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Interesting Scorpio Horoscope: ‘ Gary Gilmore ‘


Name – Gary Mark Gilmore
Birth Details – 04 December 1940 at 6:30 AM in McCamey, Texas, USA

Brief Description: Gary Gilmore was an American criminal who came into lime light for demanding the implementation of his own death sentence. Gary Gilmore was executed on 17 January 1977 by a firing squad. When he was asked for any last words he simply said, “Let’s do it”. Gary Gilmore was the first person executed with capital punishment in United States of America after the Supreme Court reinstated the Capital Punishment in 1976. As per available birth details, Gary was born in Scorpio Ascendant ruled by Mars.


Gary Gilmore_Natal Chart

Highlights with vedic astrology comments:

Lack of parental happiness: As per available information, Gimore did not have a healthy family life and had a troubled childhood. The family moved constantly; father was abusive and cruel; and the relationship with mother was also not good.

The primary houses for ascertaining parental happiness are second, fourth, ninth and tenth. The disposition of first house also plays a significant role in this regard as such it represents the native who has to experience the impact of overall planetary dispositions taking place in the horoscope.

In Gilmore Lagna Chart, the lords of both second and fourth houses (Jupiter and Saturn respectively) are badly placed in sixth house of which Saturn is debilitated. The Sun (lord of tenth house and also a general significator for father) is well placed in first house; but, it is also making a union with Mercury which is not a friendly planet for Scorpio Ascendant and this union (Sun + Mercury) is also under cruel aspect of Ketu (South Node) from fifth house. The lord of ninth house Moon is moderately placed in third house; while, the aspects from Rahu and Saturn are not auspicious on the Moon. The lord of first house, Mars, is also badly placed under union with Venus in twelfth house of his Lagna Chart.

It may be due to such planetary dispositions that Gary Gilmore had a very troublesome childhood; more so, when he was born during Mahadasa of Mars (badly placed and afflicted Lagna lord).


Disturbed education: His education was also disturbed. Gilmore could not even complete high school and dropped out at the age of 14.

The primary houses for education are fifth, fourth and second (in decreasing order). The second and fifth houses are ruled by Jupiter; and, the fourth house is ruled by Saturn. Therefore, the bad placement of both these planets in sixth house is not desirable for smooth and potent education. The disturbed disposition of Lagna lord Mars as well as operational Mahadasa also played a role; and, the afflicted ninth lord Moon could not generate any support of luck and fortune. Gilmore was passing through Mahadasa of Rahu from January 1947 to December 1965.


Criminal Tendencies: The role of third and sixth houses is primary; and, the planets Moon and Mars also play an important role in ascertaining the probability of criminal tendencies in a horoscope.

The lord of third house Saturn is debilitated and badly placed in sixth house of Gilmore natal chart; and, the lord of sixth house, Mars, is badly placed in twelfth house along with Venus (which is also not a friendly planet for Scorpio Ascendant). Moon is also under aspects from Rahu and debilitated Saturn; and, therefore, the possibilities of his being inclined towards criminal activities are also been reflected in horoscope of Gilmore. The operation of Rahu’s Mahadasa ( from the age of six years to 24 years) also played a role. The next Mahadasa of Jupiter (operational between the age of 24 years to 40 years) also failed to generate any strong and stable counter influence as such it (Jupiter) is also badly placed and afflicted by debilitated Saturn in sixth house of his Lagna Chart. Rather, the influence of debilitated Saturn on Jupiter (via union) and on the Moon (via aspect) was so strong that he ended up committing robbery and murder during antardasa of Moon in Jupiter’s Mahadasa. The trial was also completed during the Antardasa of the Moon followed by his execution on 17 January 1977.

The weak and disturbed disposition of the Lagna lord Mars; influence of eighth lord Mercury on the first house as well as Sun (also coming under cruel influence of Ketu); debilitated Saturn in sixth house (general significator for longevity); and, disturbed state of ninth lord Moon resulted in untimely death by execution.

In his Navamsha division too, the planetary disposition is not much satisfactory. The union of Saturn with Jupiter is intact and, the Moon has also joined this union in Leo zodiac (Simha rashi). Mars is in Aquarius under aspect of Saturn. The Sun is relieved from the influence of Mercury and occupying friendly zodiac sign (Sagittarius) in his Navamsha; and, may be this relief for the Sun might have generated some moderate/temporary relief during last phase of Sun Antardasa in Mahadasa of Jupiter (He was released on parole in April 1976).

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