Nov 222013

As per available information, Dr Harshvardhan is born on 19 December 1954 in Delhi, when Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna) was rising in the zodiac.  The Lagna lord Mercury (also rules over tenth house of his Lagna Chart) is occupying third house of his Lagna Chart and is being aspected by exalted Jupiter. Mercury is, however, combust and become debilitated in his Navamsha Chart.  First house of Dr Harshvardhan’s Lagna chart is occupied by the Moon, which is afflicted via aspect from badly disposed Mars (placed in sixth house of his Lagna Chart).  Ketu’s placement in tenth house under aspect from the Sun (lord of twelfth house) is also not much desirable. 

harshvardhan_horoscope_vedic_astrology_readingsThe union of Saturn with Venus in second house of Dr Harshvardhan horoscope is very auspicious and potent though; and capable of generating strong and stable results in overall aspects of life.  Both Saturn and Venus (lords of fifth and ninth houses respectively) are positive planets for Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna); and, in the horoscope of Dr Harshvardhan both these planets are quite strong (Saturn is exalted and Venus is occupying its own zodiac sign). Besides, the disposition of Saturn and Venus is also good in his Navamsha Chart, wherein both these planets (Saturn and Venus) are occupying Taurus zodiac sign.

Currently, Dr Harshvaradhan is passing through Antardasa of Jupiter in Saturn’s Mahadasa; and both planets are exalted in his Lagna Chart.  The dispositions of these planets are also good in Navamsha Chart and, the currently operational transit position of these planets is also potent for Dr Harshvardhan horoscope.  The only weak points appears to be basic weakness of Mercury (combust), union of Sun with Rahu (in fourth house of his Lagna Chart) and, bad placement of Mars in sixth house.

arvind_kejriwal_horoscope_vedic_astrology_predictions_birth_chart_readingsIf this horoscope of Dr Harshvardhan is compared with corrected and expected horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal  (read here); we will find that lords of tenth houses are combust in both horoscopes.  Although, the placement of Mars (tenth house lord) is comparatively better in Arvind Kejriwal’s horoscope against horoscope of Dr Harshvardhan.   Besides, the disposition of the Moon is also comparatively strong in Arvind Kejriwal’s Lagna Chart, wherein it (Moon) is being aspected by Jupiter against aspect of badly placed Mars on the Moon of Dr Harshvardhan’s horoscope.

Support of luck and fortune is, however, looking better for Dr Harshvardhan horoscope wherein the ninth lord Venus is occupying its own zodiac sign in second house and also having auspicious and friendly union with exalted Saturn in both Lagna and Navamsha Charts.  In Arvind Kejriwal’s horoscope though, the ninth lord (Venus) is combust.  Some advantage of placement in fifth house as well as union with Sun, Mars and Mercury will be there for Venus.  But, the overall potency of ninth house and fortune is still better for Dr Harshvardhan horoscope.

Currently operational dasa is of  Mercury/Rahu in Arvind Kejriwal horoscope; and, the disposition of both these planets is comparatively weaker against disposition of Saturn and Jupiter (Dasa/bhukti lords of Dr Harshvardhan horoscope).  The transit positions are also looking a bit more favorable for Dr Harshvardhan.

The primary advantage of Arvind Kejriwal’s horoscope is comparatively better disposition of Moon, Mars and Mercury.  While, on other fronts (namely support of luck, strength of operating dasa/bhukti lords and transit), the horoscope of Dr Harshvardhan is comparatively stronger.   This implies that while Arvind Kejriwal will have to work quite hard and persistently; Dr Harshvardhan will be enjoying much better planetary support during current election time in comparison to Arvind Kejriwal’s horoscope.

So, while the horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal is also reasonably strong and cannot be ignored for its independent potency and strength; the chances of Dr Harshvardhan being the winner are more prominent during current elections.  Due to the positive attributes (mentioned above and here); Arvind Kejriwal may also be able to mark his presence in the forthcoming Assembly Election in Delhi; however, the chances are somewhat better for Dr Harshvardhan and he is more likely to get a lead over Arvind Kejriwal.

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