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The divine planet, Jupiter, will be entering into Gemini zodiac sign (Mithuna Rashi)  on 31 May 2013 (at 6:50 AM, Delhi, India). Jupiter will remain in Gemini zodiac (Mithuna Rashi) for around 379 days. On 19 June 2014 (at 8:47 AM, Delhi India);  Jupiter will be completing its transit in Gemini zodiac sign and will enter into Gemini zodiac.  Jupiter has been known as a divine planet, which manages to pour humility, knowledge, spirituality and wealth into the life as per its natal strength and disposition in your horoscope.   This transit change of Jupiter into Gemini  zodiac sign will be a good relief for Libra Ascendant people.   People born in Sagittarius and Gemini Ascendant may also be benefitted by improved transit disposition of Jupiter, which was transiting from evil houses of their respective natal birth chart (Lagna Chart).

During its stay in Gemini zodiac sign, Jupiter will become retrograde on 7 November 2013 and will regain its direct motion from 06 March 2014 onwards.  During its retrograde motion, Jupiter will be exerting its strong influence on respective horoscopes of people; and those having auspicious placement of Jupiter in their horoscope may expect some strong and positive results during these four months.  The general horoscope predictions for twelve Ascendants are mentioned below.  Please take note that these vedic astrology readings are based upon transit of planets (herein Jupiter) over your ascendant sign.  The absolute readings for your personal vedic horoscope may differ; and you may take paid consultancy for the same.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Aries Ascendant:  For Aries Ascendant people, Jupiter will be passing through third house of their natal birth chart (Lagna kundali); and, this is likely to promote the horoscope via self efforts.   Those in business activities may expect good planetary support for initiating new business ventures as well as fruitful results of their endeavors made in the current business.  The aspectual influence of Jupiter on seventh and eleventh houses is also supportive for business partnerships.  Those looking for suitable life partners or managing things for love marriage may also expect favorable support of Jupiter.  This may also generate auspicious opportunities for distant journeys and foreign travel.    The overall transit influence of Jupiter is looking auspicious and supportive for Aries Ascendant people; while it may cause you to work hard and/or remain too much occupied in your professional and social matters.  Besides this, slight increase in expenses may also be there.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Taurus Ascendant: For Taurus Ascendant, Jupiter become the lord of eighth and eleventh houses.  Its transit into Gemini zodiac sign will, therefore, be giving mixed results.  The transit of Jupiter from second house of Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabha Lagna) will be supportive for financial gains.  However, at the same time this may generate problems in accumulating and/or managing financial gains.  You may experience tensions on family front; and, there may be delays and obstructions in marriage related matters.  There may be separation or strong issues within family, specifically those living in joint family should exercise caution.  The health of family members, specifically parents or children, may also create problems.   Those looking for promotion or favorable change in job may also experience setbacks or delays.   For education and research work though, the Jupiter’s transit will be supportive and capable of generating some good hopes and positive results.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Gemini Ascendant: Transit Jupiter will be entering into first house of your natal birth chart (Lagna Chart); and this is very likely to provide good amount of relief into ongoing issues in marital life.  There may be positive news in your relationships; and those looking for life partner or marriage may expect good results.  Professional matters, specifically related to business partnerships, may also improve.  While passing through first house of your Lagna Chart; transit Jupiter is also looking supportive for education and social matters.  You  may expect increased social status and reputation as well as positive planetary support for education.  Slight uneasiness in your nature and temperament may also be there; as such due to Maraka influence of Jupiter, you may remain a bit more sensitive towards other’s reaction/behavior and may tend to get hyper too.  Therefore, try to take some caution in expressing yourself (specifically in public); while the other attributes of Jupiter are looking to get better during this transit.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Cancer Ascendant: People born in Cancer Ascendant may experience some increase in their expenses.  However, the source of income may also increase accordingly; and, the chances of expenses being made on good cause are also prominent due to auspicious nature of Jupiter for your Lagna (Natal Chart).  This transit of Jupiter is also supportive for relocation and foreign visits.   Those in spiritual practices or religious activities may also experience some good support from this transit of Jupiter from twelfth house of their natal birth chart.  Some tensions and/or concerns may be there within family matters; and, specifically the health or relationship with parents, spouse or children may not be much supportive.   However, at the same time, the transit influence of Jupiter may be favorable for getting married or finding suitable life partner.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Leo Ascendant: For Leo Ascendant people, this transit change of Jupiter into eleventh house of their Ascendant (Lagna Chart) is very auspicious and supportive.  It may bless you with strong financial gains via various sources.  Those in trading or similar speculative activities may also expect positive results of their endeavors and ideas.  Educational prospects may get boosted up and rise in professional status (like promotion or rise in salary) are also possible.  Those looking for new jobs or better job opportunity may remain lucky.  There may be good planetary support for business activities too; and, your efforts for starting new business ventures or developing the current business may also yield positive results.  This transit of Jupiter may also bless you with addition in the family via marriage or birth.  Try to avoid manipulations and unethical activities though.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Virgo Ascendant: For Virgo Ascendant people, the transit of Jupiter will be from tenth house of their Lagna Chart; and will be positive for domestic affairs and stability.  