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Pratyusha Banerjee is a well known television actress in India who gained popularity with her role as “Anandi” in a popular show “Balika Vadhu”.   As of now, she is one of the participants of a famous reality show “Bigg Boss” and  will be looking to mark her presence as well as winning the show.

As per the available information, Pratyusha Banerjee is told to be born on 10 August 1987 during early morning hours in Jamshedpur, India.  And, as per vedic astrology, Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna) was rising in her horoscope.  I am, however, not much sure whether the birth date and time being used is correct as such some contradictory information of her date of birth being 10 August 1991 are also present.  On comparative note though, the possibilities of birth date being 10 August 1987 are slightly better and I am using the same for analyzing her vedic horoscope.

pratyusha_banerjee_horoscope_vedic_astrology_birth_chart_readingsThe first house of Pratyusha Banerjee Lagna Chart is occupied by the Sun, Mars, Mercury and Venus.  Being too close to the Sun, all three planets (Mars, Mercury and Venus) have become combust; and being debilitated, the Mars is the weakest among all.  The first house of Pratyusha Banerjee horoscope is ruled by the Moon, which is also badly disposed in eighth house of her natal birth chart (Lagna Chart).   This is not a very healthy disposition of planets and capable of generating problems in overall aspects of life.  The health and temperament may be the most affected arenas; and, as per the available information, Pratyusha has been facing health issues since recent past.  She was a participant in fifth season of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa and reported to be eliminated due to health issues during the initial phase of the competition.   Pratyusha’s replacement from ‘Balika Vadhu’  has also been reported to be due to her being unwell and not being able to keep up with the schedule.

Tenth house of her Lagna Chart is occupied by Jupiter (divine planet and lord of ninth house for her Lagna Chart).  Jupiter is devoid of any good or bad planetary influences; and, this placement of Jupiter is very auspicious and supportive for professional prospects of her horoscope.  Saturn is well placed in fifth house of her Lagna Chart; however, being malefic planet for her horoscope the positive results of Saturn may be limited.  The disposition of Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) can be considered moderate in support as such there are no auspicious planetary influences on these planets.

What are the chances of Pratyusha Banerjee winning Bigg Boss 7?

As per vedic astrology readings of Pratyusha Banerjee horoscope; she is currently passing through Mahadasa of Jupiter, which is well disposed in tenth house of her Lagna Chart and generating good amount of planetary support.  The Antardasa of Mercury has just started on her horoscope from mid June 2013 onwards and this change of Antardasa has resulted into her breakup with Makrand Malhotra.  There has been rumors that Makrand will also be joining the Bigg Boss season seven as a wild card entry; and, this may add to extending her stay in Bigg Boss.  However, as far as, her horoscope is concerned; the chances of her being a Winner of Bigg Boss 7 are not looking strong.  Antardasa lord Mercury is not a friendly planet for her Ascendant (Karka Lagna); and it (Mercury) is also combust in first house of her Lagna Chart.  The transit position of Saturn and Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) is also not looking good for her health, temperament and profession.  Besides, the Mahadasa lord Jupiter is also transiting through twelfth house of her Lagna Chart (over Gemini/Mithuna Rashi); and, therefore, won’t be able to generate requisite support to promote and protect her horoscope.   Influence of debilitated Mars and bad disposition of Lagna lord Moon in Pratyusha Banerjee horoscope are capable of making a person short tempered, aggressive and dominant in her approach.  And, the chances of her being able to cope with the pressure of the expected situations in Bigg Boss are quite weak.  Her health, as has already been reported, may also generate sudden and strong issues.

Therefore, as per vedic astrology readings of her horoscope, Pratyusha have to be very patient and cautious in her approach as well as take good care of her health. The planets are not showing any significant support; on the contrary, the current and upcoming transit positions of Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Rahu may generate additional problems against her stay in the Bigg Boss 7.  And, as expressed above, the chances of Pratyusha winning the seventh season of Bigg Boss are very weak.

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