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arvind_kejriwal_horoscope_readingsArvind Kejriwal, social activist turned politician, needs no introduction.  Since past few years, Arvind Kejriwal has been the centre of attention not only in the media but also within common masses. Off late, I have been trying to find his birth details for analyzing his horoscope; however, the available information was observed to be too much dubious and vague to contemplate anything precisely.  I have, however, reached to a different and somewhat weird conclusion about this, which may be evident and clear by the end of this article.

Different websites  are showing  different birth dates for Arvind Kejriwal.  Like the wiki page for Arvind Kejriwal  is showing  16 August 1968 as his birth date; while, on some page, his birth date is mentioned as 16 June 1968.  And, with such doubtful data, it is really difficult to comment confidently.  One such website  is showing the birth details of Arvind Kejriwal as 16 August 1968 at 11:46 PM at Hissar, India, as per which Arvind Kejriwal is born in Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabha Lagna).

arvind_kejriwal_horoscope_vedic_astrology_readingsAs per this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal, the lord of tenth house Saturn (which also happens to be the lord of ninth house and is a Yogakaraka planet for Taurus Ascendant) is debilitated and badly disposed in twelfth house.  The Lagna lord Venus is well placed in fourth house and having auspicious union with the Sun and Mercury.  The involvement of Jupiter, in this union, is not much desirable though; and, due to its lordship over eighth house, Jupiter is capable of damaging the positive attributes of the union.  Besides, Jupiter is also having its inauspicious aspect on tenth house and Saturn.  The dispositor of Saturn i.e. Mars is also debilitated in third house of this Lagna Chart.  The aspect of Mars (as lord of twelfth house) on tenth house of the Lagna Chart is not supportive; and, generates counter inauspicious influence for tenth house (along with Jupiter’s aspect) against positive aspects from Sun, Mercury and Venus.  Exaltation of the Moon in first house is good; however, it is also receiving aspect from Ketu; and, with placement of debilitated Mars (in third house ruled by Moon), the positivity of the Moon may not be much clean.

As per available information, Arvind Kejriwal  is an IIT graduate (Mechanical Engineering); and, after completing his education, started working with Tata Steel in 1989.  In 1992, he left the job to join IRS (Indian Revenue Services); and, later on, in February 2006, Arvind Kejriwal resigned from his position of Joint Commissioner in the Income Tax Department and started working for social causes.  This actually denotes a successful and strong professional career; which is not being reflected by the available horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal.  As per vedic horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal, he was under Rahu’s Mahadasa; and, at the time of his success in civil services examination the Antardasa of Saturn was operational (period from 23 September 1991 to 29 July 1994).  And, as per the disposition of Saturn, this is creating strong doubts on the credibility of the birth details.

Such planetary disposition, as in above horoscope, usually generates delay and obstructions in professional career; while, the reality is absolutely different and opposite.  Not only, Arvind Kejriwal had timely and early employment opportunities (that too of reasonably high status); but, he also got married during Rahu/Saturn bhukti.  The debilitation of Mars (lord of seventh and twelfth houses) is not only indicative of delay in marriage; but, is also showing problems in post marital life, which is not matching with the apparent and available information about his family and marital life. On the contrary, the support of his wife and family has been found to be quite strong to enable him take the strong and challenging decisions.

The physical attributes of Arvind Kejriwal are also not having reasonable match with the planetary disposition of his horoscope, specifically the Lagna Chart. The first house of Arvind Kejriwal Horoscope is occupied by exalted Moon; and, the Ascendant/Lagna lord Venus is occupying Leo/Simha Rashi in fourth house along with the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.  This would have generated strong or muscular build with round face; and, at least not the actual physique (short and slim).

Thus, the horoscope based upon these birth details (16 August 1968 at 11:46 PM in Hissar, India) is very unlikely to be the correct horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal; and, those learned friends, who are using these details to analyze and predict for Arvind Kejriwal, should give another thought to it.

One farfetched possibility could be that the birth date of 16 June 1968 should be tested with the birth time of 11:46 PM as per which Arvind Kejriwal is born in Aquarius Ascendant (Kumbha Lagna); and, his Lagna Chart is as under:

arvind_kejriwal_horoscope_vedic_astrology_predictions_birth_chart_readingsAs per this Lagna Chart, the first house is ruled by Saturn, which is joined by Rahu in second house of the Lagna Chart.  Moon, the lord of sixth house, is occupying the first house and having mutual aspect relationship with Jupiter (lord of second and eleventh houses and occupying seventh house). The tenth house is, now, ruled by the Mars, which is well disposed in fifth house along with the Sun, Mercury and Venus.  Being too close to the Sun; the Mars, Mercury and Venus are combust and, therefore, losing upon their potency to generate results.  However, some good advantage of the placement as well as of the auspicious union of the supportive planets (for Kumbha Lagna) may still be expected to generate similar results like education in the engineering field as well as getting success in civil services.  As per this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal; he was going through Saturn/Venus bhukti between 19 August 1990 to 18 October 1993.  And, during Mahadasa of Lagna lord Saturn and Antardasa of Yogakaraka Venus (which is well placed in fifth house and having union with tenth lord Mars as well as with fifth lord Mercury and seventh lord Sun), such results can be expected.

