Saturn + Rahu union – Boon or Bane | Vedic Astrology

One of the major flaw and/or drawback, in analyzing a horoscope, is using generalized concepts for concluding the results.  And, the commonly spread inauspicious planetary combinations and/or dispositions are mostly ill-treated as well as misunderstood.  Some of these are related with Nodes i.e. union of planets with Rahu and Ketu.  In this article, I will be taking the Saturn + Rahu union and will try to explain a bit about it for the benefit of the reader.

The most common myth about this union (Saturn + Rahu) is that this union destroys the house occupied by it; and that the best placement for this union is in third or sixth house.  Actually, this issue also came up in recent past, when I was doing the analysis for some person; and he was quite worried about the union of Saturn + Rahu in the horoscope.  And, this also prompted me to write this article.

First of all, one must avoid generalizing things and try to consider every planet as per its nature for the specific Ascendant/Lagna.  Planets and their union delineate results as per their nature, strength and potency.  If, both Saturn and Rahu are auspiciously disposed; the union is supposed to give auspicious and good results for the horoscope. And, in order to accurately ascertain the auspiciousness and potency of a planet we have to see its lordship and placement in Lagna/Ascendant as well as in Navamsha Chart.

Rahu is a shadowy planet; and primarily gives results as per the lord of the zodiac sign occupied by it.  And, in general, it (Rahu) is considered similar to Saturn.  Therefore, while analyzing the union of Rahu with Saturn; the main focus should be on the nature of Saturn for the specific horoscope.  Like, if the union is taking place in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius Ascendant; the chances of it being auspicious are more prominent, specifically if Saturn is well placed, safe from combustion and not occupying the zodiac signs of Sun, Moon and Mars.

Following example charts may be useful for more clarity on this.

Kenneth Cranham birth chart - vedic astrologyIn this vedic astrology birth chart, Saturn rules over sixth and seventh houses; and, therefore, it is not an auspicious planet for the nativity.  Saturn is also not friendly with Ascendant lord Sun.  The union of Rahu with Saturn is in the eleventh house, wherein Rahu is occupying the zodiac sign of Mercury.  Despite the negative nature of Saturn for Leo Ascendant; Saturn’s placement in the zodiac sign of friendly planet Mercury proved auspicious for the attributes of eleventh house i.e. finance.  Being placed in the zodiac sign of Mercury, Rahu is also working in support of Saturn.  This union of Rahu + Saturn is also receiving aspects from Mercury and Mars (Yogakaraka planet for Leo Ascendant).  In the Navamsha division, Rahu is exalted, while the Saturn is occupying its own zodiac sign (Aquarius);  and this is further adding to the strength and potency of both these planets.  Unlike the commonly followed observation about the union of Rahu + Saturn (that this union destroys the house occupied by it) – this union has blessed the native with good financial success in his profession.  The chart belongs to famous Scottish Actor Kenneth Cranham.

John Paul vedic astrology birth chartThis example horoscope belongs to famous American drummer, musician and songwriter John Paul Densmore . As we can see, the Ascendant is Libra (ruled by Venus); and the Saturn + Rahu union is taking place in the ninth house of his Lagna Chart.  Tenth house lord Moon has also joined the union; and, the planets Mars, Mercury and Venus are casting their aspect on this union of Rahu with Saturn and Moon.  Therefore, against the commonly prevailed and generalized concept of the Rahu + Saturn union; the native has very reasonable success in his professional career, specifically when he was running under Saturn’s Mahadasa.

Kate Hudson Vedic Astrology Birth ChartThis vedic astrology birth chart belongs to famous American celebrity Kate Hudson.  The Ascendant is ruled by the Moon; and Saturn is having union with Rahu in the second house of her Lagna Chart.  The nature and role of Saturn is not considered positive for Cancer Ascendant; and therefore, the union of Rahu + Saturn in second house is not much desirable.  The lord of second house Sun is, however, exalted and strong placed in tenth house.  While determining the damage, caused by inauspicious planetary placement in a specific house; the strength and disposition of the lord of that very house should also be given due consideration.  As in this case, the union of Rahu + Saturn is not auspicious for the second house, specifically when there are no auspicious planetary influences on this union.  However, due to strength of second house lord (wherein the union is taking place) as well as other supportive planetary dispositions, the harm is diluted.  But, still, the overall significations of second house are weak and vulnerable; due to which, the native (Kate Hudson) faced problems in her family life.

