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Luka Modric Horoscope (with prediction for 2018 FIFA world cup)

Captain of Croatian football team and considered as one of the greatest midfielders on the football field, Luka Modric was born on 9 September 1985 in Zadar, Croatia. There is no information available for his birth time; however, as per my individual understanding of vedic astrology and vast experience in horoscope analysis, Luka Modric is most likely to be born in Pisces Ascendant (Meena Lagna) ruled by Jupiter.

Luka Modric had a tough childhood; however, instead of bowing down to the hardships, he managed to overcome the challenges with his determination and persistence. He had a supportive family and exhibited great potential as a young player. Luka Modric faced obstructions and rejections (sometimes, due to his size and frail appearance) during initial phase of his career; and, it was from the year 2001 (signed by Dinamo Zagreb) when Luka was able to prove his worth on the football field.

luka madric horoscope vedic astrology

Luka Modric made his international debut for Croatia against Argentina in March 2006, and scored his first international goal in a friendly match against Italy.

The opinion expressed by Gerard Houllier of UEFA Technical Team, when Croatia scored a 2-1 victory over Germany in 2008, are more than sufficient to understand the real talent of Luka Modric:

“Not only is he a very hard worker, he has a good brain and he provided some calmness and composure to the midfield. His passing was neat and his contribution was outstanding. He was not only winning the ball, he was passing well. We thought that he was very influential. He did not just work hard, he made the other people play well around him”.

Gérard Houllier, UEFA Technical Team

Currently, Luka Modric is captaining Croatian Football team who has reached the finals of 2018 FIFA World Cup (scheduled for 15 July 2018); and, as per the planetary influences operational on the horoscope of Luka Modric, he is likely to play a very active and sharp game on the day.

In Luka Modric Horoscope, the lord of first house, Jupiter, is debilitated and afflicted by Venus (which is not a friendly planet for Pisces Ascendant). Jupiter also rules over tenth house of his natal chart; and, this could be the reason behind the hardships he experienced during his childhood as well as for the delays and obstructions in his career.

The planetary favour, for success in sports, is actually coming from sixth house of his horoscope. The Sun, lord of sixth house, is occupying its own sign and also joined by Mars (supportive planet for Pisces Ascendant and general significator for sports) and Mercury (lord of fourth and seventh houses; and, another significator for sports activities). The lord of third house, Venus, is also well placed in fifth house under mixed planetary influences.

At present, Luka Modric is passing through Antardasa (sub-period) of Rahu (North Node) under Mahadasa (main-period) of Saturn. The basic nature of both these planets is not much friendly for Pisces Ascendant; and Saturn is also badly placed in eighth house along with Ketu (South Node). However, due to the advantage of being exalted in natal chart, Saturn does carry some potency to protect and promote its own attributes. Besides, the current transit of Jupiter is also falling on the natal position of Saturn; and, this may also provide some good support for Luka Modric Horoscope.

The overall tone of other natal and transit influences, on Luka Modric horoscope, is also potent and indicates strong support for him in the 2018 FIFA world cup final match (scheduled between Croatia and France on 15 July 2018).

Astrology prediction for 2018 FIFA world cup

Currently, I do not have the horoscope(s) of French Team Captain Hugo Lloris and other relevant players; and, therefore, appropriate astrological analysis is not possible. However, considering the available planetary support for Luka Modric Horoscope; there are very strong chances that Croatian Football Team may win the final match of 2018 FIFA world cup.

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