Happy marriage signs in marriage horoscope

What is marriage horoscope?

Marriage horoscope implies analyzing a horoscope for various aspects related with marriage. These aspects may also differ for each horoscope, depending upon the requirement of the seeker. However, in general, following queries are examined for marriage horoscope:

  • Overall outlook of your marriage horoscope for marital relationships. This will be concluded after considering both negative and positive planetary influences in your marriage horoscope.
  • Possible time frame to expect marriage (as per the strength of horoscope).
  • Best suitable time frame to enter into marital bond.
  • Suggestions about suitable gems for gaining additional planetary support for marriage and relationships.

Additional queries, if any, can also be examined as per the requirement.

You may visit the following link for information about online consultation for your marriage horoscope:

Online consultation for horoscope reading and vedic astrology prediction

Or, you can send query at any of the following email ID along with your complete birth details (date, time and place of birth); and, I will be explaining the process in detail.


Signs of happy marriage in marriage horoscope?

  • Main indicators for happy marriage are second and seventh houses.
  • Potent and clean disposition of second house and its lord act as a good support for overall prospects in post marital life; and, helps in maintaining stability during unfavorable planetary periods.
  • Potent and clean disposition of seventh house and its lord is supportive for expecting healthy and positive relationship with your life partner. It also provides some indications about the possible physical attributes and nature of your life partner.

Potent disposition of a house means that the house should be under auspicious planetary influences; and, should be safe from inauspicious planetary influences.

Potent disposition of house lord means that the planet under consideration should be well placed; should not be combust; should not be under inauspicious planetary influences; and, should be under auspicious planetary influences.

In addition to above, following factors may also play their role (in accordance with their relevance and relationship with second and seventh houses).

  • Disposition of general significator for marriage. In male horoscope, Venus is general significator for wife and marriage; while, in female horoscope, this role is played by Jupiter. Strong and unafflicted disposition of Venus/Jupiter also provide good support for happy marriage in a marriage horoscope.
  • Disposition of first house and its lord.
  • Disposition of ninth house and its lord.
  • Operational planetary periods and available planetary support in Navamsha division.

For more clarity, I am submitting some example charts for consideration.

Example chart one_happy marriageexample horoscope one for happy marriage

Seventh house of this example horoscope (Scorpio Ascendant) is under auspicious aspects from the Moon, Mars and Jupiter. The debilitation of the Moon reduces its potency but as per its lordship over ninth house, the basic nature of the Moon continues to remain supportive for Scorpio rising.

The aspects of Saturn and Ketu on the union of Moon + Mars are also undesirable; although, the intensity of these inauspicious aspects is comparatively weaker against the union of first and ninth house lords (Moon + Mars).

Rahu is having its inauspicious aspect on the seventh house; however, the influence of auspicious aspects is comparatively stronger. The lord of seventh house (Venus) is also well placed in Kendra Bhava (cardinal house) and having union with the Sun (which is also a supportive and friendly planet for Scorpio Horoscope). Venus is combust but safe from any inauspicious planetary influences. The aspect of Mars (which is also a supportive planet for Scorpio horoscope) on this union of Venus + Sun is also auspicious.

Second house of this horoscope is also safe from any inauspicious planetary influences. The lord of second house Jupiter is moderately placed in eleventh house. The union of Jupiter with Saturn and Rahu is not auspicious though; and, capable of creating some tensions/delays in matters related with matrimony and married life.

The overall outlook of this example horoscope is positive and potent for matrimony.

The impact of inauspicious planetary influences in her marriage horoscope is not strong and remained quite limited. The chart belongs to business-woman Helen Gurley Brown who was a famous American author and editor of “Cosmopolitan” magazine. She had a successful and happy marriage; and, the only disadvantage of planetary afflictions in her marriage horoscope resulted in late marriage (she got married around the age of 37 years).

Example chart two_happy marriageexample horoscope two happy marriage

In this example horoscope, the seventh house is under supportive aspect of Jupiter (as lord of second house) and safe from any inauspicious planetary influences. The lord of seventh house (Sun) is also well placed in fifth house under union with the Moon, Mars and Mercury. For Aquarius Ascendant Horoscope, the nature of Mars and Mercury is friendly for the Sun; and, therefore, the impact of sixth house lord Moon may remain quite limited in this union.

Second house is occupied by Saturn which is also a very friendly planet for Aquarius horoscope. There is also a house exchange relationship between first and second house which is also supportive for close bonding with the family.

You may also visit the following link for a detailed outlook on exchange between first and second house of a horoscope:

How to analyze Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part Six

The aspect of debilitated Rahu on Saturn is undesirable and may generate some tensions. However, the impact of Rahu may not be severe to create any strong issues; and, Saturn (under house exchange relationship with Jupiter) may still be able to protect and promote the attributes of second house.

The placement of Venus in sixth house is also undesirable and capable of generating some tensions.

Overall tone of this horoscope is supportive for happy marriage in matrimony. The impact of inauspicious planetary influences remained limited towards generating some delay in marriage (native got married around 31 years of age). Blessed with two kids, the native had a stable and happy married life.

Usefulness of marriage horoscope in matrimony?

Marriage horoscope prediction may help you in understanding the overall tone of your horoscope for marital prospects. If the horoscope is strong and supportive, one may expect happy marriage and need not to exercise any caution or make any additional efforts for matrimony. While, if there are afflictions and indications of challenges, conflicts or disturbances in matrimony; one may take necessary precautions, in advance, to enhance the available planetary support for happy marriage.

Following the suitable suggestions and comments (which are provided in accordance with applicable planetary influences) may also be useful in addressing the possible weaknesses in your marriage horoscope.

Timing of marriage or When you may expect marriage? – Expected period/time frame during recent future (in accordance with the potency of your horoscope) is also derived in accordance with operational planetary periods and transit influences. This is also very useful in thinking, planning and deciding marital prospects. In case, there are strong afflictions indicating severe troubles or weaknesses in marriage horoscope; then, one is advised accordingly to delay or postpone the marriage or take/adopt other remedial measures to improve the potency of marriage horoscope.

Suggestions about suitable gems are also helpful for happy marriage, specifically, when there are afflictions or weakness in marriage horoscope.

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