SandraThis example horoscope belongs to Sandra Rohzon, an American Astrologer.  Saturn rules over first and second houses of her vedic birth chart; and, the union of Saturn with Rahu is taking place in the sixth house.  The planets Sun, Mars and Mercury are having their aspect on this union; of which, the aspects of Sun and Mars are not supportive.   Her son was physically challenged; and, she faced problems on both family and financial fronts.  And, against the common perception of the union (Rahu + Saturn) being good in the sixth house; it was the placement and the planetary influences on the union which proved correct.

I hope the avid readers are benefited by this article.

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  1. Sir, i am also having shani rahu (closely conjunct) in 10th sign of leo, and sun in 8th house.
    My rahu md was over when young and I would say it was generally good. If rahu MD was good then wouldnt shani MD also be good since Rahu should have given results of Shani.

    1. Appropriate analysis on your comment/concern is only possible through detailed examination of the full horoscope for which you may take paid consultancy via

      And, I presume that you are actually referring to tenth house (in the sign of leo) wherein the union of Rahu + Saturn is taking place. It is not necessary that if Rahu MD was good, the MD of Saturn will also be good; and, it will depend upon the disposition of these planets in Navamsha as well as influence of other planets upon this union. Generally, Mahadasa of such Saturn (united with Rahu in tenth house of Scorpio Ascendant) is giver of mixed results with volatility and tensions.

    1. Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn by detailed analysis of the full horoscope for which you may take paid consultancy via Apparently, the union of Venus, Saturn and Rahu in ninth house of Taurus Ascendant is good and capable of generating positive results for finance and foreign travel. Matters related with health, family and parents may remain disturbed in accordance with the quantum of other relevant factors like, planetary influences upon this union, disposition of these planets in Navamsha and operational planetary periods etc.

  2. I m Scorpio ascendant Shani and rahu conjunction is in 10th house of Leo and mahadasha of Saturn is going to start in 2021 plz tell how’s Shani mahadasha is going give results. Thanks

    1. Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn by detailed analysis of the full horoscope for which you may take paid consultancy via Apparently, the union of Saturn + Rahu in tenth house of Scorpio Ascendant is capable of inducing tensions and challenges; and, generally, the Mahadasa of Saturn (under union with Rahu in tenth house of Scorpio Ascendant) is giver of mixed results with volatility and tensions.

  3. Pratima Mishra

    Sir Namastey, Mera dekhke kuch bataiye…11th August 1979, Time 19.00 Hrs hai and Place Mathura , Wanted to ask about Marriage when it will happen, and job stability. what remedies would you suggest.

    Pratima Mishra

      1. As per the birth details, you are born in Makar Lagna (Capricorn Ascendant); and, the union of Saturn + Rahu is taking place in eighth house of your Lagna Chart. The results of this union is not much auspicious for your nativity and capable of generating problems and weaknesses on many fronts (including health, family, parents, relationships and finance).

        Detailed analysis on specific queries and suggestions etc. are not possible over here; and, you may take paid consultancy for the same via

    1. Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn with full horoscope for which you may take paid consultancy via

      Like, if there are no influences on this union, this union (Saturn + Rahu in tenth house of Aquarius Ascendant in Anuradha Nakshatra) may be giver of mixed results with volatility. But, if there are aspects from strong and well disposed Jupiter or Mars – there may be strong and favorable results in professional as well as financial matters. While, if there are influences from the Sun or Moon, the potency of Saturn may get further diluted.

      Similarly, the results/impact of this union may vary as per the Navamsha (Like, if Saturn is relieved from this union in Navamsha and it is placed in friendly/suitable rashi, it may also generate some support for Saturn (which may be able to enjoy good command on Rahu). But, if the union is intact in Navamsha, then the attributes of Saturn may get further diluted.

      Thus, as mentioned above, there are many more aspects needed to be examined for deriving an appropriate conclusion of this union. On General Note, the union indicates volatility and may only generate some temporary positive results in profession.

