & Regards

  11. Dear Sharmaji,
    I just came across your website and am quite impressed. You obviously are very knowledgeable.

    I am seeking your clarification on a point that is puzzling me. Please advise which of the two has GREATER influence of Saturn transit – the Ascendant or the Moon sign? Let me elaborate. My ascendant is Sagittarius and my Moon rashi sign is Pisces. Many astrological blogs state that Saturn’s transit in Libra in its house of exaltation is GOOD for ascendant Sagittarius. However other blogs state that Saturn’s transit in Libra represents “ASHTAM SHANI” for my Moon Rashi Pisces and hence very bad. I am therefore confused.

    The other planet placements in my Birth chart as per my Sun sign are: Ascendant – Saggi with Venus; 2nd house (Capricorn) with Mars. 3rd house (Acquarius) with Sun and Mercury. 4th House (pisces) with Moon. 6th house (Taurus) with Uranus and Rahu. 8th House (Cancer) with Saturn and Pluto. 10th House (Virgo) with Neptune. 12th House (Scorpio) with Jupiter and Ketu. Moon in PoorvBhadrapad Nakshatra – Pad 4.

    Further complicating my confusion is the fact that my Surya Mahadasha commences from January 2012.

    I will really appreciate your interpretation.

    Dr Deepak Sethi.

  12. Outstanding post, you have pointed out some good details , I also conceive this s a very superb website.

  13. My DOB is 28/09/1965, Place of Birth is Mhow, MP, India and time of birth is 06:40:00 AM. Operationally, there are many yogas and other benific palcements of planets shown in my birth chart with favourable Mercury Mahadasha undegoing up to 2018. Howeevr, I am still truggling in my career, creating wealth and assets for a secured future. Please suggest reamdy or tell me what the future holds for me in terms of wealth, money, career and health. Your accurate interpretation would be of great help to me.



  14. Sir, I probabaly missed reading your valuable suggestions.I would request you to help me by once again replying to me.



  15. my D.O.B is 01-01-1982 name Moazam Ali POB Gujranwala Pakistan, Now saturn in Libra when is transit at capricorn.

  16. Have you given any kind of thought at all with translating your web-site into German? I know a couple of translaters here that will would certainly help you do it for no cost if you want to get in touch with me.

    • Thanks for your kind words and support. However, right now, I am really too much occupied to take any additional responsibility. But, I will definitely get back to you whenever I get some time to proceed in this regard.

  17. Sir

    My DOB is 21 March 1975, 9.14 pm Gulbarga. I am desperately trying for a job change sicne two years but with no success. I am confused when I read the results whether to consider ascendent or moon sign for transit results. Can you please let me know if I would be succesful for job relocation as my ascendent is libra and moon sign is gemini. The 3 attempts I made for a change in 2102 from january has brought me failures and it has affected my confidence whether I would be suuccesful this year. I am desperately looking for a change as it is difficult to continue working in the current place. I would be very thankful and greatful if you can reply me.

  18. Dear Raj Shekhar ,
    This is a very good astrological site. My date of birth is 09.12.1958 at 14.30 PM in Asansol(West Bengal).Presently, I am passing through Jupiter Antardasha under Venus mahadasha . Could you tell me what will be the effect of my coming Antar dasha (Saturn) under Venus mahadasha.

    Thanks and Regards,


  19. dear sharma ji.

  20. My DOB is 24/09/1949 place Hassan in Karnataka Time 11:00 am.

  21. My date of birth is 22/10/1988 at 08.58AM in Karkal, Karnataka .Presently, I am passing through Saturn mahadasha . Could you tell me in short about my marriege life?

  22. I am impressed by your forecast.
    My D.O.B. 7TH,fEB,1976, tIME 08.10AM, PLACE-Ahmedabad
    Can you please tell me situation of finances and any good fortune waiting?

  23. Hi my date of birth is 23 sept 1980, i want to know abt my and my kids future

  24. My DOB is 22 October 1988, at 8.58 am Karkal, Udupi. Could you plz tell me about my married life.

  25. Hi Raj,

    am born on 19.06.1988 2.00 Pm. During saturn transit i had love failure. Does the love ll get success after saturn transit is finished. Once gone is never returned.