The critical approach of Arvind Kejriwal and his strong determination against corruption and injustice are also  reasonably supported by the disposition of sixth lord Moon in the first house and under aspect of Jupiter.  Besides, this is also supportive and indicative for inclination towards politics.

The good placements of second, fourth, ninth and tenth houses lords in his Lagna Chart are also supportive for family and as per the available information, Arvind Kejriwal is having a reasonably secured family back ground.  His parents (Shri Gobind Ram Kejriwal and Smt. Gita Devi) are not only well known in Haryana; they are also financially strong, well educated and kind hearted.  The fact that, Arvind Kejriwal  had a love marriage, is also reasonably supported by the union of the Sun with Venus in fifth house along with Mars and Mercury.

Arvind Kejriwal is also financially strong; and, this fact is also supported by the union of Saturn with Rahu in second house (wherefrom it is aspecting the eleventh house) and via aspects of Mars, Venus, Mercury, Sun and Jupiter  on the eleventh house (denoting financial gains and income).   In addition to this, some other facts and information are also being supported by this prospective and possible horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal.  The Navamsha Chart of Arvind Kejriwal is also strong and supportive with most of the information and events.  On comparative note too, the matching of this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal (based upon 16 June 1968) is far better against the horoscope based upon prevailing birth details (16 August 1968 at 11:46 PM in Hissar, India).  And, despite it being a farfetched one; I think, I can try considering this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal for analyzing and assessing the future probabilities of his political career.  If any of the avid reader is having some additional information about birth details of Arvind Kejriwal; please do share.

How will be the political career of Arvind Kejriwal?

As per this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal; his political career is looking quite bright and promising.  And, against all unfavorable predictions (made by some other learned astrologers); within next five year,  Arvind Kejriwal is going to make his presence being felt (very strongly) in public, politics as well as in media.  And, whatever has occurred till date may appear as a preview/trailer in front of his political stature of future. Currently, he is under Mercury/Rahu bhukti (operational from 25 April 2012 to 11 November 2014).  During earlier operation of Rahu bhukti (under Saturn’s mahadasa); Arvind Kejriwal was able to claim success in civil services; while during currently operational Mahadasa of Mercury (which is comparatively much better disposed against Saturn), things are looking even more stronger as well as surprisingly supportive and fruitful for Arvind Kejriwal.  And, some glimpse of this strong impact of Arvind Kejriwal horoscope is likely to be evident during forthcoming state assembly elections of Delhi (scheduled to be held in first week of December 2013).

Will Arvind Kejriwal be the next Chief Minister of Delhi?

It may be a bit difficult to say if he is going to win the election as such I am not having the horoscope of his political competitors (namely Smt.Sheila Dikshit); but, if this assessment of mine is correct (i.e. birth date of 16 June 1968); he is going to be a very tough competitor and with all reasonably possibilities of registering a surprising victory.  And, those trying to take him lightly may get some strong setbacks.  Only requirement is that my assessment of his prospective birth date (16 June 1968) turns out to be correct; which I personally feel reasonably accurate and am also keeping my fingers crossed.   The transit positions of major planets namely the Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are also showing very prominent support for his Lagna Chart; and, therefore, even if the birth time differs (birth date remaining the same) for a few minutes – the overall outlook of his Lagna Chart, Dasa and Transit are indicating success.  And, although it is not possible to conclude it confidently (due to lack of accurate and authentic birth details of Arvind Kejriwal as well as of his political competitors; which are genuinely required to judge the comparative strength); but, still this individual horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal does carry some very strong points and suggest very fair chances of being successful in elections (which may hopefully looking potent be converted into complete success).

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  1. After major set back in recent punjab & goa assembly elections, what will be the future of AAp & kejriwal? I am interested to know since Kejriwal has given new meaning to politics and hope he should remain in active politics.

  2. I cant understand how modi become the pm of india there is no strong yoga in his kundali rather rahu in 5th house disturbe him. chander mangal yoga in lagana had shown his effect in 2013. the biggest victory in gujrat. now this yoga is not so effective in 2014. I think modi got failed like congress in very new future. pls tell me about modi how hi become pm of india.

    arvind kejariwal will be the next cm of delhi in 2015 if date of birth remain same or told by you because lord of lagana shani is with mars and lord of 10 th house venus is with jupitar (uchh) moreover five planets are (uchh) or swagrahi moreover god help those persons who fight for truth and poor people

  3. Dear Mr.Sharma,
    Your analysis of kejriwal’s horoscope has come out to be correct as he has successfully contested the latest elections to become surprise CM. How long his party will be able to rule Delhi and what are his Party’s prospects in the forthcoming lok Sabha elections?

  4. His birth day is 16 Aug 1968, confirmed in the above said video. Also since saturn is retrograde and debilitated, would that mean it would give results of exaltation? Also mars may have neechabhanga raja yoga. Assumption is that since he has reached so far, he is likely to succeed in his dharma

  5. Today Kejriwal confirmed himself on AajTak TV in an interview with Rahul Kanwar that he was borne on Aug,16,1968. WE don’t know his birth time which may be wrong. So we should to correct his chart on the basis of his available data.
    Pankaj Toronto Canada

  6. his lagna with tarus as lagna can also if you remember that whenever there is union of karmic control planets( depositors of rahu & ketu) , no other yoga is required to make a person great. very big things can be expected from this gentleman as currently he is running jupiter maha dasa who is one of the karmic control planets

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