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In continuation to my previous article on Yogas:

Slokas 14 to 18 of Phaladeepika mentions about Yogas based upon mutual disposition of Sun, Moon and Jupiter.

Mahabhagya Yoga: This yoga is defined separately for both male and female as per which the following four conditions should be addressed in the chart of a male:

  • The birth should be falling in daytime, specifically between the Sunrise and Sunset.
  • The Ascendant sign (Lagna rashi) should be odd i.e. the birth should be falling in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius Ascendant.
  • The Sun should be placed in odd signs (Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius or Aquarius)
  • And, the Moon should also be placed in odd signs.

In case of female horoscope, the following conditions should be fulfilled:

  • The birth time should be falling in night, specifically after Sunset and before Sunrise.
  • The Ascendant sign (Lagna rashi) should be even i.e. the birth should be falling in Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn or Pisces Ascendant.
  • Both the Sun and the Moon should be placed in even zodiac (rashi)

Results:      The person (Male) born with Mahabhagya Yoga will be pleasant and good looking in appearance. He will be kind and pure at heart; will be famous and fortunate; and, will own lands. Female born with Mahabhagya Yoga will bear good character and high moral values; will be very fortunate and wealthy; and, will have the happiness from husband, sons and grandsons.

Gaj Kesari Yoga:      If the Moon is in Kendra (angular position) from the Jupiter in a horoscope (Lagna Chart); it will generate Kesari Yoga (also known as Gaj Kesari Yoga).

The placement of the Moon or the Jupiter in any specific house is not important in formation of this yoga; and, it is only the mutual disposition of the Moon and Jupiter (both should be in angular position from each other) which is considered. For example, if the Jupiter is in Aries/Mesha rashi, the Moon should be in Cancer/Karka rashi or Libra/Tula rashi or Capricorn/Makar rashi to generate Kesari (Gaj Kesari) Yoga.

Results:      The person born with Gaj Kesari Yoga will be valorous in nature and destroys his/her enemies like a lion (Kesari). The person will be eloquent speaker with leadership qualities, long lived, intelligent, famous and well reputed in the society.

Shakat Yoga:      Moon disposition in sixth, eighth or twelfth house from the Jupiter generates Shakat Yoga; however, if the Moon is in Kendra Bhava (Angular position) from the Lagna/Ascendant, this will cancel the Shakat Yoga.

Results:      The person having Shakat Yoga in his horoscope will be miserable; and will always remain unhappy in life. He will lead an ordinary life; will never be famous; and, the life will be very volatile.

Adhama Yoga:      If the Moon is in Kendra/angular position i.e. in first, fourth, seventh or tenth house from the Sun it generates Adhama Yoga.  Sam Yoga is formed when the Moon is in second, fifth, eighth or eleventh house from the Sun; and, Varishtha Yoga is formed when the Moon is in third, sixth, ninth or twelfth house from the Sun.

Results:      The above three Yogas (Adhama Yoga, Sam Yoga and Varishtha Yoga) are told to be influencing finance, vehicle, fame, happiness, wealth, knowledge, virtue, skills, education and generosity of the native. The results of these aspects will be very limited in Adhama Yoga; while, the person will enjoy moderate level of these results in Sama Yoga. Persons born with Varishtha Yoga in their horoscope will, however, be enjoying these aspects to the fullest level.

Comments:      As mentioned earlier, these Yogas (Mahabhabhagya Yoga, Gaj Kesari Yoga, Shakat Yoga, Adhama Yoga, Sam Yoga and Varishtha Yoga) are based upon mutual disposition of the Sun, Moon and/or Jupiter. Therefore, during practical application on the horoscopes, one should be very careful while delineating the results of these Yogas; and, avoid delivering superficial explanation of these yogas. This is so because the specific condition(s) for formation of these Yogas may remain operational for quite a time; and, all people born during that specific time frame may not be actually having same or similar fate. For example, the Mahabhagya Yoga for male horoscopes requires the Ascendant (Lagna), Sun and Moon to be in odd signs; and, the birth should be during the day time. This situation may remain operational and/or active for quite a time during the day; and, not all the persons born during the period may be experiencing the same results. Like, on 9 March 2015 (in Delhi), the Sun and Moon will remain in Odd signs during the whole day; and, Odd sign Ascendants/Lagna will be operational during the following time frames:

Aries Ascendant/Mesha Lagna will be operational from 8: 24 AM to 9: 58 AM (2 hours 34 minutes)
Gemini Ascendant/Mithuna Lagna will be operational from 11:55 AM to 02:08 PM ( 2 hours 13 minutes)
Leo Ascendant/Simha Lagna will be operational from 4:30 PM to 6:46 PM (1 hour and 51 minutes*)

*On this day, the sunset time for Delhi is 6:21 PM; and, therefore, the Simha Lagna (for application of Mahabhagya Yoga) will be considered till 24 degrees (degrees till 6:21 PM).

Now, if we look at it in very literal manner, then all persons born during this time frame of around 6 hours and 38 minutes should be carrying the positive traits of Mahabhagya Yoga. The average number of births for Delhi is around 1000 births per day (Annual report on Registration of Births and Deaths in Delhi for 2012 mentions average number of birth as 988 per day); and, on average note, there may be around 270 persons falling under this category. And, you may agree that all these 270 persons will not be carrying the same fortune as mentioned for the Mahabhagya Yoga; there shall be some persons born in poor family, some shall be born with medical issues, and, some may not be able to get adequate education. And, the difference of these traits is to be identified via thorough analysis of the respective horoscope of each person wherein the role of divisional charts becomes quite prominent in differentiating between the fate of two persons born on the same day or even born in the same Lagna/Ascendant. The general chart/horoscope for the day is given below for quick reference.

Example Chart for 9 March 2015

On the same note, (if you have noticed) the mutual disposition of the Moon and Jupiter is also generating Kesari (Gaj Kesari) Yoga for all the persons born on the day. And, because the Moon will remain in Libra/Tula rashi for around 58 hours and 30 minutes (from 6:52 AM on 9 March 2015 Delhi to 5:32 PM on 11 March 2015 Moon will remain in Libra/Tula rashi); it will be technically generating Gaj Kesari Yoga for all the people born in Delhi during this period. And, it is neither possible nor rational to assume that all these people (around 2400/2500 people may take birth in Delhi during these 58 hours and 30 minutes) may be able to enjoy/experience the positive results of Gaj Kesari Yoga (as per which the person born in Gaj Kesari Yoga will be long lived, intelligent, famous, well reputed and eloquent speaker with leadership qualities). Some may not be able to survive, some may face severe health issues, some may not be able to get adequate education, and some may face humiliation or defeat.

And, this is generally what happens when a person approaches an astrologer not well versed with the efficient and effective application of vedic astrology principles; and may start delivering the roted and/or recapitulated analysis on the horoscope which may neither be effective nor will be of any use to the seeker.

Having said this, I would also like to clarify that I do not intend to communicate that these Yogas are absolutely useless; rather, my intention is to clarify that one should be exercising caution and patience while delineating the results of any Yoga. And, that the horoscope should be analyzed in toto; and, considering all other important aspects too; such as how is the lord of first house is disposed, what is the strength of ninth house and its lord (primary indicator for identifying the support of luck and fortune), which planetary dasa is operational (which may keep on changing during different times of the day), and, how is the relevant planets are disposed in divisional charts (for example, planet exalted in Lagna Chart but getting debilitated in Navamsha may not be able to generate timely and clean results). Doing all this exercise may take good amount of time and effort on the part of the learned astrologer; and, therefore, those who are quick to conclude are more vulnerable towards making fake or false judgment/analysis of the horoscope.

Thorough and Deep analysis of even an apparently simple looking query may take hours or at least 10/20 minutes for any serious astrologer; and, therefore, you can easily imagine and understand the authenticity as well as proficiency of those providing quick/immediate conclusions on television or on other media portals.

In my next article, I will be covering some more of these yogas.

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