  4. Anuradha Ratankumar Nagori

    Will the combo of Saturn and rahu in 8th house in Libra rashi is good or bad if lagna us spices (meen) lagna?

    1. Hello Anuradha

      Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn with full horoscope for which you may take paid consultancy via

      Generally, the union of Rahu with exalted Saturn in eighth house of Meena Lagna is not auspicious and capable of generating problems related with health, longevity, family and relationships. The intensity of inauspicious influence of this union (Rahu + Saturn in eighth house of Meena Lagna) may get diluted if there are auspicious planetary influences upon this union and/or these planets are better disposed in Navamsha. While, if there are no auspicious planetary influences on this union and/or these planets are not auspiciously disposed in Navamsha, the intensity of negative impact may remain strong on these aspects (health, longevity, family and relationships).

      And, it is Pisces in English not spices. Calling the union as combo is also not appropriate; and, it should always be referred as a union.

    1. Saturn becomes debilitated in eleventh house of Mithuna Lagna; and, therefore, this is not a healthy placement of Saturn in your Lagna and its retrograde motion may not be much helpful either. Rahu’s position in eleventh house is also not much promising unless it is under some positive planetary influences.

      For further and detailed analysis you may take paid consultancy via

  5. I have Saturn and Rahu combination in my 10th house . What to expect, pls Guide for career aspects?

    I was born on 21/03/1991 At 10:15 am, Indore, India.

    I look forward for your advise. Thank you

    1. You may take paid consultancy for guidance in career.

      The union of Saturn + Rahu is not auspicious in your nativity; and, it is not taking place in tenth house. The number 10 signifies the sign Capricorn (wherein Saturn and Rahu are having an union); while, it is the ninth house (not tenth) wherein this union is taking place.

  6. hi sir, i have this shani rahu combination in navamsha chart in 12th house in aries sign… also saturn is debilitated in 4th house in lagna chart in aries and rahu in leo in 8th house…..sir whats your take on such position ??

    1. Appropriate conclusion can only be derived after thorough analysis of full horoscope for which you may take paid consultancy.

      Seemingly, such disposition is not auspicious for many aspects (specifically stability, peace, finance, family and health).

    1. Appropriate conclusion can only be derived after thorough analysis of full horoscope for which you may take paid consultancy. Like, we also need to check if there are any other planetary influences on this union or otherwise; or, if these two planets are well disposed in Navamsha; and/or, support from currently operational dasa for these planets.

      On apparent note, the union looks moderately supportive and generally it makes a person laborious, strong, diplomatic, skilled and courageous.

  7. Hi, you have given reply to everyone’s query expecting the same for mine. I worked for 7y and lost job. Since past more than a year I’m trying but facing obstacles. I must have replied to 100 job mails but facing denial. I am planning to open my own business. Please help me in answering which field is best for me to do business.

    Saturn has highest exalted strength in my horoscope with weak Jupiter. Rahu in tenth house Aries. Help me which field is best for me to start my business. I see many hurdles from Saturn.

    Birth details
    15 Jan 1986
    6:30 pm

    1. Hello Maruti

      Personal horoscope consultation is subject to financial charges and this is, definitely, not possible over here (through comments).

      Besides, the birth details provided by you are incomplete; and, the narration about the planetary placement is also doubtful as such on the day 15 January 1986 Saturn was in Scorpio/Vrishchika rashi (thus not exalted).

      Therefore, my suggestion is to contact some nearby local astrologer for getting some clarity on the disposition of Saturn in your horoscope.


    1. Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn with complete details and thorough analysis (for which you may take paid consultancy). On general note though, this union is likely to generate positive results, specifically when there are no other planetary influences on this union (i.e. no other planets are having their aspect on this union).

  8. I have Saturn and Rahu combination in my 4th house and I am running Saturn Mahadasa and Rahu Antradasha started on 22/09/2017. I have lots of health challenges. How will be this time period for me? Would I get any relief? Would this time will be in my favor? What to expect?

    I was born on 4/Oct/1956 at 3:15am, Lucknow, India.

