Dec 092013

Cancer Ascendant | Karka Lagna:    For people born in Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna), the year 2014 is showing mixed results. Matters related to health and physique may remain tough and challenging.  You may experience body pains and sickness on occasional basis; and, the mood may remain restless and anxious. Those already facing health issues should be extra cautious. Expenses may also remain on higher side; and, the investments may fail to generate desired results.  Matters related to purchase of house or property may also remain disturbed and obstructed.  Those looking for relocation or foreign travel may also face obstructions and delays; and, it may require strong and persistent efforts on your part to get things done. Family and relationships are looking somewhat better; although, some tensions (specifically related to health of spouse or parents) may still be there.  These inauspicious influences may remain highlighted during first half of the year; and, after transit change of Jupiter into Cancer zodiac sign (from 19 June 2014 onwards), things may start improving considerably.  There may be good improvement in health and physique. Expenses may remain under control and financial prospects may start to prosper.  There may be success and good news in legal disputes; and, old conflicts may start to resolve in your favor. There may be marriage or other celebrations in the family.  Those looking for foreign travel may also expect some good results during second half of 2014. Professional matters may also improve significantly; and, there may be fame and recognition too. You may enjoy good control and communication within your professional and social matters; and, your enemies may get exposed.   There may be meetings will highly placed people or successful visits to religious places during second half of the year.  Those passing through the Mahadasa of Jupiter or Mars may be amply rewarded for their endeavors; while, those passing through Mahadasa of Saturn, Mercury or Rahu may have to try a litter harder during the whole year 2014.

Note:–> These yearly free astrology readings are based upon your ascendant sign at the time of birth.  These horoscope predictions are general in nature and may differ from absolute professional astrology readings for your specific birth chart, depending upon the planetary disposition of your specific horoscope.  To have personalized horoscope reading for your horoscope, please visit ‘how to consult’  page or email me at

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