Dec 092013

Capricorn Ascendant | Makar Lagna:    Those born in Makar Lagna (Capricorn Ascendant) may expect moderately positive results during 2014.  The exalted transit of Saturn is coming under inauspicious influence of transit Rahu and transit Jupiter; and, therefore, the potency of Saturn (running exalted in tenth house of your Lagna Chart) may remain limited during first half of 2014.  There may be good opportunities for fresh business ventures; however, the partnerships (in business) may remain a cause of concern.  Those looking for change in job should exercise caution, specifically till transit Jupiter changes its position and enters into Cancer zodiac (Karka rashi) on 19 June 2014.  Those looking for fixing or finalization of marriage should also be careful; and, avoid making hasty or compulsive decisions.  Health and physical safety may also remain weak and vulnerable during first half of the year 2014; while, afterwards, there may be improvements and positive results in this regard.  People in trading, speculative activities, sports, politics and entertainment sector should be extra cautious in their decision making; and, try to avoid any significant change (specifically till end of August 2014).  Financial prospects may remain a bit volatile till 18 June 2014; and, afterwards, things may start improving considerably in this regard.  The last four months (September to December 2014) are indicating good financial gains as well as success and fame in professional and social matters.  There may be some good news in the family, relationships may get better and those looking for marital alliance may also expect success.  The ongoing projects or professional tasks may also be completed successfully during these four months; and, in addition to this,  victory over enemies, rise in social reputation and acquisition of property or wealth are also possible. Those looking for foreign travel or relocation/transfer in job or change of business may also expect some good results during the last leg of 2014. Those passing through Mahadasa of Mercury, Saturn or Rahu may expect additional planetary favor; while, those going under Mahadasa of Jupiter, Mars or Ketu may have to work hard and exercise patience.

Note:–> These yearly free astrology readings are based upon your ascendant sign at the time of birth.  These horoscope predictions are general in nature and may differ from absolute professional astrology readings for your specific birth chart, depending upon the planetary disposition of your specific horoscope.  To have personalized horoscope reading for your horoscope, please visit ‘how to consult’  page or email me at

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