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Interesting Cancer Horoscope: ” Lisa Presley “

Name – Lisa Marie Presley
Birth Details – 1 February 1968 @ 5:00 PM Memphis, USA.

Brief Description:      Lisa Presley is daughter of famous music celebrity Elvis Presley. She is also a singer-songwriter and actress. As per the available birth details, Lisa Presley is born in Cancer Ascendant (Karaka Lagna) ruled by the Moon.

Lagna/Natal Chart Lisa Presley


Highlights with vedic astrology comments:

Lack of parental happiness:      Elvis Presley, father of Lisa Marie Presley, died in August 1977 when Lisa was around 10 years of age.

The Saturn Rahu union in ninth house of her Lagna Chart; union of Moon and Mars with Mercury in eighth house; and, aspect of Ketu on the Sun are the primary reasons. In her Navamsha division too, Mars is under aspectual influences of Saturn and Ketu; and, ninth house is under aspect of Rahu. Elvis Presley died when Lisa Presley was passing through Mahadasa (main period of Saturn) and Antardasa (sub-period) of Mercury.

Troubled Education:      Lisa dropped out of school and couldn’t complete the education.

Lord of fifth house Mars is badly placed in eighth house along with the Moon and Mercury of which the nature of Mercury is not auspicious for Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna). Fifth house of her Lagna Chart is under aspect of Rahu (Joined by Saturn in ninth house of her Lagna Chart). Besides, she was running under Mahadasa (main period of Saturn) from December 1973 to November 1992 which further aggravated the inauspiciousness related with education.

Volatile marital relationships:      Lisa Presley had four marriages. In recent past, she filed for divorce in June 2016 after ten years of marriage.

Lord of seventh house Saturn is making inauspicious union with Rahu in ninth house of her Lagna Chart. Lord of second house Sun is placed in seventh house but also coming under cruel aspect of Ketu (occupying third house of her Lagna Chart). Presence of Jupiter in second house is good; however, may not be able to completely eradicate the earlier stated inauspicious planetary influence. The best, Jupiter can do, is to generate fresh opportunities for family, finance and relationships; while, the stability of second house traits is to be decided by disposition of the Sun. The operational planetary periods have also remained somewhat negative as such the Mahadasa (main period) of the Saturn is followed by Mahadasa of Mercury (December 1992 to November 2009) which is also a negative planet for Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna). And, at present, she is under Mahadasa of Ketu (December 2009 to November 2016) which is another cruel planet.

Financial gain through inheritance:      Lisa Presley got a very rich inheritance in 1993 (after she turned 25 years of age).

The placement of Jupiter in second house (which also signifies wealth and status) is the primary reason. For Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna), the role of Jupiter is very friendly; and, as lord of ninth house (signifying fortune and support of luck), Jupiter’s presence in second house is capable of providing abundant wealth. The support from aspectual influences of Moon and Mars from eighth house are also supportive for Jupiter; while, the involvement of Mercury (making union with Moon and Mars) is not desirable. As per its lordship over twelfth house, Mercury is capable of inducing the possibilities of financial volatility, expenses and losses within financial matters. Similarly, the aspect of Jupiter on Venus (lord of fourth and eleventh houses) is good; while, the aspect of Saturn (joined by Rahu in ninth house) on Venus is not auspicious. Besides, the placement of Venus in sixth house of her Lagna Chart is also not desirable for smooth and safe results pertaining to the attributes of Venus (including financial gains and income). Consequently, the results are also corresponding to these influences. While, Jupiter was able to bless her with wealth; the inauspicious planetary influences also played their role. As per available information, there have been some heavy expenses and financial volatility during the past few years.

At present, Lisa Presley is passing through last section of Ketu’s Mahadasa; and, from December 2016 onward, she will be under Mahadasa of Venus for next 20 years. The disposition of Venus is moderate (mixed influences) and its nature is also not much friendly for Cancer Ascendant. Thus, some temporary or mild advantage could be there in financial matters; while, the other aspects (health, relationship, family and social status) may remain disturbed during Mahadasa of Venus. And, even financial volatility (including possibilities of financial problem, losses, heavy expenses, legal issues related to finance and wealth) may remain high during initial phase of Venus Mahadasa (December 2016 to March 2020).

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