Dec 082013

Taurus Ascendant |Vrishabha Lagna:    For people born in Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabha Lagna), the year 2014 is likely to remain tough and challenging on professional front.  There may be opposition and disrespect within your professional relationships; and, time bound commitments may get delayed. Your enemies or professional rivals may try to conspire and create obstructions in ongoing projects/task. This inauspicious transit influence may remain highlighted and prominent during first half of the year; while, with transit change of Jupiter into Cancer zodiac sign (from 19 June 2014 onwards), things will start improving to some good extent.  Financial prospects may also remain a bit sluggish and diluted; and, investments made during the year may not yield desired results.  The expenses may remain quite high; sometimes, you may also experience financial crunches to the extent of taking loan or borrowing money from others.  Some possibilities of financial losses through speculation, litigation, legal penalties, disputes, gambling, cheating, theft or fire are also prominent during this year.  For health and physical safety too, things are looking tough and challenging.  There may be fear of accidents or injuries; and, old health issues may resurface again despite proper medication. Relationships and family matters are somewhat better; although, those looking for fixing or finalization of marriage may face obstructions till mid July 2014; and, it may be after transit change of Rahu to Virgo zodiac (from 14 July 2014 onwards) that some success and positive results can be expected in marital prospects.  Those looking for love marriage or foreign travel should exercise patience; and, try to finalize the matter only after thorough consideration.  Those looking for business partnership, relocation of residence or change of job should also be careful in decision making.  Some temporary but good results in overall aspects can be expected during the months of March, April, August, September and November 2014.  Those passing through Mahadasa of Mars, Jupiter or Ketu should be extra cautious; and, avoid taking hasty decisions based upon emotions and feelings.

Note:–> These yearly free astrology readings are based upon your ascendant sign at the time of birth.  These horoscope predictions are general in nature and may differ from absolute professional astrology readings for your specific birth chart, depending upon the planetary disposition of your specific horoscope.  To have personalized horoscope reading for your horoscope, please visit ‘how to consult’  page or email me at

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