    I look forward for your advise. Thank you

    1. The union of Saturn with Rahu (debilitated) is not auspicious in fourth house of your Lagna chart (Simha Lagna) and during Rahu’s antardasa (in Saturn’s Mahadasa) you may experience problems related with health, business or property.

      I use Lahiri Ayanamsha as per which the antardasa of Rahu is yet to commence; and, at present, you are under antardasa of Mars. And, I may also need to cross check the accuracy of your birth time.

      Therefore, if you like, you may take paid consultancy via

  9. My DOB is 04081979.
    In my horoscope,Piesces ascendant and Jupiter is exalted in 5th house moon along with sun,Mercury and venus.
    6th house is Leo Saturn and rahu is placed.moon in saggitarius And Mars in gemini.
    Lot of struggle in life and I am being treated for spinal issue.Please give some remedy…

  10. I have Saturn+Rahu combination in 12th house. Virgo Lagna. I have had a very very disturbed and unsuccessful married life. No kids even after 12 years of marriage. No financial stability. When people look at my kundli, they say you are very intelligent, lucky etc. I am fed up of doing upayas and mantras and wearing gemstones. Nothing works. I just see disappointments and regrets in my life – personal, financial and career wise.

  11. Dear Sir,

    This article is very informative and enlightening…
    I’m an avid follower of your posts and blogs..My DOB is 6 Aug 1979, POB- Delhi at 10-44 AM.
    I’ve Saturn and Rahu combo in 12th Leo and Sun is in 11th’ with Jup, Venus and Retro Mer. Moon is in 4th and Mars in 10th’. Mars and Saturn/Rahu are blocking the 11th’ house…
    Can you suggest a remedial measure… i need a better job and a maid to support my disabled mother who’s stuck with multiple life threatening ailments. i’m single too…

    Your guidance will be much appreciated…

  12. hello
    My husband horoscope has rahu shani in his fifth house in leo rashi. jupiter exalted.
    My daughter horoscope shani rahu is in 6th house in libra . jupiter is ascedent in tauras.
    pls reply me the effects

  13. Hello sir,

    After hearing about shrapit dosh. i got scared and started checking mine, my mother and my daughter.
    I see that in my mothers chart saturn and rahu have mutual aspects. [ my father died when i am 19 and for my mother her father also died when she was 19].
    In my chart saturn and rahu placed in leo(11th house) . I am libra ascendant.
    In my daughter’s chart, saturn in leo (2nd house) and rahu in saturn(8th house). She is cancer ascendant.

    Financially we donot have any problem rightnow.

    But my only concern is nothing bad should happen to my husband. Please reply sir.
    I hear shrapit dosh passes on from generation to generation.
    My grandmother lost her husband early. My mother also lost my father early.

    I am scared if this is passing on generation to generation. I am worried sir. I have also sent you a separate mail. Please reply.

  14. Raj ji, only this article has a hope of saturn +Rahu conjunction in first house in Leo ascendant. Need clarification on few Sir, In my chart saturn is 20 degree and Rahu is 29 degree, Rahu is stronger than saturn did saturn gives good results? Mars in 5th house with 0 degree. Sun + mercury in 4 to house. My DOB. 04-12-1978, time: 23.15 ;place: Secunderabad.

    Please help me to understand and I keep searching a lot but never saw any positive side but you know better.. No one explained..

    Please let me know Sir, my email

    Thanks in advance.

  15. Hello Sir,

    I have Moon and Rahu in my 1st House.Saturn is in 11 th house. Saturn is aspecting the 1st house.
    I am an aquarius ascendant. Is it good or bad? quite confused.Thanks for your help in advance

  16. sir my daughter has this combination in 2nd house. her date of birth is 22 oct 1991. morning 9.45 am. we applied divorce for her. is there any possibility that she will get good second marriage?

  17. my name kundan my date of birth is 14/02/1979 delhi 2.06 am . what will be my bread and butter job .or is business.

  18. Hello sir,
    My name pooja . My date of birth is 16 may 1990 . I want to know about my career and my mariage life .hoping for the reply .

