Jan 282014

abhinav-bindra-london-olympics-2012-birth-chart-horoscope-prediction-astrology-readingsAs per vedic astrology, Abhinav Bindra is born in Gemini Ascendant (Mithuna Lagna); and, currently passing through Mahadasa (main period) of Rahu (north node).  Vedic  astrology readings, for the year 2014, can be considered promising for Abhinav Bindra; although, he may also be required to make equivalent strong efforts with persistence.   Some inauspicious planetary influence may also be there; like, during 2014, Abhinav Bindra may suffer from injuries and health issues and the financial matters may remain volatile.  Besides, he may remain vulnerable towards disputes, conflicts and legal issues too.  The inauspicious influences may remain highlighted during first half of the year; while, during second half (from 19 June 2014 onwards), there may be success, prosperity and fame for Abhinav Bindra.

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