Royal Baby George Alexander Louis Vedic Horoscope

Royal baby, the third in line to the throne, has been named as George Alexander Louis and will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.  He is the first child of Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and his wife Catherine Elizabeth “Kate”, the Duchess of Cambridge and he is third in line to the throne.  He is born on 22 July 2013 at 4:24 PM in London, England.  As per vedic astrology readings, Royal baby George Alexander Louis is born when Scorpio zodiac was rising in his Ascendant (Scorpio Ascendant | Vrishchika Lagna).

Natal Birch Chart

The Ascendant lord Mars is badly disposed in eighth house of his Lagna Chart.  In addition to the Mars, the planets Jupiter and Mercury are also in the eighth house of which Mercury is occupying its own zodiac sign while Mars and Jupiter aren’t much friendly in Gemini zodiac sign.   The positive aspect of this union is longevity and finance; while, the bad placement of these planets may also create health problems, physical injuries and trouble to parents.  The first house is devoid of any auspicious planetary influences; therefore, the possibilities of health issues; phobias; weak physique; vulnerability towards injuries, surgeries and accidents may remain a cause of concern and create problems for the baby.

Tenth house of Prince George birth chart is occupied by Venus, receiving aspect of Ketu (placed in sixth house of his Lagna Chart). Lord of tenth house Sun is well disposed in ninth house of his Lagna Chart and also having mutual aspect relationship with the Moon, which is occupying third house under aspect from Mars.  This generates a strong Raj Yoga in his horoscope; although, the aspect of Saturn (exalted in twelfth house of his lagna chart and also joined by Rahu) on the Sun should also be considered, which is generating a negative counter influence for this auspicious Raj Yoga.  Besides, the aspect of Ketu on the Venus is also not desirable. These planetary influences may not completely eradicate the auspicious and positive results of this Raj Yoga (Mutual aspect relationship between Sun and Moon); however, may still create problems and obstructions in the fruitfulness.

Navamsha Chart

Cancer zodiac is rising in Navamsha Chart of Prince George birth chart and the mutual aspect relationship between the Sun and Moon is intact.  Jupiter has become debilitated though and is joined by Saturn and exalted Mars in seventh house. Venus has improved upon its placement and occupying its own zodiac sign in eleventh house; while, Mercury has become debilitated in ninth house and also joined by Rahu.  Most of the astrological analysis and astrologers, available on internet, are suggesting the horoscope of Prince George to be very strong and prominent.  I may be wrong; however, if the provided birth details are correct, things are likely to remain difficult for His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.  He may be short tempered, aggressive and dominant in his approach.  May experience problems in expressing or communicating his views and opinions and may also lack appropriate control and command on his reactions during difficult circumstances.  There may be frequent health issues or fear of injuries; although, the longevity is looking good.  There may be trouble to parents or he may have to live away from his parents.  The union of Mercury with Jupiter is generating a good Dhana Yoga and the involvement of Mars is adding to the potency.  Therefore, the presence of one Raj Yoga (intact in his Navamsha Chart) and positive influences of Jupiter and Mars on Mercury may remain supportive in terms of finance and status.  On the other side, the inauspicious planetary influences may keep his personal life tough and challenging on various fronts.

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