Feb 192014

hrithik-roshan-horoscope-astrologer-birth-chart-vedic-astrology-readings-predictionBollywood Actor Hrithik Roshan is born in Pisces Ascendant (Meena Lagna); and, currently passing through Mahadasa of the Sun.  Things have not been much supportive for Hrithik since recent past; and, in the light of currently operational antardasa (sub-period) of Rahu as well as inauspicious transits of Saturn and Rahu, the chances of any major developments are not much strong.  As the year progresses, Hrithik Roshan may be facing challenges on different aspects of his life; and, the health (which is not looking any significant issue now) and professional career are likely to be more vulnerable towards damages and problems.   From mid May 2014 onwards, there will be change of antardasa (sub-period) and Sun/Jupiter bhukti will be operational on his horoscope.  And, this may further aggravate the inauspicious planetary influences on Hrithik Roshan horoscope.  He may face legal issues, health problems, surgeries, accidents, bad repute and setbacks in his acting career.  He may also encounter unwarranted conflicts or controversies. There may be tensions within family and close relationships; possibilities of emotional setbacks as well as trouble to/with parents.   Journeys should be avoided; and, he must take good care of his health and physical safety during this year.  Besides, Hrishik should also avoid being proactive, aggressive and judgmental in his approach; and, try to main a low profile during current year so as to keep the planetary affliction as low as possible.  The inauspicious planetary influence may remain specifically highlighted till October 2014; while, afterwards some dilution of negativity is seen with gradual pace.

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