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At present, Mahadasa (main period) of the Sun is operational on vedic horoscope of India.  Currently operational Antardasa (sub period) of Mercury will be over in April 2014; and, from May 2014 onwards, dasa/bhukti of Sun/Ketu will be operational on Indian horoscope.  Unfortunately, things aren’t looking much auspicious and favorable for India during 2014; and, this is looking to be a difficult period in most aspects including economy, politics, administration, foreign relationships, agriculture and manufacturing.

The primary and very apparent reasons behind this apprehension are current and upcoming transits of Jupiter and Nodes (Rahu and Ketu); and, operating Antardasa (sub-period) of weak planets. The natal disposition of the Jupiter and Mars is also not much auspicious for growth and safety. Therefore, when these already disturbed dispositions are activated via transit and during sub-periods of malefic, cruel or weak planets, the damage is significant.

Economy:    Some temporary betterment, specifically for the share market, was observed during the period between 21 August 2013 to 31 January 2014.  And, advance indications, about this, were also pressed in my article about this (click here to read).  So, thankfully the share market did responded to supportive (although temporary) planetary influence; and, against most apprehensions of steep downside fall; Sensex and Nifty managed to recover very reasonably during the period specified.  Not only this, the fall of Indian rupee was also a major concern at that time, which has also improved to some extent (at least managed itself around 60, when it was being feared by most of the analysts that rupee may cross 70).

As of now, if we look into the overall planetary influence on the economy for 2014; things aren’t looking much attractive.  Mercury, whose Antardasa (sub-period) will be operational till April 2014 will now be facing severe transit challenges from February 2014 onwards; and, the disposition of next Antardasa lord Ketu is also not looking much supportive in natal chart of India as well as during its transit in 2014. Therefore, the overall position of Indian Economy is likely to remain quite volatile, tough and challenging.  The intensity of inauspicious planetary influence, in this regard, may remain quite high during most of the year; while, during last quarter of 2014, the volatility may start to reduce a bit.  People working or trading in share market should, therefore, be extra cautious in their trades.  Possibilities of steep decline (of around 800 points) in Nifty cannot be ruled out.  The other economic data (like GDP, IIP, CSR, repo rate etc.) may also demoralize and disappoint on frequent basis.  Depreciation of Indian currency is also possible.

Politics and Society:        This is going to be the main challenge during 2014.  The basic nature of Ketu (South Node) is destructive, sharp and highly volatile.  And, due to its placement in seventh house of Indian horoscope, this may create problems in foreign affairs; political relationships within different political parties may remain highly volatile, unstable as well as unpredictable; there may be severe issues and problems in tourism as well as with tourists; problems and conflicts of the government with social media as well as with big business houses and cine industry; and, grave fear of agitation by the masses or major riots are being suspected to take place during 2014. During current situation, this may not be much alarming and apparent; however, as far as the planetary influence (on India’s horoscope) is concerned, things may turn quite nasty on the above mentioned aspects (specifically between February 2014 to August 2014).

In addition to above, there are also indications of problems via natural calamities (floods, epidemic etc.) and, the activities of army and paramilitary forces may remain highlighted too.  The period between February 2014 to August 2014 is also showing high rate of criminal activities within the country as well as highly sensitive situations recurring frequently at/around the borders (due to uncooperative attitude of neighboring and friendly countries).

The last quarter of the year (period from September 2014 to December 2014) may generate some mild relief and, specifically with transit change of Saturn into Scorpio zodiac (from 3 November 2014 onwards) the last two months may generate some hope for the future.

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  1. Can you please indicate the period during which you forsee the share market to crash

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