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Wealth & Marriage Vedic Astrology Horoscope Readings

Among other important aspects (like career, nature, personality, love etc.), the financial prospects also play a prominent role in marital prospects. Some of the most common concerns in this regard are mentioned below:

Will I become rich after marriage?
Will my wife or husband be more wealthy than me?
Is there wealth after marriage?
Will I be marrying a millionaire or rich person?
Will my wife be working?

Although, the financial status and/or wealth of a person can be judged via various means; vedic astrology can also play a reasonably supportive role in this regard and, the following guidelines may provide good indication.

First of all, we need to identify the relevant houses for this purpose for which Horoscope readings of second, seventh and eleventh houses may provide a vital clue. Like, if there is clean and potent relationship among these houses, there are good chances of having financial gains through marriage.

The most important house, for this purpose, is the second house of the Lagna/natal chart. If auspicious and potent planets are occupying the second house of the Lagna Chart and the lord of second house is also well disposed; there are good chances of husband or wife being wealthy or financially strong or, this may generate financial success or wealth after marriage. The quantum and/or stability of such financial gains may also depend upon the disposition of these planets in Navamsha division; while, for the timing (when such financial gains may take place), we need to identity the Vimshottari Dasa. On the other side, if there are cruel, malefic or unfriendly planets in the second house; and/or, the lord of second house is ill disposed (like combust, occupying malefic houses, coming under influences of unfriendly planets, or losing potency in Navamsha division); there may be negative results in this regard. Like, one may lose wealth after marriage; or like, one’s spouse may not be/remain financially stable after marriage; or like, one may face financial volatility after marriage. For optimum results of this disposition, the other aspects for wealth and finance should also be potent. Like, if the second house is having auspicious and potent planets and the lord of second house is also well disposed but, the eleventh house/lord is not well disposed; then full results of second house may not take place. Like, even after getting married in rich family, one may not be able to enjoy the financial freedom; or, like, the financial gain may not remain stable etc.

If the lord of seventh house is well disposed in the rashi/zodiac of eleventh house lord; this may also generate financial gains through spouse. Like, in a male horoscope, such disposition may indicate working wife. However, this is not the only criterion for expecting a working wife as such the placement of seventh lord or Venus in third, fifth or tenth house may also generate similar results (working wife). Although, there could be slight difference either in the earning capacity or in sharing the earned income. For example, with placement of seventh lord in third house, the wife may be working but may not be comfortable in sharing her income; while, the chances of wife sharing the income are comparatively more when the seventh lord is occupying the zodiac/rashi of eleventh house lord. And, not to mention, the fruitfulness of this disposition will also depend upon the potency of seventh lord; its disposition in Navamsha division; and, operational planetary periods (Vimshottari Dasa). One more thing, it is the rashi/zodiac of the eleventh house lord which is to be taken into consideration; and, not the eleventh house alone. For example, in Karka Lagna (Cancer Ascendant), the placement of Saturn in Libra/Tula rashi (falling in fourth house) or in Taurus/Vrishabha rashi (falling in the eleventh house) may generate similar results (working wife) as such both these houses (fourth and eleventh) are ruled by Venus in Karka Lagna (Cancer Ascendant).

If the lord of seventh house is making union with the lord of eleventh house in a good house and, the second house is devoid of any malefic planetary influences; this may also generate financial gains after marriage or through spouse. The disposition of seventh and second house should be potent in both Lagna as well as Navamsha division.

If the lord of second and eleventh houses are making union in the seventh house and, the lord of seventh house is also well disposed; this may also bless the native with wealth through marriage. Sometimes, even lord of eleventh house in seventh house may generate strong financial gains through marriage (required it is strongly disposed and coming under auspicious planetary influences).

Thus, if you are having any such planetary dispositions, you may expect financial gains through marriage. However, these are not the only planetary dispositions to generate wealth and riches after marriage; and, there must be some other or different planetary dispositions which may generate similar results. I just mentioned the most commonly available and applicable planetary dispositions in this regard; and, the readers may always try to look for some more planetary yogas in this regard. The basic idea may, however, remain the same; i.e. relationship between second, seventh and eleventh houses (or their lords) is capable of generating financial gains through marriage depending upon their potency and operational planetary periods. Given below are some example charts which may also be helpful in understanding the on ground applicability of this concept.

