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Insomnia ! Well, this negative term is gaining popularity day by day; and, off late, there were many queries and communications with people in this regard. Insomnia, a type of sleeping disorder, can be simply defined as having troubled sleep or when people have difficulty falling asleep. There can be many different reasons for insomnia like stress, anxiety or some specific health problems capable of causing sleeping disorder. Sometimes, it may be the nature or type of work/job which may induce the habit of working late and generating sleep disorder.

Irrespective of the reasons or circumstances leading to sleep disorder (insomnia); this does create problems on both physical as well as psychological front. The person suffering from insomnia may not be able to analyse things appropriately; may remain under constant pressure; may remain vulnerable towards taking hasty or speculative decisions; and, may also suffer from other physical ailments. Once identified or spotted, the ideal approach is to get proper medical treatment for any type of sleep disorder. Some secondary support or guidance can also be there via astrological guidance but this should only be taken as a supplement and the preference should always be given to medical treatment. Like, wearing a suitable gemstone to have additional planetary support may only work as an additional advantage with medical consultancy.

Role of Vedic Astrology:

Not absolute, but there are still some reasonable set of indications available to identify such traits in a horoscope. And, having an advance indication in this regard (like possibilities or chances of one suffering or experiencing insomnia or other sleeping disorders) will definitely be helpful for any person. One may take precautionary measures in advance; may give due consideration to any early symptoms and take appropriate medical help well in time.

What are the astrological indicators for identifying possibilities of sleep disorder in a horoscope?

Twelfth house – In addition to other things, twelfth house also signifies sleep and dreams. A well placed and strong twelfth house ensures good sleep and other pleasures of bed for the native; while, a weak and/or disturbed twelfth house may induce insomnia or other sleeping disorders.

First house – A strong and well placed first house and its lord blesses with healthy and strong physique (including balanced and potent mind). Therefore, weak and disturbed first house and/or its lord may also cause sleep disorders (in addition to other health issues). The influence of eighth house lord or twelfth house lord on the first house/lord; or, the placement of First house lord in eighth or twelfth house should be given specific consideration. Influence of supportive planets for the nativity should also be examined to evaluate the quantum of negative influence.

Moon – As general significator for mind and emotions, the disposition of the Moon is also an imperative factor in ascertaining possibilities of sleep disorder. Sometimes, a severely damaged Moon may cause sleeping problems irrespective of the strength and disposition of other relevant planets. Moon’s disposition in the signs of Saturn; influence of Saturn or Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) on the Moon; influence of eighth house lord on the Moon or the placement of Moon in eighth house should be given specific consideration. Moon’s placement or relationship with twelfth house may also cause problems in sleeping; however, this may be more possible when other relevant aspects are also disturbed. Like, if the lord of first house is in eighth house then the Moon’s placement in twelfth house can cause sleeping disorder; or, if lord of twelfth house is weak/disturbed, the placement of Moon in twelfth house may cause sleeping problems.

Fourth house – Inter alia, fourth house also signifies comforts and mental/domestic peace. And, disturbed state of fourth house or its lord may cause discomfort or problems related to mental/domestic peace which may, in turn, generate insomnia or other sleeping disorders. Sometimes, the disturbed state of fourth house may cause sleeping problems despite the strong disposition of first house, twelfth house or Moon. Though this aspect (fourth house disposition) is normally not considered for problems related to sleeping; during practical experience, this has also been found to be one of the major factors which can engender insomnia.

Tenth house – Tenth house is primarily related with career and success; however, in the light of highly active daily routine during current times, a disturbed tenth house may also cause sleep deprivation. Like, the nature of job may cause a person to remain active till late night which may gradually induce insomnia; or, one may come under work pressure. Normally, the problems of sleeping disorder generated due to weak disposition of tenth house are temporary in nature unless there are other factors too.

Important – In my opinion, the above factors are to be considered judiciously and in accordance with their respective disposition in Navamsha division. The possibility of sleeping disorders will be proportionate to the number and level of affliction as per above mentioned lines; like, if two or more aspects are disturbed, the chances will be strong. Besides, the operational dasa may also have a role to play. For example, even a moderate level of affliction may cause insomnia or other sleeping problems if the operational planetary period is also of the afflicted and relevant planet.

Example Horoscopes – Sleeping Disorder

Example Chart 1 – In this example chart, the Moon is badly placed in sixth house. Lord of twelfth house Jupiter is afflicted by Ketu in ninth house of Lagna Chart. Lagna lord Saturn is debilitated in fourth house. Lord of tenth house Venus is exalted but afflicted by union of Rahu as well as aspect from Jupiter. Lord of fourth house Mars is strongly placed in eleventh house of Lagna Chart; but, having some amount of affliction from Sun’s aspect (lord of eighth house). The aspect of Saturn on the first house and Moon is generating some support; besides, the exaltation of Venus and placement of Mars in its own sign is also supportive.

Thus, there are mixed influences but the overall and conclusive tone of planetary dispositions does indicate possibilities of sleep related problems. The native did carry some tendencies of sleeping issues; besides, the nature of job also required him to work during night hours on regular and frequent basis.


Example Chart 2 – In this example horoscope, Mercury is occupying its own sign in twelfth house of Lagna Chart and it is also joined by the Sun and Jupiter. The only drawback with Mercury is its combust state.

The Moon, which is also lord of first house, is debilitated in fifth house and coming under cruel aspect of Ketu from ninth house. Venus, placed in first house, is also under cruel aspect of Ketu; thus, in a way the house (first house), its lord (the Moon) and the lord of fourth house are disturbed by Ketu wherein the Lagna lord Moon is also debilitated. Fourth house is under aspect of Saturn (afflicting Mars via union) which further adds to the affliction on Venus (lord of fourth house).

Therefore, almost every relevant factor for sleep is disturbed in this nativity of which the least disturbance is with Mercury (which is still comparatively much better disposed due to being in its own rashi as well as being under supportive planetary influences).

Now, if we try to analyse the situation only on the basis of twelfth house disposition; it may not be easy to think about any grave or severe situation related to sleeping problems. But, if we include the other relevant factors (as mentioned earlier), things become much clear that there are strong chances of this person being vulnerable towards sleeping problems.

The chart belongs to American comedian Mike Birbiglia who suffers from RBD (Rapid Eye Movement Sleep Behaviour Disorder) which is a kind of sleep disorder which causes a person to behave abnormally during sleep. Mike has also suffered physical injuries due to this sleeping disorder which once caused him to jump out of the window.


Example Chart 3 – This is another chart of Cancer Ascendant; and, you can easily observe that the intensity of affliction on the relevant features is quite grave. Twelfth house is disturbed by the union of Ketu + Saturn while the lord of twelfth house Mercury is badly placed in eighth house of the Lagna Chart. The Lagna lord Moon is badly placed in sixth house under union with Rahu and aspect from Saturn. The native suffered from narcolepsy resulting in career related problems. Despite the good disposition of Venus and Mars (lords of fourth and tenth houses respectively), the concentrated negative influences on Moon and twelfth house had their say in causing sleep related problems.

In today’s modern world when life is too fast to have sufficient time and space for personal matters; having any such advance indication (about possibility of sleeping problem) may definitely be helpful. One may start giving specific attention to any such indication within initial stage and start taking appropriate medical consultation well in time.

As mentioned earlier, the role of astrological remedies is secondary or supplementary; however, the application of vedic remedies may still be helpful in adding to the potency or fruitfulness of medical treatment. After identifying the primary factors responsible for sleep related issues, suitable remedial measures can be adopted for diluting the inauspicious planetary influences.

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