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Interesting Libra Horoscope ‘Pierre Arditi’


Name – Pierre Marie Denis Arditi
Birth Details – 1 December 1944 5:50 AM Paris, France


Brief Description:

Pierre Arditi is a French Actor well known for his work and contribution in French film and theatre. He won a César Award in 1987 for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his role in Mélo (1986 French Film based upon the famous play of 1929 Melo). In 1994, Pierre won the César Award for Best Actor for his role in Smoking/No Smoking (Famous comedy French movie of 1983).

Arditi also dubbed for Christopher Reeve in the French-language version of the first three Superman films by Richard Donner and Richard Lester. He provided the French voice for Reeve in the comedy/whodunit Deathtrap; and, he was also the voice of the documentary series Untamed Africa, written and produced by Frederic Lepage.

Pierre Arditi has been married to Evelyne Bouix (French Actress) since May 2010.

Natal Chart Pierre Arditi

As per available birth details, Pierre Arditi is born in Libra Ascendant ruled by Venus which is making a good union with Mercury in third house of his natal chart. The involvement of Ketu, in this union, is not auspicious; however, the intensity of Ketu’s inauspicious influence may remain limited due to the combined influence of good union between Venus and Mercury.

Saturn is a Yogakaraka planet for Libra Ascendant; and, its union with the Moon is also positive in ninth house of his Lagna Chart. The involvement of Rahu is not good; however, here again, the combined influence of both Moon and Saturn may keep some check on the mischievousness of Rahu; and, the mutual aspects of these planets on each other is also generating good check on the cruel influence of Nodes (Rahu and Ketu).

The union of Mars with the Sun is generating a good Dhana Yoga (combination for wealth and income) in second house of his Lagna Chart. Mars is, however, combust; and, therefore, full results of this Yoga may not be there.

The only available major disadvantage in the horoscope of Pierre Arditi is the placement of Jupiter in twelfth house which is generating a strong negative impact on the twelfth house of his lagna chart. The houses (fourth and eighth ) are also getting disturbed due to aspectual influence of Jupiter. In his Navamsha division too, Jupiter is debilitated in twelfth house.

Pierre Arditi has been quite active and successful in his professional career. However, his rise and fame would have been quite splendid if the twelfth house had not been disturbed by Jupiter. Inter alia, twelfth house also signifies expenses; and, badly placed Jupiter is creating indirect disturbance in financial income and wealth. The combust state of Mars is also acting as secondary factor in this context. And, it may be due to these factors that most of the work and opportunities remained limited within Television and Theatre.

At present, Pierre Arditi is passing through Antardasa (sub-period) of Saturn under Mahadasa (main period) of Mercury; and, from December 2017 onwards, Mahadasa of Ketu will be operational on his nativity.

Despite being a cruel planet, Ketu is carrying some advantage of being in third house (which also signifies courage and initiative); and, in his Navamsha division too, Ketu is exalted in tenth house. Therefore, along with some tensions/challenges related with Ketu; there are also strong possibilities of some big achievements, professional success and fame during upcoming period of seven years of Ketu’s Mahadasa (from December 2017 onward). There may also be some tensions related with health within recent future of around six months; however, the overall tone of his nativity is still looking progressive and fruitful. And, some clear indications, in this context, are very likely to take place between December 2017 and January 2020 when he may also be able to enjoy the additional transit support for his efforts and endeavors.

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