Example horoscope 1


This horoscope belongs to Deborah Compagnoni, an Italian Skiing champion, who was born on 4 June 1970 (3:45 AM, Bornio, Italy). As we can see, she is born in Aries Ascendant (Mesha Lagna) ruled by Mars; and, the second house of her Lagna/natal chart is occupied by the Sun and exalted Moon (both are friendly planets for Aries Ascendant). Some depreciation of potency may be there for the Moon (combust and lacking Paksha Bala); however, there are no inauspicious planetary influences on this union due to which reasonable potency is there to generate favourable results pertaining to this aspect (financial gains through marriage). The placement of Jupiter in seventh house having its aspect on the union of Venus + Mars in third house of her Lagna Chart is also supportive. Deborah is married to a wealthy Italian businessman Alessandro Benetton. The union of Saturn + Mercury in first house of her Lagna Chart is not auspicious; however, the negative influence of this union may not be on the financial prospects and may only create problems related to health and/or interpersonal relationship within marital bond.

Example horoscope 2


This horoscope belongs to Joan Kennedy (born on 5 September 1935 @ 6:10 AM, New York, USA) who was married to notable American Politician Ted Kenney. Joan is born in Simha Lagna (Leo Ascendant) and the lord of second house Mercury is exalted (occupying its own sign) in second house of her Lagna Chart. There are no inauspicious planetary influences on Mercury; and, therefore, reasonably potent results of second house (marriage in a wealthy family) can be expected. Saturn is also occupying its own rashi/zodiac in seventh house of her Lagna Chart and receiving mixed planetary influences via aspect. The aspect from Jupiter (occupying third house along with Mars) is positive; while, the aspect of Ketu (occupying eleventh house) is not desirable. The aspect of the Sun on Saturn may remain moderate or average as such despite being a supportive planet for Simha Lagna, the mutual relationship between the Sun and Saturn is not friendly. The aspect of Venus on Saturn may also remain average as such despite being a friendly planet for Saturn, the basic nature of Venus is not much friendly for Simha Lagna. Thus, mixed influences are there on Saturn placed in seventh house of which none of the influences are directly related with financial prospects (second or eleventh house); and, it is only the single and clean disposition of Mercury (as lord of second and eleventh houses) which resulted into marriage in a wealthy family. Joan got married to Ted Kennedy during Mercury/Saturn bhukti (1959) followed by separation in 1977 (Venus/Rahu bhukti) and divorce in 1982 (Venus/Saturn bhukti).

Example Horoscope 3


This horoscope belongs to Amy Irving who is ex-wife of famous film producer and director Steven Spielberg. Amy Irving got married to Steven Spielberg in November 1985 followed by divorce in 1989. The marriage is said to be terminated with a settlement of over 100 million USD (which can be considered as good amount of wealth through marriage).

Amy is born in Mithuna Lagna (Gemini ascendant) ruled by Mercury which is joined by Mars and Sun in third house of her Lagna Chart. This union is not auspicious for the attributes of Mercury; however, Mars (lord of sixth and eleventh house) is gaining support from both the planets (Mercury as well as the Sun). The second house of her Lagna Chart is occupied by Venus which is also a friendly planet for Gemini Ascendant. The union of Venus with Ketu is not auspicious and creates disturbance in the smooth and stable results of Venus’s placement in second house. The aspectual influence of Saturn (another friendly planet for Gemini Ascendant which is exalted in fifth house) is good; thus, putting some (not complete) check on the inauspicious influence of Ketu on Venus as well as second house. Lord of second house Moon is also well placed in fourth house of her Lagna Chart. Amy Irving’s marriage with Steven Spielberg occurred during Jupiter/Jupiter bhukti; while, the financial settlement of the divorce occurred during Jupiter/Mercury bhukti.

