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Serena WilliamsTennis star Serena Williams was born on 26 September 1981 at Michigan, USA when Aries Ascendant was rising in her vedic Astrology Birth Chart.  She is the youngest of five daughters’ family; and started playing tennis at the age of 4.  She was coached by her father Richard Williams, who decided to personally coach and groom his five daughters to play tennis.   Serena Williams won her first grand slam title in US Open Tennis Championship 1999; and since then, there is no looking back.  Regarded as one of the best tennis player ever, Serena is the only woman player to have won the $40 million prize money.  What makes her horoscope so interesting is that she is having the so-called ‘Kal Sarpa Dosha’ in her natal birth chart; and still managed to achieve such a high position in sports, which one can only dream about.   And, the logic behind non applicability of Kal Sarpa Dosha has also been explained in my article over here.

If we look into vedic birth chart of Serena Williams, we can easily comprehend that the third and sixth houses are ruled by Mercury, which is strongly disposed in seventh house and joined by Venus (occupying its own zodiac sign Libra and generating Malavya Yoga in seventh house).  Lagna lord Mars is debilitated in fourth house and also having union with Rahu (North Node).  This union of Rahu is not good for Mars; while, for Rahu, some auspiciousness may be there.  Placement of Moon in fifth house is also auspicious and supportive for her Lagna Chart.  Fifth lord Sun is badly disposed in sixth house of her Lagna Chart and joined by Saturn and Jupiter.  Being too close to the Sun, the Saturn has become combust; while, Jupiter is safe from combustion.  The union of these planets in sixth house is not very supportive; and may cause her to work extremely hard in overall aspects of life.  In her Navamsha Chart, the Sun and Mars have improved upon their dispositions and became exalted, which has provided some support against weak disposition of these planets in her Lagna Chart (natal birth chart).

Serena Williams Natal Birth Chart | Vedic Astroogy
Serena Williams Natal Birth Chart

The strong disposition of Mercury under auspicious influences and cardinal placement of Rahu has blessed her with successful career in sports.  The disposition of Mars, Sun, Saturn and Jupiter had their share in creating troubles on occasional accounts, specifically health, due to which she did experienced obstructions and failures.  Serena had to undergo knee surgery in August 2003; and immediately after her first best performance (including four consecutive Grand Slam titles from May 2002 to January 2003).  Then, in July 2010, she stepped upon broken glass and eventually had to undergo surgery on her right foot.  During first half of 2011, Serene suffered from pulmonary embolism.  Thus, both the auspicious as well as inauspicious planetary influences have shown their color in Serena William’s life.  The strong disposition of Mercury and Venus with moderate support from Rahu and slight advantage of Mars’s exaltation in Navamsha Chart has resulted into strong rise in sports.  On the other side, weak and afflicted Mars along with badly disposed Sun, Jupiter and Saturn have caused her to face health and other issues.  She is aggressive with hot temperament and doesn’t like to lose at all.  Strong although afflicted Venus (generating Malavya Yoga) has given her good inclination towards fashion.  She is shopaholic and also working as a model. She is a certified Fashion Designer too and has her own clothing line called “Aneres” which is her name spelled backwards.

Currently, sub-period of Mercury in main period (Mahadasa) of Rahu (North Node) is operational in vedic horoscope of Serena Williams. After winning the 2013 French Open of Women’s Singles; Serena failed to make her way through Wimbledon 2013 (defeated by Sabine Lisicki ) in the fourth round.  Mercury is prone to combustion and other transit afflictions quite often; due to which the volatility of results usually remain quite high during operation  of Mercury’s main as well as sub-period.

Serena will be defending her title in the forthcoming US Open Tennis Championship, scheduled between 26 August 2013 to 9 September 2013.  And, I am expecting a good show of Serena Williams talent and power in defending her title as such, strong sixth house lord Mercury (well disposed in both Lagna and Navamsha Charts) is capable of blessing her with success and victory in sports competitions.  However, the transit weaknesses on the part of Mars, Mercury and Venus are really something to be bothered about. During most of this period, Mercury will remain combust in Leo zodiac sign under union with the Sun in fifth house of her vedic horoscope; and, this may dilute the potential of her horoscope.  Besides, the Mars (Ascendant lord of Serena William’s vedic horoscope) will also be transiting through its debilitated zodiac sign (Cancer); while, transit Venus will be debilitated in sixth house of her vedic horoscope.  Thus, some issues of health and temperament are possible causing her to lose focus on the game.  And, alike earlier times, she may get involved into arguments on the ground or may face some health/injury issues.  I do hope that Serena will be able to overcome these weak areas and we can have a great show of her robust game.

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