Aug 022016

A quick note on current Saturn transit

These days, transit Saturn is retrograde since 25 March 2016.  So, what’s big deal ! Planets (except the Sun and Moon) do become retrograde on frequent basis.  But, there is something special or rather specific about the current retrograde position of Saturn transit; and, this is related to its influence on other transit planets.

If you look at the current zodiac (as per vedic astrology calculations and I am using Lahiri Ayanamsha); Saturn’s retrograde position in transit is taking place in Scorpio zodiac (Vrishchika rashi) which is eighth zodiac ruled by Mars. In Kalapurusha Kundali (Cosmic horoscope wherein the first house is taken as Aries/Mesha rashi),  the eight house signifies obstruction, death, accidents, droughts, floods and other natural calamities and destruction etc. In other words, most of the things/events are signified by eighth house are negative and evil in nature.  And, Saturn is also a general significator for eighth house as well as the related evil attributes; like, it is notorious for creating troubles, obstructions, destruction, accidents and delays.

Therefore, the current transit of Saturn through Scorpio zodiac/Vrichchika rashi does carry some special weight and capable of interfering with/in normal and natural operational of the universe.  And, its retrograde position is further adding to its potency for negatively influencing the natural functioning of the world.

With recent transit change of Venus into Leo zodiac/Simha Rashi, all planets, except the Sun and Moon, came under influence of transit Saturn.  Like, transit Mars is making union with transit Saturn in Scorpio zodiac (falling in the eighth house of natural zodiac); transit Rahu is making union with transit Jupiter, Mercury and Venus in Leo zodiac (falling in the fifth house of natural zodiac); and, transit Saturn is having its tenth aspect on this union (taking place in Leo zodiac).

The transit change of Jupiter is about to take place on 11 August 2016; and, as already mentioned in my recent article (Jupiter transit in Virgo), Jupiter may not be much comfortable in Virgo (ruled by Mercury with which Jupiter is not friendly).  And, the transition period (when the planets are about to change their transit position) of major planets (like Saturn and Jupiter) is generally observed to be a catalyst for major or significant events and changes in the world.

What my point is that current transit Saturn is quite strong and capable of showing its dark side (specifically due to its being in Scorpio/Vrishchika rashi); and, with its control (via union as well as aspectual influence) on most of the planets, it may create some sudden and/or major problems in the world during recent future.  The transit of Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) is another factor as such transit Rahu is making union with transit Jupiter, Mercury and Venus.

The only major protection or advantage is of the transit Sun which is safe from aspectual influence of transit Saturn; while, Moon (being a fast moving planet) may not be able to generate any strong protection against combined influence of Saturn and Nodes on most of the planets.

In this regard, the ending phase of Jupiter’s current transit as well as the initial phase of Jupiter’s transit in Virgo may remain specifically weak and vulnerable.  What exactly may happen is not possible to identify for me now; but as such, we are already experiencing the extreme natural calamities in India (floods), we can try to exercise a bit caution in our life for some time.  Like, if possible, we can avoid or postpone journeys for some time (during the month of August 2016, preferably till 19 August 2016 when transit Mercury will be changing its zodiac).  Or, avoid major or significant initiatives/decisions/events etc. and exercising good amount of caution in our daily/routine operations and dealings.

This is very much possible that my apprehension turns about to be wrong and no bad event takes place; but, there is no harm in being a bit more careful and cautious for some short duration of time.

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  1. Your assumption regarding the evil effects of Saturn by taking into view the recent retrogression of Saturn posited with mars in Scorpio is correct to some extent with regard to mundane astrology, recent flood, blood shedding in some areas, sensitive religious mood of the people is the evidence, what actually happen is upto Almighty. It is merely an indication as per the ancient principles of astrology and probability theory by taking random sample of the past events.

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