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Interesting Cancer horoscope O J Simpson

Recently I read about release of O J Simpson from prison; and, it just so happened that I searched and found his life events very interesting. Born in USA, O.J. Simpson was a successful football player of his time. Popularly known as, “The Juice”, Simpson had a record-setting career in the NFL; and, after retirement from his very active professional career of 11 years (from 1969 to 1979), he also enjoyed moderate success in acting and broadcasting. In the year 1994, O J Simpson was charged for the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman followed by his acquittal in a high-profile criminal trial. He was, however, found liable for their deaths in a civil lawsuit filed by the families of the victims; and, Simpson was ordered to pay their families $33.5 million in damages.

In October 2008, O J Simpson was sentenced to up to 33 years in prison for kidnapping and armed robbery in 2007. In July 2017, he was granted parole and on 1 October 2017, he was released from prison.

As per available birth details (9 July 2047 @ 8:08 AM in San Francisco, California, USA), O J Simpson is born in Leo Ascendant ruled by the Sun. I am, however, not much satisfied with the accuracy of the birth time; and, as per my understanding of vedic astrology, his birth is more likely to fall in ending degrees of Cancer Ascendant. And, therefore, I am using the birth time of 8:00 AM.

Natal Chart O J Simpson


Some of the prominent features of his horoscope are examined as under:

O J Simpson suffered from rickets during early childhood and worn braces on legs till five years of age.

For Cancer Ascendant, the role of both Saturn and Mercury is not auspicious; and, therefore, there union in the first house might have been the reason behind this problem. The aspect of Ketu on the Ascendant lord Moon and the first house (occupied by Saturn and Mercury) might also have contributed to some extent. At the time of birth, Simpson was passing through ending phase of Jupiter’s Mahadasa; and, Mahadasa of Saturn commenced on his nativity after around one year (from August 1948 onward) of his birth. And, this might have been the reason behind the timing of this problem. The good placement of the Moon in ninth house of Lagna Chart and well placed Jupiter (lord of sixth and ninth houses) might have helped in getting relief; however, this problem (rickets) still resulted in bowlegged stance.

Simpson’s parents separated in 1952; and, he was raised by his mother under difficult circumstances.

The lords of both second and fourth houses are badly placed in twelfth house of his Lagna Chart. The lord of tenth house Mars is also afflicted by Rahu’s union in eleventh house. Therefore, the disturbed/afflicted dispositions of the lords of second, fourth and tenth houses and the operation of Saturn’s Mahadasa (which is not a friendly planet for Simpson’s horoscope) might have caused such troubles. The Sun is also a general significator for father; and, its bad placement in twelfth house under union with Venus (which is having lordship over fourth house and is a natural enemy of the Sun) is not much auspicious for family and parents. As lord of tenth house, the affliction of Rahu on Mars is also bad for father; and, the aspect of Saturn on the tenth house is further aggravating this affliction. The operation of Saturn’s Mahadasa is another disadvantage which might have acted as a catalyst resulting into such problems during early childhood.

During his teens, O J Simpson joined a gang (Persian Warriors); and, he was also incarcerated for short period of time in 1962 (at the San Francisco Youth Guidance Center).

One of the reasons behind such troubles is the operation of Saturn’s Mahadasa which is afflicting first house (by placement) and Mercury (which as lord of third house signifies initiatives and courage) via union. The union of tenth lord Mars (signifying actions, deeds, Karma) with Ketu can be considered another factor. Placement of Jupiter in fourth house is a blessing; and, its aspect on the tenth house is also auspicious and supportive (which might have helped him in overcoming such challenges).

In June 1967 (around the age of 20 years),  Simpson married Marguerite Whitley. This marriage lasted for around 12 years and ended with divorce in March 1979. Thereafter, Simpson married Nicole Brown in February 1985; and, this marriage also ended within 7 years (Nicole filed for divorce in February 1992).

Possible reasons for such problems in family and marital life are bad placement of the Sun and Venus in twelfth house; influence of Mercury on Saturn (as lord of seventh house); and, operational planetary periods. Venus is general significator for wife and marriage in male horoscopes; and, therefore, in addition to the attributes of fourth and eleventh houses, its bad placement may also have negative impact on marital prospects.

Sun’s bad placement in twelfth house is already weakening the attributes of second house (signifying family matters as whole). Mercury has often been observed to act as a separatist planet for Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna); and, therefore, its influence on Saturn (via union) and seventh house (via aspect) is also undesirable. At the time of his first marriage, O J Simpson was passing through Mahadasa of Saturn and Antardasa of Jupiter; and, being a supportive planet for his nativity, Jupiter can generate marriage during Mahadasa of seventh lord Saturn. The second marriage happened during Antardasa of Venus in Ketu’s Mahadasa; and, it may be the aspect of Jupiter on the union of Venus + Sun which might have generated the marriage (since Venus is badly placed in twelfth house which is less likely to protect and promote the attributes of fourth and eleventh houses during its period). The first divorce (in March 1979) occurred during Antardasa of Rahu in Mercury’s Mahadasa; and, the second divorce/separation took place during Antardasa of Venus in its own Mahadasa.

The tensions in second marriage, however, started much before the actual and formal divorce; and, there were some bad and crucial incidents in 1989 (Simpson was sentenced for spousal abuse in May 1989). Thus, in a way, the major rift in the second marriage had already taken place during the Mahadasa of Ketu which subsequently resulted in formal divorce in Mahadasa of Venus.

Professional and financial success.

It may be a bit difficult to understand this by having an apparent look on the horoscope of O J Simpson; however, there ARE some good planetary combinations (yogas) present in this regard. The union of Mars with exalted Rahu, in eleventh house, is good for finance. While, it does create some problem for the Mars (career and other matters related with tenth/fifth house); the combined influence of both these planets on eleventh house is good for income and financial gains. The aspect of Jupiter on tenth house as well as on the union of Sun + Venus is also supportive.

Some advantage of Moon’s placement in ninth house is also there. In his Navamsha division, Mercury is joined by the Moon and, both the Moon and Mars are occupying their own signs in good houses. And, this might have also provided some temporary but good relief/support against the afflictions in his Natal chart. In a way, the horoscope is carrying mixed planetary influences of both positive and negative nature; and, it might be due to available transit support (for profession and finance) during active years of his career that O J Simpson was able to enjoy success.

Legal problems, arrest and imprisonment.

The Mahadasa (main period) of Venus started from August 1991 and created much trouble for O J Simpson in many aspects. The union of Saturn + Mercury in first house of his Lagna Chart is making a Bandhan Yoga (combination for legal problems, arrest and imprisonment); and, the affliction of Rahu on Mars is also contributing to this. The bad placement of fourth house lord Venus (signifying residence) in twelfth house might have acted as a catalyst during Mahadasa of Venus. The good placement of Lagna lord Moon in both Lagna and Navamsha Chart and, the influence of Jupiter (on fourth house and the union of Venus + Sun) can be considered as supportive factors which remained supportive for his nativity.

However, the concrete and clear planetary support was not available during main periods (Mahadasa) of Venus (August 1991 to August 2011) and Sun (August 2011 to August 2017); and, it was only during the Mahadasa of the Moon (started from mid-August 2017) that Simpson was released from prison.

The horoscope is really interesting and a careful analysis can depict how both, good as well as bad, types of results can be experienced by a native during his life time, and the significance of the role of operational planetary periods.

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