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Kumar Mangalam Birla, chairman of the Aditya Birla Group, was born on 14 June 1967 (@ 8:45 AM in Calcuatta), when Cancer Ascendant (Karka Rashi) was rising in the zodiac.  Kumar Mangalam Birla took over as chairman of the Aditya Birla Group in 1995, after sudden demise of his father Aditya Vikram Birla.  At that time, it was a big challenge for Kumar as such many doubts were raised about his ability to lead Aditya Birla Group.  However, Kumar Mangalam Birla not only proved his skeptics wrong, but also has grown to become one of the most respected Industrialists of India.   Under his leadership, the Aditya Birla Group has expanded significantly, including operations to more than 40 countries.

Kumar_Mangalam_Birla_Vedic_horoscope_birth_chart_astrologyBorn in Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna),  Kumar Mangalam Birla is blessed with very auspicious disposition of exalted Jupiter in the first house of his Lagna Chart.  The union of the Jupiter with Venus (lord of fourth and eleventh houses of his Lagna Chart) is adding to the potency and strength of Venus in delivering the positive attributes of Venus. The mutual dispositions of the Lagna lord Moon (occupying second house), Sun (second house lord placed in eleventh house), and Venus (lord of eleventh house having union with exalted Jupiter in first house) are generating a very potent Dhana Yoga.  Placement of Yogakaraka Mars, in third house of his Lagna Chart, is blessing him with strong and fruitful endeavors towards entrepreneurship.  Saturn is in ninth house of his Lagna Chart and having mutual aspect relationship with the Mars, which is not much supportive and capable of generating some obstructions and delays.  Mercury is also well disposed, safe from combustion and occupying its own zodiac sign in twelfth house of his Lagna Chart.  Ketu’s placement in fourth house of his Lagna Chart is also a bit inauspicious.  Rahu’s disposition (due to aspect of Mars) is having some potency.

During recent past, corruption charges has been leveled against  him by the CBI; and, let’s see whether planets are indicating any support and favor in vedic horoscope of Kumar Managalam Birla.  Currently, he is passing through Mahadasa of Rahu, which is well placed in tenth house of his Lagna Chart.  The transit position of Rahu is, however, not much supportive and it (transit Rahu) is having union with transit Saturn in Libra zodiac (Tula Rashi) falling in fourth house of his Lagna Chart.  Transit Saturn is passing over natal position of Ketu and also having aspectual influence on natal Rahu (placed in tenth house of his Lagna Chart) The role and nature of Saturn is not supportive for Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna); and, therefore, the transit affliction of Saturn on transit Rahu as well as on natal Rahu is not desirable.  Jupiter, the most auspicious and supportive planet for Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna), is currently passing through Gemini zodiac sign (Mithuna Rashi); and, thus may not be able to provide strong counter against the concentrated inauspicious influences of Saturn and Rahu.

Will Kumar Managalam Birla be able to come out clean from the allegations?
Despite the inauspicious planetary influences, mentioned above, the overall potency and strength of Kumar Managalam Birla’s vedic horoscope is reasonably strong.  From January 2014 onwards, the Antardasa of Jupiter will be operational on his horoscope.  Besides, from mid June 2014 onwards, the transit Jupiter will be entering its exalted zodiac sign (Cancer/Karka); and, thereby, generating additional support for his nativity.  The transit union of the Rahu with transit Saturn will also be over from mid July 2014 onwards, generating some good relief for Rahu in his vedic horoscope.  In addition to this, the upcoming transit of Mars over Virgo zodiac sign (Kanya Rashi) will be operational for considerable period of time (27 November 2013 to 13 July 2014); and, therefore, be able to generate some good counter till transit changes of Jupiter and Rahu.

Conclusively, from 27 November 2013 onwards, his efforts in dealing with the issues may become more prominent and potent.  Kumar Managalam Birla may also be able to put forward his defense with clarity as well as acceptability. The prominent results may, however, start taking shape from 14 July 2014 onwards. As lord of sixth house, the exalted transit of Jupiter is capable of generating strong and favorable planetary influence on Kumar Managalam Birla horoscope;  and, by the end of Jupiter’s transit in Cancer zodiac sign (before mid July 2015) things are very likely to turn into his favor allowing him to prove his point.

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