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Quite often, people are haunted by queries like, “Is this business suitable for me? Or “am I in correct profession” and similar queries which are related to their being in specific job or business.  Now, before addressing the suitability of a specific arena for job, business or any other professional activity; the prime requirement is to consider the overall potency of a horoscope for professional matters.  And, quite often, people tend to misunderstand or getting confuse on this.

These are two different types of professional prospects, which are required to be analyzed appropriately.  The first one is related with overall potency of a horoscope for professional activities.  And, the second aspect is related to identify the best suitable professional activities in accordance with the strength.  One simple example would be clearing it for better understanding.

Suppose, one person is inclined towards sports activities; and, for the purpose of his being admissible for sports activities, we, first,  need to see his overall physique and strength.  And only after this, we should be deciding the suitable sport activities as per his physical and mental strength.  If the person is having weak bone structure or having some severe health issues; the second question (which sport activities are suitable) becomes meaningless.  Same goes for a horoscope; while ascertaining the suitability of a specific professional activity, the basic potency of the horoscope (for professional prospects) is to be identified first; and, thereafter only, one should look for the suitability of a specific professional activity.

With such a strong developments in media, communication and technology; the basic and/or raw information of generalized astrological principles is quite commonly available on internet and magazines.  However, such knowledge or information should not be applied blindly.

In order to ascertain the basic strength of a horoscope for professional prospects; the first, third and tenth houses are required to be analyzed; and, if two or more aspects are severely damaged, the horoscope will become weak in overall professional prospects.  And, without addressing this basic weakness, the role and nature of specific profession (whether job or business) may not be able to generate results.

Another million dollar question is how to ascertain the strength and potency of these three prominent houses?  Well, the rules are simple; and, one needs not to adopt complex or confusing techniques or approaches which land nowhere but in the desert of confusion.  For basic understanding about the strength and potential of a house; below mentioned simple and straight rules are sufficient, which will provide a good picture.

First of all, identify the nature of zodiac sign and houses occupied by the lord of a specific house.  If the lord of a house is placed in auspicious houses (houses other than sixth, eighth and twelfth houses); this will promote the house ruled by the concerned planet.  If such planet is also occupying auspicious zodiac sign (like its own zodiac sign, exalted zodiac sign or friendly zodiac sign); this will provide additional support and potency to the concerned planet.  In addition to this, if such planet is having relationship (via union or aspect) with auspicious planets, this will further add to the strength for protecting and promoting the significations ruled by the concerned planet.  Placement of auspicious planets in a specific house is also capable of protecting and promoting the significations of the said house.   Contrary results will take place, if the house is occupied by evil/inauspicious planets and/or its lord is combust and/or badly disposed and/or occupying inauspicious zodiac sign (debilitated or enemy zodiac) and/or having relationship (via aspect or union) with inauspicious planets.

Besides this, the disposition of the said house/planet should also be good in the divisional charts (specifically Navamsha Chart); else, the apparent results of good disposition in Lagna Chart may not be taking place as per expectations.  Sometimes, even strongly disposed planets in Lagna Chart have been observed to be failing in giving positive results, if such planets are not well disposed in divisional charts.

I may also like to cite some example charts for better clarity and understanding of the reader.

Example Horoscope_1 – Lagna Chart

In this vedic astrology birth chart; the Lagna lord Mars is exalted in third house, having mutual aspect relationship with debilitated and badly disposed Saturn.  However, due to its exaltation; Mars is still having some reasonable potency.  Jupiter, another auspicious planet for Scorpio Ascendant, is also having its auspicious aspect on exalted Mars.   The first house of Lagna Chart is safe from any inauspicious influences; thus, the first house can be considered reasonably strong.

Example Horoscope _1 – Navamsha Chart

Both the lords of third and tenth houses (viz. Saturn and Sun respectively) are debilitated and badly disposed in the Lagna Chart.  Mercury, malefic planet for Scorpio Ascendant, is having union with the debilitated Sun and also having its inauspicious aspect on debilitated Saturn.  Ketu placed in tenth house of the Lagna Chart is united with auspicious lord of ninth house Moon and aspected by exalted Lagna lord Mars (placed in third house).  As has been explained in some of my articles, the Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) are capable of giving positive results when they are under auspicious planetary influences.  In this horoscope, the auspicious influences of Moon and Mars on Ketu are good; while, the Moon is suffering from Ketu’s affliction which is diluting the support of luck for the horoscope.

Therefore, the lords of tenth and third houses are badly disposed; while, the houses (tenth and third) are under auspicious influences.  The Lagna lord Mars is strong; while the ninth house lord Moon is afflicted by the union of Ketu.  In his Navamsha Chart, Mars is in fourth house (Aquarius zodiac sign) and devoid of any inauspicious planetary influences.  Mercury goes to third house of Navamsha under mutual aspect relationship with Saturn.  Ketu is exalted in first house; however, the Moon is badly placed in eighth house of Navamsha.

The native has to face challenges and problems in his professional matters; and during most of the time in his youth, he remained confused in deciding between job and business .   He tried his hands in various business activities; however, had to suffer failures and financial losses.  The inauspicious results (due to weak disposition of third and tenth houses lords) were quite prominent during Mahadasas of the Sun and Moon.  However, things have improved to some good extent during Mars Mahadasa, allowing him to enjoy some stability in business and financial income.

Example Horoscope_2 _ Lagna Chart

This is another vedic astrology horoscope; wherein, the lords of first, third and tenth houses are not well disposed.  The Lagna lord Saturn is debilitated in third house.  Mars rules over third and tenth houses; and, it is debilitated in sixth house of his Lagna Chart.   Mars is having union with Mercury and the Sun; and both Mars and Mercury have also become combust.  The tenth house is occupied by debilitated Moon, which is further deteriorating the professional prospects.  The ninth lord Venus is joined by Jupiter in seventh house; and both these planets are having their aspects on first house of his Lagna Chart.  Mars is also aspecting the lagna; although, due to its weak disposition, it is not having any significant say and only the benefit of Jupiter + Venus aspect can be there.

Example Horoscope_2 – Navamsha Chart

In his Navamsha Chart, Moon is placed in first house and having mutual aspect relationship with Venus and debilitated Saturn (positioned in seventh house).  The Sun is joined by Rahu in third house; and, the Mars is joined by Jupiter in eleventh house. This native has also faced several severe issues in professional matters; and, the stability was never there.  During Venus’s Mahadasa; he was able to have foreign travel and also had some good time in earning money.  However, that remained only for short interval; and the native faced strong challenges in professional as well as in financial issues.  Combust and weakly disposed Mars (lord of third and tenth houses) caused numerous problems; and due to weak Lagna lord, the native remained helpless during most of the times.

The gravity of the issues is reciprocal to the amount of weakness and/or afflictions on the relevant houses/planets (i.e. first, third and tenth).  The support of ninth house and/or other auspicious planets may provide some short term relief (preferably during operation of suitable planetary dasa/transit); however, weakness on the part of these houses/planets (first, third and tenth) has always been observed to be troublesome on the professional prospects of the horoscope.  The readers may also try to identify and match the results with their horoscopes or with the horoscopes of known persons; and hopefully, things will become clearer.  Or, you can have paid consultancy for ascertaining the professional potential of your  horoscope so that better and safe decisions can be made in accordance with planetary strength.

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