  19. Sir ,
    I have this conjuction in navamsa. Rahu and saturn in scorpio in 1st house.
    In birth chart , rahu is in sixth house in scorpio and saturn in 9th house in aquarius and is retrograde.
    Sir is this a good placement?please tell me , really worried.
    My date of birth is 10/07/1993
    Time of birth is 04:07 am
    Place of birth is vishakapatnam , andhra pradesh , india.
    Sir awaiting your response sir.

    1. Hello Lakshmi

      Just replied to your email in this regard. In brief, there is no union of Rahu + Saturn in your Navamsha. You might be using Mean Position of Rahu for the calculation (which shows the union of Rahu + Saturn in first house of your Navamsha). However, in my opinion, True position of Rahu should be used as per which Rahu is in second house (Dhanu rashi) of Navamsha and Saturn is in first house (Vrishchika Rashi) of Navamsha.

      Raj Shekhar Sharma

  20. Sir,
    My saturn (retrograde) and Rahu are in the third house.
    Also, I have Neptune (Retrograde) and Uranus ( Retrograde) in third house as well.
    Is it good or bad?

  21. Sir my daughter with cancer lagna has saturn and Rahu and mars union in his fourth house (libra). Am worried pls help me. Her DOB is 19/02/2014 and his TOB is 17.40hrs.. Awaiting for ur reply..


  22. Hello Sir,
    My name is rajeev. No one predict me as planet position correctly every person said it is good kundli but nothing happned in my life yet. Not so much money. No entertainment. Plz rply In my chart rahu with saturn also in 10th house. Details are as follows. hope you reply soon.
    born in 02/05/1979 time 10:00 p.m. at meerut (U.P).

      1. Sir my son with cancer ascendent has sa and Ra union in his fourth house (libra).moon sign in pisces Does this cause any bad effect on him and our family. Am worried pls help me. His DOB is 17/01/2013 and his TOB is 19.00hrs.. Awaiting for ur reply

        1. Sir am waiting for ur reply.pls answer. And I forget to mention my son place of birth. It is in Chennai at 19.00hrs on 17/01/2013

  23. Hello Sir,
    My son has this placement Saturn and Rahu in 4th house in Libra. And he is a Cancer ascendant with Pisces Moon rashi.He was born in 2013 , hence he got this unfortunate combination in his horoscope. I was told by an astrologer that due to this placement (along with debilitated Mars and Venus), his mother will die when he will be a kid and also he will commit suicide due to frustration before he turns 30.In fact he said to me, this is one of the worst horscope that he has seen. Please share if there is any truth in this horrible prediction he shared.

  24. Hi ,
    In my kundli I have Saturn + Rahu in 10th from lagna and 7th house from moon.. I belong to aries lagna and cancer moon sign.
    Can you say how it works.?

    1. Appropriate analysis is possible with complete birth details for which you may take paid consultancy.

      Apparently, Rahu’s placement in eighth house of Karka lagna (with Saturn in sixth house ) may cause humiliation, instability, financial problems and disturbance in domestic life. If the Lagna lord and/or first house is also disturbed and/or mahadasa of Rahu or Saturn is operational, then physical injuries or diseases are also possible.

    1. Appropriate analysis is possible with complete birth details for which you may take paid consultancy.

      Generally, the union of Rahu with Saturn in first house of Capricorn Ascendant (Makar Lagna) is capable of giving positive results (required the union is not challenged by inauspicious planetary influences; and, both these planets are well disposed in Navamsha division).

  25. Dear Guruji

    i have born on JAN4 1969 02:58 AM in chennai, and i was told my lagna is SCORPIO and as per my birth chart i have Saturn and Rahu in my 5 th house toghether, please tell me what remedies i should take…


    1. Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn with complete details for which you may take paid consultancy. In general, the union will be good for financial gains (specifically when there are no inauspicious influences on this union and the Sun is also well disposed) but may create some problems for progeny/child.

  26. Dear Sir,

    I request your kind advice to the following. My details are DoB: 11 March 1978, Time: 22:30 hr, Place of birth: Cuttack.

    I am seeking your opinion on the Rahu Shani conjunction in my Navamsha chart.

    Please advise.

    Thank you very much.

