Feb 022014

alka-yagnik-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-birth-chart-astrology-prediction-1Alka Yagnik is born in Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna); and, currently passing through Mahadasa (main period) of Jupiter.  The transit of Mars and Nodes  (Rahu and Ketu) aren’t looking much supportive for her horoscope;  and, therefore, the year 2014 is not looking much promising for Alka Yagnik. Most of the period, during 2014, is looking to remain somewhat dull and silent. She may face health issues and may remain vulnerable towards accidents or injuries.  Her performance may also remain below average or just average.   There may be some tensions on family front too.  The intensity of inauspicious planetary influences may remain more highlighted during first half of the year; and, the health and relationships are likely to be more affected.   The last quarter of 2014 may generate some positivity and betterment, specifically in regard to professional, financial and social matters.

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