Dec 092013

Libra Ascendant | Tula Lagna:    People born in Libra Ascendant (Tula Lagna) may expect a very promising and eventful period during the year 2014.  There may be favorable changes and developments in professional matters; and, those looking for change in job or business may expect good planetary support.  There may be success through journeys, foreign visits or foreign assignments; and, those looking to start their professional career may also expect easy results.  Things may, however, remain a bit difficult and challenging for partnerships in business or financial matters.  Thus, the joint ventures or business partnerships should be handled carefully.  In addition to this, the health and marital relationships may also remain a cause of concern to some extent.  There may be fear of surgery or injury leading to hospitalization; and, you may also remain vulnerable towards accidents.  It may be difficult for you to devote sufficient amount of time within marital relationships; and, sometimes, the professional workload may also keep you unnecessarily occupied.  Relationships with father, elder brother or male relatives may also remain a bit strained during this year. Financial prospects are, however, looking reasonably good and supportive.  There may be stability in income; and, major financial gains are also possible during the year 2014.  Those looking for clearance of debt or loan for major projects (like purchase of property) may remain lucky; and, those looking to clear the debt may also expect good planetary support.  People working in politics, sports, police, army, judiciary, law, training, medical, administration, education and entertainment sector may expect additional planetary support.  The months of January, February, June, July, October and November 2014 are looking to be specifically auspicious and supportive for professional and financial matters.  While, for the matters related to health, marital relationships and partnerships in business, things may remain a bit weak requiring some caution.  Those passing through Mahadasa of Saturn or Mercury may expect some additional planetary support; while, those passing through Mahadasa of Mars, Jupiter or Ketu should be extra cautious.

Note:–> These yearly free astrology readings are based upon your ascendant sign at the time of birth.  These horoscope predictions are general in nature and may differ from absolute professional astrology readings for your specific birth chart, depending upon the planetary disposition of your specific horoscope.  To have personalized horoscope reading for your horoscope, please visit ‘how to consult’  page or email me at

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