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Name – Jessica Marie Alba
Birth Details – 28 April 1981 1:51 PM Pomona, California, USA.

Brief Description: “Jessica Alba” (Jessica Marie Alba) is an American actress and successful business entrepreneur. Jessica started her career at around 13 years of age and has won many awards for her acting. Some of her successful movies include Honey, Sin City, Fantastic Four, Into the Blue and Good Luck Chuck. Jessica Alba also played lead role in Television series Dark Angel.

In January 2012, Jessica co-founded The Honest Company which deals in non-toxic household products; and, in October 2015, Alba launched Honest Beauty – a collection of skin care and beauty products.

In May 2008, Jessica Alba married Cash Warren; and, they are blessed with two daughters and a son.

One interesting feature of her life is that unlike many other celebrities in entertainment sector, Jessica Alba appears to be enjoying comparatively better stability and success in her family, career and finance.

Although, there are some weak points in her horoscope due to which she experienced many health issues during her early life.

During her childhood, Jessica suffered from partially collapsed lungs twice, had pneumonia four to five times a year, as well as a ruptured appendix and a cyst in tonsil. She has also had asthma; suffered from obsessive–compulsive disorder during her childhood, and was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at age 5.

Vedic astrology comments on Jessica Alba Horoscope

As per available information for Jessica Alba horoscope (28 April 1981 1:51 PM Pomona, California, USA) her Ascendant is falling in Leo Ascendant ruled by the Sun which is exalted and joined by Mars, Mercury and Venus in ninth house of her Lagna Chart. Moon is in seventh house; and, Jupiter is making union with Saturn in second house of her Lagna Chart. Rahu is in twelfth and Ketu is in sixth house of Leo Ascendant.

birth chart Jessica Alba

I am, however, not much convinced with the accuracy of these birth details; and, in my opinion, Jessica Alba is more likely to be born in Cancer Ascendant ruled by the Moon.

As per corrected horoscope of Jessica Alba, the first house is occupied by Rahu and her Lagna lord Moon is badly placed in eighth house of her Lagna Chart. The union of Jupiter and Saturn is in third house; and, the exalted Sun is joined by Mars, Mercury and Venus in tenth house of her Lagna Chart.

Jessica Alba Horoscope _ corrected
Jessica Alba Natal Chart Corrected

Health (Medical Astrology)

Jessica experienced lot of health issues during her early life. Even now, she is reportedly taking medicines for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This may be due to following factors in her corrected horoscope.

Presence of Rahu in first house of her Lagna Chart. Rahu is a demonic planet of tamasika nature; and, capable of creating doubts, confusions, fear and anxiety in watery zodiac sign like Cancer.

Bad placement of Ascendant lord Moon (which is occupying eighth house of her corrected horoscope) can be considered another factor. Her Ascendant lord Moon is also a general significator for mind, emotions and feelings; and, her presence in eighth house of Jessica Alba horoscope is not desirable for general as well as specific traits of the Moon. In addition to this, frequent occurrence of pneumonia and other health issues during childhood are also showing satisfactory match with the corrected horoscope of Jessica Alba.  And, her oval/longish face and physical attributes are also indicating good match with correct Cancer Ascendant (generally, exalted Sun in ninth house of Leo Ascendant blesses a person with round face and strong body; and, problems like obsessive compulsive disorder or ADHD are quite unlikely).

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Career Astrology

Jessica Alba is a very successful business woman; and, her career in movies/television is also reasonably good.

Tenth house lord Mars is occupying its own rashi in tenth house of her corrected Ascendant; and, generating Ruchak Yoga (a good Yoga generated by Mars).

Mars is also making a good union with the Sun and Venus. The involvement of Mercury, in this union, is a bit undesirable; and, combust state of Mars, Mercury and Venus is also creating some weakness. However, due to combined influence of the Sun, Mars and Venus on tenth house, the negative traits of Mercury (volatility and changes in profession and financial matters) remain under check.

On the other side, the positive influences of the Sun, Mars and Venus on Mercury might have helped her in starting business ventures along with maintaining her career in movies/television.

Jessica is also quite active in politics, charity work and social causes.

Marriage Astrology

Jessica Alba had a timely marriage which took place at the age of 27 years.

Jessica Alba got married to Cash Warren in May 2008 (whom she met in 2004 during the filming of Fantastic Four). Reportedly, they are happily married and blessed with three children (two daughters and one son).

Seventh house of her corrected horoscope is ruled by Saturn which is making a good union with Jupiter in third house of her Lagna Chart.

The lord of second house Sun is exalted in tenth house and joined by supportive planets like Mars and Venus. The involvement of Mercury is not desirable; however, as mentioned above, its negative influence may remain under good check.

Presence of Ketu in seventh house of her Lagna Chart is also undesirable. The aspect of Jupiter on Ketu is auspicious though, and, maintaining some check on the mischievous and cruel traits of Ketu.

Jessica Alba is currently passing through Mahadasa of Saturn which is reasonably disposed in her Lagna chart. In her Navamsha division though, Saturn has become debilitated and making union with Ketu. This may create additional pressure on her health; and, she may experience some additional and/or strong problems related with her health within next 20 to 24 months.

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