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How to analyze Yogas in Vedic Astrology – Part Six

This is in continuation of my previous articles on Yogas in Vedic Astrology.

Exchange between first and second house of horoscope generates Maha Yoga

As per the general results of a Maha Yoga, the native born with Maha Yoga in his/her horoscope may wear good clothes and ornaments and may be awarded with recognition and fame. He may enjoy authority over many people and may have comforts of vehicle. And, he may also enjoy happiness from son.

However, as mentioned in my previous article, the actual results of Maha Yoga will depend upon the Houses involved in the Yoga, General Nature of Planets, Operational planetary period and disposition of relevant planets in Navamsha division. And, therefore, I will try to explain and elaborate the exchange between 1 and 2 houses accordingly.

First house signifies self, physique, nature, strength, intellect, fame and success etc. and the Second house of the horoscope is meant for examining wealth, status, family, food, face, eyes, mouth and speech etc.

Therefore, the exchange between first and second house of a horoscope will primarily influence these specific aspects; and, the overall conclusion is to be drawn in accordance with the general results of this Yoga. That is, formation of a Maha Yoga with exchange between first and second house of the horoscope may generate specific results in following terms:

The native may wear or possess ornaments. Second house also signifies precious metals and gems; and, thus, the exchange of second house with first house (signifies self) may bless the native with ornaments and gems. Relevancy of clothes is not much with second house and it is, primarily, analyzed through fourth house. Therefore, one can avoid delineating any specific results of this Maha Yoga (exchange between first and second house) for clothes. Precious metals and gems can also be interpreted as valuable items like securities, bonds, investments, fixed deposits in banks etc.

The native may have close bonding with his family or may have a large family.

The native may be born in reputed and/or wealthy family; and, may also expect financial support from his family.

The native may enjoy good food, rich/delicious food and/or may have healthy food habits.

The native may have beautiful eyes and/or attractive facial features.

The native may be a good orator and/or may have a sweet voice and/or may be inclined towards learning music, songs, poems, grammar, language etc.

The native may be intelligent and virtuous.

The native may also be a bit selfish or self-centered in his/her approach; or, may be a bit more sensitive than usual. This is so because the second house of the horoscope is also a Maraka house and second lord is a Maraka planet due to which such traits are also possible.

The quality and potency of these auspicious results may also depend upon the nature and potency of the planets involved in generating Maha Yoga.

For example, the results of exchange between first and second house (Jupiter and Saturn) in Dhanu Lagna (Sagittarius Ascendant) may be different and less auspicious than the exchange taking place in Simha Lagna (Leo Ascendant) between the Sun and Mercury.

This is so because the nature of Saturn is cruel and unfriendly for Dhanu Lagna; and, Jupiter will be weak (due to debilitation) in second house of Dhanu Lagna. Therefore, such Maha Yoga in Dhanu Lagna/Sagittarius Ascendant (exchange between first and second house) may not be able to exhibit its auspicious results in full capacity; and, instead of being intelligent and virtuous, one may be selfish, cunning and greedy. And/or, one may not have much interest in learning, poems or grammar/language; and/or one may resort to manipulation or unethical approach in gaining wealth/status; and/or may have weak/bad relationship within his family; may not carry attractive facial features or may have some problems related with eyes, nose or mouth; and, may not have healthy food habits.

The influence of other planets on these two houses/planets may also have their say. Like, if there are auspicious planetary influences on the first house/Saturn (in Dhanu Lagna), it may reduce the intensity of inauspicious impact related with nature and personality of the native; while, the influence of positive planets on Jupiter in second house of Dhanu Lagna may improve financial/social status of the native.

Thereafter, the disposition of both these planets (Jupiter and Saturn) in Navamsha division (sometimes, in Dashamsha, Dwadashansha and Dreshkana too) is also to be examined to ascertain the level of positive and negative attributes developing on these planets. For example, if Jupiter and Saturn are occupying friendly sign in good houses of Navamsha under auspicious planetary influences, it may also increase the chances of positive attributes/results of this Maha Yoga.

And, then, the operational planetary period is to be taken under consideration. The best results of a Yoga (good or bad) takes place in the Mahadasa of relevant planets in accordance with their potency. For example, most potent results of this specific Maha Yoga (exchange between 1 and 2 house) may take place during Mahadasa of Saturn and Jupiter; while, during the Mahadasa of other planets, the results may be partial or negligible (as per the disposition).

