Dec 092013

Pisces Ascendant | Meena Lagna:    Those born in Meena Lagna (Pisces Ascendant) may have to be very careful during the whole year; and, should take every precaution possible in overall aspects of life.  The transit union of the Saturn with Rahu in Libra zodiac (Tula Rashi) will be keeping things tough and challenging on various accounts.  There may be delays, obstructions, failure or fruitlessness in your endeavors made towards professional and financial matters. It may be difficult for you to exploit your best potential; and despite having the understanding of the circumstances, you won’t be able to present yourself appropriately. Fear or danger of job loss or major setbacks in business is also possible during the year 2014. Finance may remain tight and the expenses may keep you worried on frequent basis.  There may be delay or denial in financial payments; and, you may have to raise finance through loan for meeting up the requirements.  Those looking for promotion or rise in salary may also experience setbacks or delays.  Health of self, children and parents as well as family relationships may remain weak and vulnerable.  There may be differences or conflicts with elder members of the family, specifically father or elder brother; and, you may find it difficult to explain your point of view with requisite clarity. Marital prospects may remain somewhat supportive during first half of the year; and, those looking for suitable marital alliance may expect some positive results.  The transit change of Jupiter (into its exalted zodiac sign) from 19 June 2014 onwards may generate some mild relief only; and due to aspectual influence of transit Saturn, there may be some fake or false promises too.  Thus, exercise some caution in this regard (during second half of the year); and, do not take risky decisions.  Those working in education, medicine, administration, finance, army, police and judiciary should be extra careful of their decisions and initiatives.  Although, the whole year may keep things difficult for Pisces Ascendant, the months of January, February, March, July, August and October 2014 should be given extra attention.  Similarly, those passing through Mahadasa of Venus, Saturn or Rahu should also be extra careful in their approach; while, people under Mahadasa of Jupiter or Mars may expect some additional planetary support.

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