  26. For personal consultation, please visit how to consult page under paid consultancy.

  27. hello sir
    my DOB is 07/02/1976
    Time of birth: 8:10am
    Place: Ahmedabad.
    My last year is very worst compare to previous years( Financial, health, mentally), so how is my next year…
    I am very depressed and want your advice..please..

  28. Can you tell me the effect of saturn on me. DOB 8th Oct 1962 8.00 am gujrat

  29. Sir, I was born on 05/10/1954 at 06.20PM at Visakhapatnam in A.P., India. My current Mahadasha is Guru and sub period is Venus till 23/04/2013. With the transit of saturn, will I do better, for, I became debtor in lacs and profession is zero. Will I rise in my profession?


    Sri Rama Murthy.

  30. Was an NRI, a Banker since 9/2002 based in the Middle East. Lost my banking job i.6/2010 whilst in Bahrain and had to return back to India in 4/2011 as I was without a Job and living abroad was impossible. Trying my level best however haven’t been successful till date.

    Question – When will I get a job and whether this will be in abroad again and in the banking or other industry – a specific indication moth etc., will help.

    Am sitting for a professional exam CIA – will I be successful and will it add value to my career prospects. Any prospects of starting my own consultancy in India or abroad

  31. DoB 24: 05:1982 time: 2 pm
    hapur distt Ghaziabad Up

    facing severe hardships regarding new career change
    can you suggest something friend?

  32. Pt.ji my DOB is 23 june 1971 at 1:30 pm. when i will get rid of my financial problems and what about my promotions and career.
    thanking you

  33. Hi Dear Raj,

    Can you pls tell me how the Saturn Transit will affect me?

    October 18,1991
    place of birth- raipur (chattisgarh)
    time- around 7:10am

  34. DOB 01- 08- 1978 AT 09:50 AM Place Yamuna Nagar ( Haryana). I am a civil engineer & i am working in education department on contract basis.i have apply in railway department, can i get a permanent job in railway department.Please reply me.

  35. Can you tell me about my saturn is benefic or not?

    dob 28/12/1983
    time 3.52(am)
    place Jamnagar(Gujarat)

  36. Hi, my dob is 4 feb1983, time 9:30am, place New Delhi India. I have been told my saturn transit is going on. Pl tell me about it , it’s effects and remedies pl.

  37. Dear Raj,

    I really appreciate your effort to write about saturn transit. I am gemini ascendant having saturn in 5th house(libra) 9 degree and venus in 11th house (aries) 9 degree. Please let me know how will be the saturn mahadasa from financial prespective?

    Many thanks


  38. Hi

    My DoB is 20 03 ’79 , delhi, 17:45.

    I started with sade saati on 15 nov 2011 .Not sure how this is going to turn out for me.Many ppl said its very bad.





  40. Hi Raj,

    Can you please help me in understanding my details (ascendant sign etc) and if I am under Sade-Sati?

    DOB: 3-May-1969
    time: 18:20
    Place New Delhi

    Thanks and regards

  41. name : rohan chitnis
    dob : 31/10/1978 time :8.40 p.m. place :thane
    i got married in may 2014 recently , was working before marraige , currently i am jobless now trying very hard to find a job when can i get one

    pls suggest

  42. Dear Sir,

    name : rohan chitnis
    dob : 31/10/1978 time :8.40 p.m. place :thane
    i got married in may 2014 recently , was working before marraige , currently i am jobless now trying very hard to find a job when can i get one

    pls reply

  43. Hi Dear Raj,

    Can you pls tell me how the Saturn Transit will affect me?

    SEP 01,1973
    place of birth- GAYA(BIHAR)
    time- 4.00 AM

  44. Hi Dear Raj,

    When I will get Job?

    Dob; 3rd August, 1968
    Place: Berhampur(Orissa)
    Time: 12:30 pm

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