Conclusively, this is how a yoga should be examined by considering all relevant aspects in detail; and, thereafter only the conclusion should be drawn. Not to mention, this does take good amount of time and effort on the part of astrologer (depending upon his/her individual understanding of vedic astrology principles). Thus, one can easily imagine the quality and reliability of the quick interpretations of horoscopes provided by amateur and/or commercial astrologers on popular channels of social media. Advice and suggestions offered on the basis of half-baked knowledge and casual interpretation is more likely to be harmful/useless for both the seeker as well as for the provider.

For further clarity, you may also like to see the following example charts for exchange between first and second house of horoscope.

Exchange between first and second house of horoscope

Example Horoscope One

exchange between first and second house of horoscope

In this example horoscope, there is an exchange between first and second house in Tula Lagna (Libra Ascendant) – Venus is occupying the rashi of Mars in second house and Mars is placed in first house in the rashi of Venus. Venus is under aspects from Jupiter and Saturn of which the aspect of Jupiter in inauspicious as such Jupiter is not a friendly planet for Tula Lagna and notorious for destroying the positive attributes of the planets/houses coming under its influence via its negative traits related with third and sixth houses (like wrong initiatives, selfish approach, arguments, disputes, legal problems, financial volatility, injuries, instability and lack of trust).

The aspect of Saturn on Venus is positive but weak since Saturn is badly placed in twelfth house of the Lagna Chart. Mars, placed in first house of Lagna Chart, is under aspect of Rahu from fifth house. Thus, both Venus and Mars which are generating this Maha Yoga (exchange between first and second house) are well placed but afflicted. In the Navamsha division, Mars has obtained its own sign Vrishchika but also making union with Jupiter; while, Venus is joined by the Moon in Makar/Capricorn sign. So, the disposition of Venus has improved; while, despite being in its own rashi, Mars is disturbed due to its union with Jupiter (which is not a friendly planet for Tula Lagna/Libra Ascendant).

The native was born during Antardasa of the Moon in Mercury’s Mahadasa.

The chart belongs to an american lady who was born in a very reputed and well-affluent family. She is explicit, eloquent and gracious and social matters; and, also had good academic education. Had reputed jobs in entertainment and fashion sector in her career; but, suddenly changed her mind for starting a business related with notorious aspect of the entertainment sector. Earned good amount of money but also faced legal problems including arrest. Marriage also ended in divorce.

Thus, one may see how the afflictions on the relevant planets/houses has distorted/altered the overall outcome of the Maha Yoga (exchange between first and second lords Venus and Mars respectively). And, while the native was able to earn wealth and enjoy short term period of fame; the inauspicious results (induced by negative planets like Jupiter and Rahu) also had their say. It was during the Mahadasa of Venus when most of the positive results (related with wealth and fame) took place. The identity of the native is deliberately kept confidential.

Exchange between first and second house of horoscope

Example Horoscope Two 

exchange between first and second house of horoscope

In this example horoscope, the exchange of first and second house is also taking place between Mars and Venus. Lagna lord Mars is in the rashi of Venus (in second house) and joined by the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter under aspect of Rahu from tenth house; while, the disposition of Venus is safe from any planetary influence. The planets Mars, Mercury and Jupiter are combust; while, Venus is also safe from combust state. The combust state of planets is not desirable and capable of reducing the potency of the planets to generate its results. The nature of Mercury is not auspicious for Mesha lagna (Aries Ascendant); and, Rahu’s aspect on the union in second house is also undesirable. However, counter positive influence of planets (like the Sun and Jupiter) are also present to balance the equation for some good extent. Clean disposition of Venus, in first house, is good though.

The native is well education and in a reputed profession with good stability. Some delay in marriage was there; but, reasonably successful married life. The native was born during Mahadasa of the Moon; and, the Mahadasa of Mars remained operational during teen age (thus, no significant advantage can be obtained). Mahadasa of Venus is unlikely to take place during his life time; and, therefore, only moderate and partial (although comparatively clean results against previous example) have taken place.

The horoscope of Akhilesh Yadav can also be seen in this context since he is also having an exchange of first and second house in his horoscope.




I hope you find the article useful and helpful in understanding the appropriate approach for analyzing the yogas in vedic astrology.

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