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Nick_KyrgiosAustralian Tennis player Nick Kyrgios was born in Canberra, Australia on 27 April 1995; and, he had recently made history in Wimbledon 2014 when Nick defeated world number one Tennis player Rafael Nadal during the fourth round.  The birth time of Nick Kyrgios is doubtful; however, as per available information some possibilities of birth time falling within Libra Ascendant (around 6:00 PM) are looking prominent.  And, I will be using the same for the analysis of his birth chart.

As per available information, Nick Kyrgios is the youngest of three children; and used to be quite chubby during his child hood. Later on, he turned into a slim and tall personality losing all the unnecessary fat on his body.    He decided to focus solely on Tennis when he was 14 years of age; while, prior to this Nick Kyrgios was a promising basketball player.

The primary indicators for success in sports activities are very well disposed in Nick Kyrgios horoscope.  The Ascendant is ruled by Venus, which has become exalted in sixth house and also joined by tenth lord Moon.  Jupiter, the lord of third and sixth houses, is in second house and having its aspect on the union of Ascendant lord Venus with the Moon; and, in turn, Jupiter is receiving auspicious and potent aspect from Yogakaraka Saturn (well disposed in fifth house of his Lagna Chart).   The role of first, third and sixth houses (as well as their lords) is quite prominent for career in sports activities; and, as mentioned above, these planets and houses are well disposed in Nick Kyrgios horoscope.  Rahu is in first house and receiving aspect from exalted Sun and Mercury; of which, the aspectual influence of Mercury (as lord of ninth house) is also supportive.

Lagna (Natal) Chart – Nick Kyrgios


The involvement of Ketu (in the union of the Mercury with exalted Sun) as well as combustion of the Mercury (due to being too close to the Sun) is not desirable though.  Besides, the debilitated Mars (occupying tenth house of his Lagna Chart) may also pose some issues in his professional career.  In addition to this, Jupiter and Moon have become debilitated in his Navamsha division; and, this is also diluting the potential of his horoscope to some extent.   As per vedic astrology, Mahadasa (main period) of Ketu (South Node) is operational on his horoscope; and, currently he is under Ketu/Venus bhukti (operational till February 2015).

Conclusively, the overall planetary disposition looks reasonably good in Nick Kyrgios horoscope for pursing his career in sports.  The inauspicious and/or weak planetary dispositions, as mentioned above, may also have some impact though; and, there may be some temporary phases during which he may experience delays, failures and setbacks in his professional career.  Such planetary weaknesses usually create lack of consistency in professional career. The primary reasons for this may be related to his personal and family life like health issues, injuries, emotional setbacks, lack of interest or focus and/or careless attitude.  He should, therefore, be careful in these aspects; and, very specifically during forthcoming period of around three years.

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