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Interesting Aquarius Horoscope ‘Shia LaBeouf’

NameShia Saide LaBeouf
Birth Details – 11 June 1986 12:14 AM Los Angeles, California, USA

Brief Description:   Shia LaBeouf is an American Actor who came into lime light for his role (as Louis Stevens) in a comedy television series “Even Stevens” for which he also won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2003. Shia LaBeouf made his movie debut in Holes (2003) followed by good roles in successful movies like Constantine, Disturbia and Transformers series. As per available birth details, Shia LaBeouf is born in Aquarius Ascendant ruled by Saturn.

Shia LaBeouf Natal Chart


Highlights of Shia LaBeouf Horoscope with vedic astrology comments:

Difficult Childhood:     Shia LaBeouf had a difficult childhood. As per available version of his personal quotes, Shia LaBeouf once said, “The only thing my father gave me that was of any value to me is pain”. His father didn’t have professional stability and also suffered from drug related problems. There were financial problems in the family which was followed by divorce of his parents during early childhood and he was raised by his mother.

The primary houses for ascertaining parental happiness are second, fourth, ninth and tenth. The disposition of first house also plays a significant role in this regard as such it represents the native who has to experience the impact of overall planetary dispositions taking place in the horoscope.

In LaBeouf natal chart, the lord of second house (Jupiter) is well placed in first house but coming under cruel aspect of Ketu. The fourth and ninth houses are ruled by Venus which is badly placed in sixth house along with the Moon (which is not a friendly planet for Aquarius Ascendant). Ninth house of his natal/Lagna Chart is occupied by Ketu; and, the lord of tenth house (Mars) is under aspect of Rahu in eleventh house. These are not supportive planetary influences to expect healthy results in terms of parental happiness.

However, the presence of Lagna/Ascendant lord Saturn in tenth house of his natal chart under mutual aspect relationship with the Sun (occupying fourth house) is a supportive factor. The aspect of Mercury on Mars can also be considered positive for the attributes of Mars (including father and relationship with father). And, it may be due to these positive factors that LaBeouf remains close to his family and also financially supports both of his parents.

Shia LaBeouf started earning at a very young age. He was just nine years old when he started earning money as a child actor to support his family.

There are many planetary dispositions in his horoscope which are supporting this aspect. The presence of lagna/ascendant lord Saturn in tenth house under mutual aspect relationship with the Sun is supportive for timely results in career. The influence of Mercury on tenth lord Mars is also a supportive factor. In addition to this, the placement of Jupiter in first house of his natal chart is also good. As lord of second and eleventh houses of his natal chart, Jupiter signifies income and gains; and, its placement in first house (in the light of Mars in eleventh house and Saturn in tenth house) is good for expecting early start in earning.  The aspect of Ketu (South Node) is not good for Jupiter; however, considering the collective influence of all other planetary dispositions, the overall tone of his horoscope is still potent to expect such results.

Legal problems:      Shia LaBeouf experienced legal issues since his childhood. As per the available information on internet, he was just nine years old when he was arrested and held for six hours followed by second arrest at the age of 11 years. In February 2005 (around 19 years of age), he was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Shia LaBeouf also faced legal problems in November 2007, July 2008, February 2011 and June 2014.

This is the most weak or disturbed aspect of his horoscope; and, the primary reason is bad placement of Venus in sixth house (under union with the Moon) and presence of Ketu in ninth house.

In addition to other things, ninth house also signifies support of luck and fortune in overall aspects. In Shia LaBeouf Chart, the ninth house is troubled due to presence of Ketu; and, the lord of ninth house Venus is badly placed in sixth house (conflicts, injuries, disputes, legal problems etc.). Venus is also afflicted by its union with the sixth lord Moon (which is strongly placed in its own zodiac); and, the aspect of Mars on this union may further aggravate the disturbed situation of Venus.

Jupiter (placed in first house of his natal Chart) and Mercury (occupying its own zodiac in fifth house of his natal chart) are also under cruel aspect of Ketu.

Thus, the negative factors related with sixth house (disputes, conflicts, legal problems, cheating, theft, fraud, injuries, diseases, defame, insecurity etc.) were/are able to negatively influence his life on occasional intervals; and, this aspect may continue to create problems for Shia LaBeouf during forthcoming periods.

As per currently available information on internet, Shia LaBeouf is facing some problems in his social life; and, if the recent news from Helsinki Times is to believed, Shia Labeouf is not safe from trolls in Finland.

From Astrological point of view, Shia LaBeouf is currently passing through a very difficult period; and, the intensity of inauspicious planetary influences may further aggravate during forthcoming period. The main period of Ketu (South Node) is currently operational in his horoscope; and, the sub-period (antardasa) is of Venus which will be operational till mid April 2018.

Venus is a Yogakaraka planet (supportive planet) for Aquarius Ascendant; however, as mentioned earlier, the disposition of Venus is not strong in his horoscope to protect and promote its positive attributes. In fact, the afflicted placement of Venus (joined by the Moon in sixth house of his natal Chart) is capable of making him vulnerable towards humiliation, injury, fear, insecurity, lack of support and failures.  And, this negative planetary influence may remain even more highlighted during currently operational main period of Ketu (South Node) which is notorious for making people sensitive and hasty in approach.

Therefore, in my opinion, Shia LaBeouf should try to maintain low profile; avoid being too much vocal or reactive; avoid all sorts of arguments and confrontations as much as possible; and, take very good care of his health and physical safety (specifically till mid April 2018).

Generally, such negative influence of Ketu (as taking place in Shia LaBeouf horoscope) may get diluted after the native (hereinafter referred to Shia LaBeouf) start losing hair or getting bald. Sometimes, keeping short hair on the scalp or getting the head shaven on regular basis is also helpful for keeping some check on the negative influence of Ketu (which is likely to aggravate during currently operational sub-period of Venus operational till mid April 2018).

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