I am Raj Shekhar Sharma, age 43 years from Delhi, India; and I am your online astrologer. Since my childhood, I have had a great interest in Vedic Astrology and allied occult subjects.  In a way, the absolute difficult phases of my life were found to be blessings in disguise by constantly pushing me into occult, astrology and paranormal sciences. And, it was only after 16 years of continuous diligence, somewhere around in the year 2001, that I was successful to understand about the seven “W’s” of Astrology i.e. What, Where, When, Why, Who, What way and for Whom – the Astrology will work.

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  1. You have really interesting blog, keep up posting such informative posts!

  2. I own close to a hundred astrology books which are sitting in my apartment in New Orleans. Hopefully the second story didn’t flood. I’ve not been able to get in to see yet. I went to a local bookstore hoping to replace what may be lost. I started to purchase PARKER’s ASTROLOGY again but then I saw this and decided to buy it. After looking up my aspects I have to say I…

  3. best..better n the best..

    Master Raj..u just make my day…my heart cant stop beating when i read all ur writing..
    im really impress..it so true..now i know y god make a planets..it really useful..n the most important is..
    n now i really know y god made u..superb man.

  4. Hi

    I would like to know what chart did you use for Winning lottery | Vedic Astrology Readings.

    Would it be the vedic astrology bhava chart ?

    Does it matter is the moon is waxing, waning ?

    • Hello Elizabeth
      I used natal birth chart based upon Lahiri Ayanamsha in Vedic Astrology. And, I use Parashara Light software for generating the charts. If the Moon makes relationships with relevant houses/planets, then the importance of waxing and waning Moon is more significant. In rest of the cases, it does not matter much.

  5. like it

  6. pls i wish to know my life partner

  7. Hello,

    First of all, let me congratulate you for for a scientific approach towards astrology.I have recently seen your site. I have been the student of astrology since last 25 years. I have seen very very rare astrological readings like yours which are based on sound principles . My hearty compliments to you for the immense services you are rendering to the field of astrological science.
    Best WISHES.

    Rajshekhar Mehta

  8. Your blog has been a great resource for me to advance my understanding of Indian astrology. I am particularly intrigued by the remedial measures or ways to mitigate negative aspects of a chart that Indian astrology offers.

  9. Thanks to all for visiting my blog and expressing your kind gesture.

  10. i was born on 31 dec 1986.could you please let me know when will i get married?

  11. Hi

    I just contacted Mr. Raj Shekhar Sharma with wanting to know how much a certain question will cost me. He contacted me asking for my birth details and question. I emailed him back, and little did I know that he was going to reply back to me the answer to my question for FREE!! And it was one of those questions that many astrologers in my past would probably charge me hundreds for just getting to look at my chart.

    He didn’t say push his fees in my face and with respect to my previous astrologers, Mr. Raj took his time out for me just to help me with my concern. I don’t even know this man and he was so kind to give me a normal and professional conversational response. From this, I can tell that this man is truly good hearted individual with love for what he does. He truly deserves more in life for his time spent for others.

    I suggest anyone out there who is like me and depressed with concerns to contact Mr. Raj, as he seems to be an honest man. I think he should start uploading videos on YouTube to spread his goodness to others because ONCE AGAIN I will say that there aren’t many astrologers like him who does help like this.

    I truly wish good for you sir, and hope that everyone in need in guidance contacts him.

    Kind regards,

    • I agree with Elane as I had this wonderful experience with Shri Raj Shekhar Sharma and touched by his gesture.


      Deepak Chauhan

  12. Why dont you write weekly prediction now a days?.

  13. Hello Kumar
    yes, there have been some maintenance issue with the website. I will soon be starting the monthly predictions on this blog.


  14. Sir your articles are very interesting and informative. Many novice people (particularly South Indians) like me who were interested in vedic astrology do not know how to interpret the North Indian style charts It would be really helpful if your articles could also include south Indian type charts. Otherwise it would also be helpful if you could write a article on how to interpret North Indian Style Charts.

  15. Dear Raj Shekhar Sharma, sir. My heart is overwhelming with your love for this suffering humanity. Your writings reveal your deep understanding of human condition with your God given insights on Vedic Astrology and your compassionate approach to do your possible best to alleviate people’s suffering deserves great appreciation. May God the Almighty shower all his abundant Grace, Prosperity and Auspiciousness upon you and your selfless services!

  16. sir i need your help regarding my marriage.My family is very tensed this is my birth date 27-11-1990, time 23:27 or 23:30..place:pali marwar (rajasthan)..sir please help.

  17. i m from kuala lumpur,malaysia and vp of malaysian astrological society we are looking for speakers . pls do email me kind regards drjoshi

  18. Then how i contact u.

  19. raj sir, thank you so much for your guidance …you have an immaculate command and precision over your astrological analysis and more then what makes you stand apart is your genuine approach in helping people out and not bbeing commercial in your approach which is rare to these days…I am sure with your honesty and dillegence you will scale greater height of success …

    Best Regards
    Vimal oza

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