Jul 062012

Marriage and relationships are the most important aspect of our life. Having a co-pilot in life is not only necessity but it does give a purpose to our life to make better aims. In Brihad Parashara Hora Shashtra, Sage Parashara has provided many combinations and planetary dispositions to be considered for judging a horoscope in this regard.  In this article, I will try to offer my understanding of some of the planetary combinations related to marriage and relationships.

Rule One – Marriage and relationships: Chapter 20 of BPHS contains some basic planetary positions to be considered while analyzing a horoscope in terms of marriage and relationships. The first rule says that if the lord of seventh house placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house and is not in its own or exalted zodiac sign – it will cause the native’s wife to be sickly and suffering from disease. Continue reading »

Aug 302011

The role and importance of family is well known to all of us and need no introduction.  Family is the basic foundation unit of our society, which plays very important role in building up the overall life of a person.  In vedic astrology horoscope, the second, fourth, seventh, ninth and tenth houses deal with main pillars of our family.  Inter alia other things, the second house of vedic birth chart is related to family.  And strength of second house and its lord is of paramount importance in deciding the happiness on account of family and status in life.  In addition to this, the fourth and tenth houses of vedic horoscope are related with mother and father respectively.  The ninth house of vedic horoscope rules over luck and fortune, hence, weakness and affliction on the part of ninth house is also not auspicious for well being of parents, specifically father. Continue reading »

Mar 052011

Nothing can cause more trouble in the life of a human being  other than disturbed relationships and/or marriage.  Emotional support is one of the most required need of our life; and all happiness and peace in life can only be enjoyed only if one is bestowed with favorable relationships in life.

Marriage is on top of all relationships, one goes through during the life time.  Vedic astrology horoscope of a person contains all information regarding relationships and marriage. Only thing required is having the ability to understand and decode the horoscope.  Vedic astrology readings for relationships and marriage are basically concerned with first, second and seventh houses of the horoscope.  Influence of negative and cruel planets over these houses and/or operation of a malefic planets period can cause specific and grievous problems in one’s relationships and marriage. Continue reading »

Mar 052011

-When will I get married?-


Quite often people approach astrologers for getting answer of the question mentioned above.  My experience of vedic astrology readings says that this question is not very relevant and useful.  The appropriate query should be, “when should I get married”, in place of , “when will I get married”.

The period chosen for entering into marriage should be clean and safe for other important aspects of life such as profession, finance, health and social relations.  If at the time of marriage, there appears to be some problem in any of these aspects, one should not get married till the negative influences of planets are over.  Vedic astrology readings of your horoscope can indicate this aspect very well and you can choose the best time of getting married.

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Feb 282011

Vedic astrology horoscope can easily tell when will you get married and how will be your marred life? The seventh house of vedic astrology horoscope is related with marriage, relationships, life-partner and post marital relations.

Strong and well placed seventh lord in vedic astrology horoscope ensures timely marriage and marital happiness.  At the same time, seventh Bhava of birth chart should also be free from negative influence of malefic planets.

Weak and/or affliction on the part of seventh house or its lord may cause delay, denial and troubles in marriage and relationships. For appropriate vedic astrology readings, the operation of main and sub period of planets is also to be considered.  Sometimes, even after having strong seventh Bhava in vedic astrology horoscope, the operation of malefic planets main or sub-period may cause temporary delays and problems in marriage and relationships. Continue reading »

Feb 282011

Vedic astrology readings of a birth chart can give reasonable hint in this regard.  The physique and nature of life partner can be accessed by the lord of the seventh house and its placement in specific house and sign.  The physique of your life partner resembles the nature of the seventh lord and the sign occupied by it in the birth chart.


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