  27. What is effect of Rahu occupying Saturn’s Rashi Makara, what will be effect of Rahu with venus in Makara Rashi in 3rd house from vrishchika Lagna.

    1. Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn via complete analysis for which you may take personal readings under paid services. Generally, the union of Rahu with Venus in third house of Vrishchika Lagna i.e. in Makar rashi is not auspicious for finance, stability and marital relationships.

  28. my son date of birth is 18 nov 2013 in rishikesh
    his planets positions are following:
    3-no planet
    5-no planet
    6- saturn mercury ,rahu
    plese tell me about its health and prediction about future

  29. SIR my gemini ascedent, dob- 19-10-1979, kerala ,cochin, (. placed -sat,rahu & jupiter 3rd house) , (placed moon 4th house), ( placed–Sun, Mercury & Venus 5 th house), ( Ketu placed 9 th house).
    here i am late in education, money saving & started for foreign aspirations almost at age of 36… though expecting wont be smooth sailing.. where ever i go problems reach before me or i land in wrong time ex.. recession job trobles ,salary…… . children would never be born / or will be dead. . nutshell, family , children & money will never stay in hand & will be average or poor told about me. is that correct.. please tell ( children, money & happiness is on cards ). most of all is Saturn placed too badly with sun. Gemini ascedents have shani as lucky. hereis that the case or not. is this happening because of born on chaturdashi….. expecting help if possible.. would be thank full.. do i have luck available ????. will money stay in hand/ good earnings .. or will i be poor

  30. Sir my Dob is 21/10/1968 , birth time is 11am and place is Mumbai. Kindly suggest suitable gemstone

  31. shraddha savani

    Dear sharmaji,
    My birthdate is 18/05/1990
    Birthplace is veraval
    time of birth is 7:15 pm
    I have rahu and saturn in 3rd house of my kundli
    am I in danger?
    Pls give me detailed information about effects this conjunction in my life….

  32. Hallo sir,
    I am Anil Gopal, I was born with Saturn and Raju conjunction in 3 rd house which is Capricorn and Lagan was Scorpio. Now I am going with Rahu mahadasa. I am having Jupiter exalted in the 9 th house along with the Ketu. I am still in fear of my life , when ever I try hard ,I am getting a step back of that from my studies and because of that I couldn’t understand what gone happen in my life. Please help me with your supportive information.
    Birth details:
    5.24 am
    POB- nellore(Andra Pradesh)
    Hoping for your reply thanking you sir in advance

  33. Respected Sir, I am passing through Rahu Mahadasha and want to know the impact of it.My DOB IS 23 December 1955 Time 23:58 Hrs. Friday Delhi. Please give your valued comments.

  34. Dear raj sharma ji ,
    Please reply to my query as I’m very worried about the planetary conditions in my sons horoscope . Birth date 15/11/2013 time 06:18:32 am place mumbai .
    He has shani rahu Mercury and sun in tula lagna 1 St house . And lagnesh venus in sagitarius ( enemy house ) and jupiter in 9 th house . I’m very worried as saturn is combust also and lagnesh in enemy house aspected by jupiter also . Moon in 6 th house .
    Please reply in detail as I’m unable to find answers to my questions any where . Thank you so much in advance

  35. i want to know about my career. and will i get success since 2015? will i get a good time atlast? these are making me worried. i am giving my details. please inform me about these-


    DATE OF BIRTH- 11TH MAY, 1990.


    TIME – 10:55 PM

  36. Hi

    My Rahu and Saturn are in 3rd house (Leo house), Lagna is Gemini.

    Recently I lost job Looking for Opportunity. Please help

    DOB: Aug 9th 1979, 2.30AM, Latitude 17N42 Longitude 83E18

    Looking for your support

  37. Sir my Dob is 30.12.1967 at 9.30 pm at new Delhi. Presently i am without a job & going thru Rahu Mahadasha as well as Sade Sati. Please let me know when I will be able to get a job or I go for business. Please reply me at my email.