Those looking to purchase property or house may remain lucky; and, pending issues (related with property) may also start resolving.  There may also be positive news in professional matters.  Those struggling to start new business or partnership business may expect auspicious and favorable results of Jupiter.  The status of father and/or mother may also rise.  Those in politics, education or medical field may be specifically benefited via strong transit position of Jupiter. Marital prospects are also looking strong and supportive.  There may be celebrations or good news in the family; and those looking to get married may also expect strong support of Jupiter in this regard.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Libra Ascendant: This transit of Jupiter from Gemini zodiac sign (Mithuna Rashi) may be moderately supportive; however, comparatively much better against Jupiter’s transit from eighth house (Taurus zodiac).  There may be some good relief in professional matters; and old issues may start to resolve.  You may also be able to make strong efforts for betterment in profession as well as in financial aspects; and pending dues may also get released via improved position of Jupiter.  There may also be success through foreign lands and your relationship with your colleagues, business partners and with other professional contacts may also improve reasonably.  Tensions on family front may also start to resolve.   Some health issues to self and/or father are possible though; therefore, exercise caution and care in this regard.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Scorpio Ascendant: Transit Jupiter will be entering into eighth house for Scorpio Ascendant people; and is looking to be a bit deteriorating and troublesome on professional as well as domestic front.  There may be delays and obstructions  in your profession; and, those expecting promotion or betterment in job may have to struggle a lot.  There may also be challenges in your relationships and family matters.  Loss of repute and finance is also possible.  Those aspiring to get married may also face obstruction and delays.   Some positive results in education (specifically for those working in research and development) are possible though.  Besides this, slight support of Jupiter can also be expected in financial dealings or property related matters.  The overall results of Jupiter may, however, still remain weak and vulnerable.  And, therefore, exercise caution in your professional and domestic matters till completion of this transit.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Sagittarius Ascendant: This transit of Jupiter from Gemini zodiac sign is likely to improve things on many fronts.  There may be relief from ongoing legal problems (if any); and health is also likely to improve.  Your professional and social relationships are also likely to turn better with this transit change of Jupiter into Gemini zodiac sign.  There may be good news in the family; and those aspiring for progeny may get lucky.  Business activities are also likely to get boosted; and, you may expect fresh opportunities for starting new business or developing current business.  Those looking for success in love marriage or finding suitable life partner or business partner may also expect favorable influence of Jupiter’s transit into seventh house of your Lagna Chart. Try to avoid manipulative, speculative and unethical activities for having maximum benefit from transit Jupiter.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Capricorn Ascendant: The transit of Jupiter from Gemini zodiac sign (Mithuna Rashi) will be taking place in sixth house of your Lagna Chart.  And, therefore, it may cause damage and destruction in your professional matters. Those in business activities should be extra cautious; and try to avoid taking risky or speculative decisions.  There may be loss of finance and/or repute; and, health may also remain a bit challenging.  There may be lack of harmony and comfort in your family and marital relationships.  Your enemies may also try to create problems; possibilities of facing problems through legal dispute, theft, cheating, fraud and physical injuries are also there.  The negative intensity of Jupiter’s influence will be more pronounced for those having weak/ill disposed Saturn, Mercury and/or Venus as well as passing through Mahadasa of Jupiter.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Aquarius Ascendant: For Aquarius Ascendant people, this transit of Jupiter from fifth house of their Lagna Chart (Gemini zodiac) will be giver of mixed results with slightly upper edge to positivity.  This transit of Jupiter may generate strong and frequent financial gains during its stay in Gemini zodiac and may also present many opportunities for financial gains.  There may also be positive results in professional matters.  Jupiter may also be able to promote the relationships and marital prospects.  Slight disadvantage of Jupiter’s transit in fifth house may be on progeny and education as such during its stay in Gemini zodiac, Jupiter will also be under aspect from transit Rahu.  This may also tempt or provoke you towards manipulations and/or unethical means for financial gains.  Besides this, lack of focus and concentration in education is also possible.

Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings for Pisces Ascendant: For Pisces Ascendant, this transit of Jupiter from fourth house of their Natal Birth Chart is looking to generate positive results and good news.  There may be success in your professional endeavors and those looking for job may get lucky.  Matters related to property and vehicle are also likely to boost up; and, those working for buying residential property may get lucky.  This transit of Jupiter is also capable of blessing you with fame and success; required, you are under Mahadasa of well placed Jupiter, Mercury or Mars in your horoscope.  There may be good news for the parents; and your financial issues may also start to resolve.  Those in education, teaching, training, research, language and science related fields may expect specific positive results of this transit of Jupiter into Gemini zodiac sign.  Try to avoid manipulation and unethical activities to have the best results of this auspicious transit.


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  4. What about next year, I have venus in my gemini ascendant as well as mercury conjunct saturn. and my 5th aspect of jupter from the 9th is conjunct the mercury saturn conjunction in my ascendant. Jupiter will be retrograding back and forward accross this point throughout this year and then next year Saturn will be retrograding and stopping on the thrid house aspect of mars in my 6th house (mars in in my 3rd in leo)

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