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Interesting Cancer Horoscope: ” Fergie “


Name – Stacy Ann Ferguson aka Fergie
Birth Details – 27 March 1975 at 1:24 PM in Whittier, California, USA

Brief Description:   Stacy Ann Ferguson, also known as Fergie, is an American singer, song-writer and actress. Fergie debut solo album, “The Dutches” was released in September 2006 and was a big commercial hit. As per available birth details, Ferguson is born in Cancer Ascendant (Karaka Lagna) ruled by the Moon.

Ferguson horoscope _ Natal/Lagna Chart

Stacy Ann Ferguson aka Fergie horoscope

Highlights with vedic astrology comments:

Drug addiction:    As per available information on the internet, Fergie had developed drug addiction problems around 18 years of age; and, was reportedly successful in getting rid of drug addiction in 2002.

Second house is under aspect of Saturn (from twelfth house) and of Mercury (badly placed twelfth house lord). The aspect of Mars (which is a Yoga karaka planet for her nativity) on second house is good; however, may have very limited say for matters related to drugs as such the general nature of Mars is also tamasika/cruel. Besides, the aspectual influence of Ketu on Mars as well as on the Lagna lord Moon may also have some restrictions.

The aspect of Jupiter on the first house and the Moon and, its union with the second lord Sun are supportive factors; and, these might have helped her a lot in getting rid of the addiction. However, Moon’s placement in twelfth house of Navamsha followed by Jupiter’s union with Rahu in third and debilitated state of the Sun in fourth house of Navamsha might have allowed the problem to be grave or chronic.

Around 18 years of age, she was passing through Antardasa of Saturn in Rahu’s Mahadasa to be followed by Antardasa of Mercury which might have also added to these negative aspects.

Started working early:    Ferguson attended her first concert at the age of six. She studied dance and began to do voiceover work on television which was followed by appearances in the Television Shows including the very famous “Kids Incorporated” from 1984 to 1989. However, her parents divorced during her teen age.

The exaltation of Mars is the primary element. Not only Mars rules over tenth house of her Lagna Chart; but it is also a Yogakaraka planet for Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna). And, therefore, its exalted presence in seventh house of her Lagna Chart (where from it is having its aspect on the eleventh lord Venus posited in the tenth house) is good for expecting early earnings. Besides, she was also passing through Mahadasa of Mars at that time (1978 to 1985).

Success in career:    Rahu’s Mahadasa was operational from 1985 to 2003 during which she did some more television shows, and also remained a member of the female group “Wild Orchid”. The debilitated state of Rahu (in fifth house of her Lagna Chart) did created some problems; while, it was during the Mahadasa of Jupiter (2003 to 2019) when her career started shining. Her first solo album, “The Dutches” was a huge success; and, then there was no looking back. Fergie lead single, “M. I. L. F. $” from Double Dutches has just been released in the recent past (July 2016) and doing reasonably good on the charts.

Jupiter is a very friendly planet for Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna); and, it is occupying its own sign in ninth house of her Lagna Chart. Jupiter’s union with the Sun as well as the mutual aspect relationship with Lagna lord Moon (placed in third house of her Lagna Chart) is also good. The combust state of Jupiter; the aspect of Rahu and Saturn on the union of Jupiter + Sun; and, the union of Jupiter + Rahu in her Navamsha are not desirable. However, some advantage of being in its own sign (that too in ninth house) was still available for her to provide good support for overall aspects of life (including career).

Marriage:    Fergie got married to Duhamel (American Actor) in January 2009; and, the couple was blessed with a baby boy in August 2013.

The lord of seventh house, Saturn, is badly placed in twelfth house of her Lagna Chart; and, the twelfth house lord Mercury is in eighth house (also ruled by Saturn). Thus, there is a house exchange relationship between Saturn and Mercury; and, this does not look good for expecting stable and healthy marital relationships. Besides, at the time of marriage, she was passing through Antardasa of Mercury in Jupiter’s Mahadasa; and, this may further add to the possibilities of problems in her post marital life. Birth of the Son occurred during Jupiter/Venus bhukti (July 2011 to March 2014); and, currently, the Antardasa of Mars is operational on her nativity.

The upcoming period of Rahu’s Antardasa in Jupiter’s Mahadasa (period from April 2017 to August 2019) isn’t looking much supportive for marriage and relationships; and, there may be some unpleasant incidents (including separation or divorce). Therefore, she may need to be cautious and patient in her approach in relationships. Besides, such Rahu (as placed in her Lagna Chart) may also create some health related problems causing her vulnerable towards recurrence of drug related issues or mood swings.

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