Aug 202013

Since past few months, Indian Share markets have been quite volatile with downside movement; due to which most of the retail and small investors have been facing a very rough ride.  And, within past few days, the fall in the primary indexes of Indian Share Market like Nifty, BSE etc. have been very significant.  BSE has lost around 1000 points within last two trading sessions; while Nifty has lost around 325 points; thereby creating a panic situation in the stock market/share market.  A little advisory,  in this regard Index, has been posted in May 2013 on my facebook; as per which, the technical as well as astrological aspects of share market were looking quite dicey and having indications of downside movement.

As of now though; I am having some feelings of share market bottoming out; and, that some upside movement in Nifty and BSE can be expected within next few months.  The logics and rational behind this opinion of mine is explained below.


First of all, the astrological reasons giving indications of some improvement in the economic situation of India; which, in turn, are expected to provide some support to the share market.  On 25 June 2013, the Sun/Saturn bhukti has been over in vedic horoscope of India; and, now the Antardasa of the Mercury is operational in Mahadasa of the Sun. Mercury is joined by the Sun, Moon, Venus and Saturn in the third house of India’s natal chart; however, on comparative note, the disposition of Mercury is better against Saturn.  This is so because both Saturn and Venus are combust in vedic horoscope of India; while, Mercury is safe from any such weakness.  Besides this, the natural relationship between Sun and Saturn (Mahadasa and Antardasa lords) is also not much friendly; while, the Sun and Mercury share much better relationship with each other.

Mercury rules over second and fifth houses of vedic horoscope of India; and, therefore, signifies financial and wealth of the nation.  Otherwise also, Mercury is natural significator for business and trading activities; and, therefore, during operation of Sun/Mercury bhukti; the possibilities of financial gains or in terms of a nation, the possibilities of betterment in economic situation of India are very reasonably potent.

Current transit of Jupiter from second house (Gemini zodiac sign) is not much friendly for Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabha Lagna); however, some advantage of being eleventh lord passing through second house can be expected in terms of economical betterment.  And, due to Jupiter’s lordship over eighth house; the betterment may come through struggles and challenges; and, may also be sudden with disguise.  During upcoming period of few months, the transit position of Mercury is also looking to remain supportive and may provide some support to the economy of the nation.  Specifically, it may be the period from 21 August 2013 to 31 January 2014, which is expected to generate some positive results for Indian share market.  It may be a bit difficult and too early to expect a complete trend reversal; however, some reasonable relief is still expected.  There may also be some positive impact on rupee valuation; and, the position of rupee versus dollar may improve.  Therefore, those who are going short should exercise caution; while, those looking for long opportunities may have some luck.

Technically, the last candle made in the above image (till trading session of 20 August 2013) is red; but showing some upside thrust in the market.  The volumes are also looking good. The RSI indicator is creating a head and shoulder pattern; which is also suggesting that markets have bottomed out; and, that some upside movement is very much possible.  The range is expected to be a little bit narrow during initial phase; and caution should still be exercised for not to enter blindly.  The first resistance is seen around 5600 levels; and, thereafter on every 200 plus levels i.e. 5800 and 6000.  Those looking for long term or medium term opportunities in long trades should try to exercise more patience; while, short term traders can initiate some long trades with strict stop loss policy.

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