Example horoscope 4


This horoscope belongs to a male person born in Kanya Lagna (Virgo Ascendant). He did love marriage with a girl belonging to very modest family; and, therefore, no significant improvement in finance and wealth was there. The wife is working though, as such Jupiter (lord of seventh house) is occupying its own sign in seventh house of his Lagna Chart; and, Venus (as significator for wife) is in third house of Lagna Chart (under aspect of Jupiter). The financial support from wife is, however, very modest too i.e. the income of spouse is very average.

The second house of his Lagna Chart is occupied by Rahu devoid of any auspicious planetary influences; and, therefore, the relevant traits of second house (financial gains through marriage) may remain volatile and disturbed. The lord of second house, Venus, is in third house and coming under inauspicious aspect of Mars (occupying ninth house of his Lagna Chart). The aspect from Jupiter on Venus offered some limited advantage only (very moderate income of wife); while, the results of relevant traits (significant or good financial gains through marriage) remained significantly disturbed. Instead of financial gains through/after marriage; the native suffered significant financial problems and losses after his marriage of which most of the financial problems occurred ruing Mahadasa of Rahu and Antardasa of Venus.

Example horoscope 5


In this example horoscope, the Lagna lord Mercury is afflicted by Ketu and debilitated Mars in second house. Moon, the lord of second house, is making a friendly union with Jupiter (lord of seventh house) which is occupying its own rashi in seventh house of his Lagna Chart. The aspect of Saturn (another friendly planet for Mithuna Lagna/Gemini Ascendant) on the union of Mercury with Ketu and Mars is also generating some support for Mercury (against inauspicious influences of Ketu and Mars). In addition to this, some advantage (in terms of financial gain) may also be there for Mars due to its lordship over eleventh house.

The native’s wife is not working; however, the marriage took place in reasonably wealthy family. That is, strong financial gains through marriage were not there (due to cruel influences of Mars and Ketu on the second house); but, the relevant good disposition of the Moon (lord of second house), aspect of Saturn on the union of Mercury with Ketu and Mars, and, lordship of Mars on eleventh house still generated some average or just above average results in terms of financial gains through marriage.

Example horoscope 6


In his example horoscope, Jupiter is occupying its own sign in second house (somewhat similar to example horoscope 2 of Joan Kennedy). However, Jupiter is also under cruel aspect of Saturn (exalted in twelfth house of his Lagna Chart). In addition to this, the lord of seventh house, Venus, (which also rules over twelfth house of his Lagna Chart) is debilitated in eleventh house and coming under cruel aspect of Rahu (occupying seventh house of his Lagna Chart). Thus, full and clean results of Jupiter’s disposition in second house (specifically in terms of financial gains through marriage) were not there. The placement of debilitated Venus in eleventh house (under aspect of Rahu) is diluting the potential of financial gains; while, the aspect of Saturn on Jupiter is generating disturbance and obstructions for Jupiter. The native is married in a moderate family which is comparatively better than his own family; while, the wife is not working.

Therefore, all relevant factors are to be taken into consideration to derive the conclusion. The role of Navamsha division is also important in this regard. I have not specifically mentioned the Navamsha divisions for all the example horoscopes; however, I did consider/analyse the relevant factors accordingly. Like, in example horoscope one (Deborah Compagnoni), Venus is occupying tenth house under aspects from Jupiter and exalted Saturn in Navamsha which is further adding to the potency of second house of her Lagna Chart. Similarly, in example horoscope two (Joan Kennedy), the second house of Navamsha is occupied by the Sun while Mercury is in ninth house of Navamsha. Thus, while analyzing your individual horoscopes for this purpose, do consider the potency of relevant planets in Navamsha division as well as operational planetary period (Vimshottari Dasa); or, you may contact me for paid consultancy via One more thing; as mentioned above, these are not the only parameters to be analysed to see if financial gain through marriage is possible or otherwise; and, there may be some other planetary dispositions which may generate financial gains through marriage. I have only mentioned these limited combinations experienced during my analysis and practice of vedic astrology.

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