Jan 082017

Insomnia ! Well, this negative term is gaining popularity day by day; and, off late, there were many queries and communications with people in this regard. Insomnia, a type of sleeping disorder, can be simply defined as having troubled sleep or when people have difficulty falling asleep. There can be many different reasons for insomnia like stress, anxiety or some specific health problems capable of causing sleeping disorder. Sometimes, it may be the nature or type of work/job which may induce the habit of working late and generating sleep disorder.

Irrespective of the reasons or circumstances leading to sleep disorder (insomnia); this does create problems on both physical as well as psychological front. The person suffering from insomnia may not be able to analyse things appropriately; may remain under constant pressure; may remain vulnerable towards taking hasty or speculative decisions; and, may also suffer from other physical ailments. Once identified or spotted, the ideal approach is to get proper medical treatment for any type of sleep disorder. Some secondary support or guidance can also be there via astrological guidance but this should only be taken as a supplement and the preference should always be given to medical treatment. Like, wearing a suitable gemstone to have additional planetary support may only work as an additional advantage with medical consultancy.

Role of Vedic Astrology:

Not absolute, but there are still some reasonable set of indications available to identify such traits in a horoscope. And, having an advance indication in this regard (like possibilities or chances of one suffering or experiencing insomnia or other sleeping disorders) will definitely be helpful for any person. One may take precautionary measures in advance; may give due consideration to any early symptoms and take appropriate medical help well in time. Continue reading »

May 232012

Balarishta is a Sanskrit word composite of “Bal” and “Arishta”.  “Bal” refers to infancy and childhood age; while the “Arishta” means evil or inauspicious.  In vedic astrological readings, it implies specific planetary placement, which may cause death during infancy and/or childhood age. The disposition of the Moon in a vedic astrology horoscope is the primary factor in deciding the presence of “Balarishta” or the vulnerability of the child to suffer severe health issues including death. During earlier times, when medical facilities and treatment were not much advanced; the influence of “Balarishta” was more significant and strong.  And, even minor affliction or weakness on the part of Moon was capable of causing death or other severe problems.  While, now a days, with significant advancement in medical field, the influence of Balarishta, generated due to weakness of Moon, has actually become quite mild.  And, for actual identification of the situation; the role of Lagna lord and eighth house lords should be given priority. Continue reading »

Oct 222011

Anxiety Disorder is spreading rapidly now a day.  In order to ensure survival, everyone has to deal with some amount of mental and physical stress. General anxiety or stress is a normal feeling and helps us to remain cautious and alert.  However, some times the level of stress becomes so high that it becomes impossible for the affected person to handle it effectively. Or, the person becomes comparatively weak to handle even normal amount of stress. Astrology readings of Vedic horoscope can easily identify both the situations well in advance; and accordingly one can take advance precautions in this regard. Continue reading »

Apr 242011

Even an apparent small deed performed in the state of anger can change and destroy the whole course of life. In the fast growing modern era, people are left with very less time to give to their personal relations including family.  The children are left at their own to think, analyze and decide as per their less matured understanding of the life.  Teenager’s crime ratio is also increasing day by day.  Most of the crimes done by teenagers are either due to anger or due to greed.  Sometimes, the child may not understand how to react and deal with the anger in a way that it does not cause any serious problem in his life.  People with disturbed placement of Mars and sixth lord, in their vedic astrology horoscope, are the worse sufferers in this case. Continue reading »

Apr 212011

As per vedic astrology readings, second and seventh houses of a horoscope are considered Maraka (death causing) planets.  Similarly, the planets placed in second and seventh houses can cause death in relevant planetary periods.  In suicide cases, the roles of third and sixth houses are found prominent. Third house of a vedic astrology horoscope denotes about the initiatives and courage of a person; and if the initiatives of a person are having negative relationships with death inflicting planets, the person can commit suicide. Continue reading »

Apr 082011

First house of vedic astrology horoscope is related with personality and physique of the person concerned.  The influence of planets over first house and/or its lord is responsible for specific physical attributes of a person, including hairs on the scalp.  Vedic astrology readings of the first house of a horoscope can be useful in identify the probability of hair loss or baldness in the birth chart of the person concerned.

Continue reading »

Apr 032011

Vedic astrology readings of horoscope can be used to identify the probable health issues in the life of the native.  For identifying blindness or problems in eyes or eye-sight problems in vedic astrology horoscope, the  strength of second and twelfth houses is to be analyzed.   The planets, Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn, if negatively related with second and/or twelfth house(s) of a horoscope, can cause health issues related with eyes.  Role of divisional charts is also very important for appropriately assessing eye health in the vedic astrology horoscope.   The advance astrology readings of a horoscope can help in identifying the probability of eye disease and take advance measures to deal with the issue. Continue reading »

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