    Please look for and light your view on

    The above combination or union in LEO Ascendant in my birth horoscope chat D.O.B. 23-01-1979, T. O.B. 21:00 Hrs, P.O.B. is City Indore ( madhya pradesh state ) Country India



      Please respond viewing conjunction in my horoscope, The above combination or union in LEO Ascendant in my birth horoscope chat D.O.B. 23-01-1979, T. O.B. 21:00 Hrs, P.O.B. is City Indore ( madhya pradesh state ) Country India

  39. Dear Sharmaji,

    Since the beginning of this year I was looking for a job change & came very close to few opportunities. However, I was not successful.

    Surprisingly I lost my job on 30th Oct 2014 ( unexpected) & now proactively looking for new job.

    My birth details are here –

    DOB – 14/01/83
    Time – 1.10 AM
    Place – Jabalpur M.P
    Lagna – Tula
    Rashi – Dhanu

    Currently, my Rahu mahadasha & Shani antardasha is going on and I think “sade sati” has also started.

    Please tell when I will get new job ?


  40. Dear Sir,

    My date of birth consists of 02/01/1969 at 21:30 hrs. in secunderabad and I am unable to get a job for the last one year onwards. So, I am request you to go through my chart and do the needful.

    I am eagerly wait for your reply.

    Thanks and Regards,

    S. Narsing Rao

      1. Dear Sir,

        I have not received any mail from you.

        Please check my above birth details and give me your feed back.

        Thanks and Regards,

        S. Narsing Rao

  41. Dear sir,
    Thank you very much for sharing your deep knowledge!
    If possible please tell me about my horoscope having Saturn-Rahu combination in 12th house -Pisces.
    I am a Aries and involved in medical field. Current Saturn Transit casts on to my 8th House and awaiting a foreign employment. Please tell me, am I at danger?

  42. Dear Sir,
    what is the result of Saturn, Rahu and Mars being in libra and in 6th house of horoscope.Please help me to know.

  43. I have saturn conjunct Rahu in 11th House Leo, Jupiter there too, for libra Lagna, when will this give good results and what kind of results?

  44. Dear Sir.
    I feel need bit more elaboration and guidance from you to the given combination of Saturn-Rahu I got in Pisces in my horoscope.
    My Dob- 6 Feb 1968. Time 2:55 am. Place Baramula (j&k).
    I shall be gr8ful to you if you cud guide me with respect to my horoscope.
    Career wise I been facing intermittent termoil .Mainly been cheated and deceived of my earnings.
    2ndly been facing huge debacle in my married life because of my very strong unnecessarily enmity with in laws who are constantly after my life besides the fact destroying the life of their own daughter.
    Kindly extend me up guidance.

    Looking forward for u r response.
    Many thanks
    Ashwani bhat

  45. Raj ji, I am a tula ascendent and How is the combination of Saturn+Rahu in 4th house in birth horoscope in sign of Capricorn? Jupiter and Ketu in10th house

  46. I have Saturn and Rahu conjunction in the 8th house. I have Gemini ascendant hence rahu and saturn sitting in Saturns own rashi of Capricorn.. Please advise me about the possible results of such a conjunction. Saturn is also sitting in its own rashi of Capricorn in my navamnsa chart..

  47. Dear sharmajee ,
    my Dob is 2nd Dec 1978 ,9.20 pm Razole, Andrea Pradesh. For me Asc is Cancer and jupiter is in Asc. Rahu + Saturn in Second house. Rahu maha dasha started from 26/08/14. Plz tell me how this Dasha will be for me in all aspects.


    1. I have same combination. I am born in December 1978 with Simha lagna and I have been passing through the shani dasha since past 14 years and 5 more years to go. I am just waiting for its end but in this process I have become more spiritual(Exalted Jupiter is dragging me that way) not much inclination toward the materialistic things now.
      When Shani mahadasha started at my 23 years, I thought I can handle it because of the age (young and lot of hopes and wishes) but after couple of deadly blows in my life I started to tell myself wait for another 15 years another 14 years another 13 years ….it was a long wait… mean while I also experienced the saturn return and also the Sade sati(in final phase now). Now I am almost 38 years old huh..5 more years of battle with rahu antar dasha started recently. All these days I have been waiting for the Budha Mahadasha to begin but I know after 5 more years not sure if I still have that zeal but I am hanging on. I can say one thing… this is past(life) bad karma.

      My ego is melting away like ice in the desert. I am still Regal(Simha Character) not at my Ego anymore but at my heart.

      Patience pays

  48. My daughter DOB 17th March 2:06PM at Sur, Oman (Muscat), As per her horoscope is cancer Ascedent and fourth house contains union of Rahu+Mars+Saturn, Moon in 3rd House, Kethu in 10th House. I am very mnuch worry for her health due she had CH. Kindly inform me.

  49. I have Sat (R) and rahu in the 8th house of Pisces. Any good from this or main lesson I need to learn? Jupiter is in the 1st house. Thanks!!

  50. Thanks for the article. My Shani Mahadasha is going on and Rahu antardasha is coming next year. My Shani and Rahu both are in 11th house from Lagna in Leo. I am Libra ascendant. Please tell me how this period is going to be for me.

  51. Hi,

    I found this article really interesting. Wanted to know the effect of Saturn+Rahu+Mars conjunction in 4th house for cancer ascendant.
    DOB: 10 Feb 2014

  52. Hello Sir,

    I am Nithya. Now I am 9 months pregnant(35 weeks pregnant). I am having diabetes. So my doctor planned to deliver a child after 37 weeks thru C-section. Doctor asked me to choose date between April 4th to April 10th,2014 and time between early morning 5 AM to 11 PM.

    I wish to deliver my baby at auspicious time with god’s blessings.Can you please help me to fix date and time for caesarean.

    Thank you Sir.

    My name: NithiyaKalyani
    DOB : 03/10/1981
    time: 7.10 AM
    place of birth: Madurai, Tamilnadu

    my husband name: K.Thamotharan
    DOB: 31/07/1979
    time: 11.45 PM
    place of birth: Uthangarai


  53. Well written article. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it and best part was the examples. I have a request and query. Query is saturn+rahu in sixth house for simha lagna and 12th house has ketu+jupiter(exalted). What would be the effect of such combination during saade sati. Request is anything similar can cover the combination and yogas for marriage (love and effect of rahu). Thanks in advance.

  54. Sir I am totally destroyed. Where I was having everything in life in mumbai and today I am in Amritsar with poverty. I was thrown out of family and business by my family please help my details as follows.
    rahu and shani in 12th house in leo. And sun,mangal ketu in 6th house in khumbh
    and moon in 10th house in meen and jupiter in 11th house in gemeni and Venus in 5th house in capricon.

    please advice soon thanks.

  55. Please find the details below :

    Date – 10 feb 2013, 15:46, patna

    Shani and rahu are in 4th house, please tell me the ill effect.

  56. Dear Raj Shekhar Sharma Ji,

    I read your article and need a little better interpretation if possible, as a number of aspects seem to be at play in my horoscope. Hence seek your views on the same. I have a Libra ascendant and Moon sign and my lord of the ascendant – Venus is well placed in the 10th house (of profession), yet I have changed numerous professions and feel that there probably would be more to come.

    The Saturn and Rahu union happens in the 11th house. The lord of that house is again very well placed in my 10th house of career. So there are negative aspects being off set by positive aspects, yet I feel there is some elements of life which is still missing. I am still single and somehow am unable to get married. Even if talks proceed and something seems to be maturing, somewhere down the line it collapses.

    My birth details are as follows

    Dob: 31/07/1979
    Tob: 10 :55 AM
    Pob – Calcutta

    Rohit Golani

  57. Hello Sir,
    DOB- July 2nd 1979 mumbai india at 10.05 am. The horoscope has saturn plus rahu in ascendant ( leo ascendant) with kanya(moon sign). Is it a troublesome combination for entire life?
    Doing ok professionally, but personal problems look never ending. I will appreciate your answer.
    Thank you.

  58. Nara Vinay Kumar Reddy

    DOB:22nd March 1980
    Place of Birth :ProddUtur,Kadapa
    Time:6 AM
    My wish is to become the most powerful leader and revolutionary leader. Please let me know if i can lead in the coming days.
    Venus—second,Moon—-third, saturn,mars,jupiter and rahu—6 th house and ketu and mercury—12th house.
    Please suggest.

  59. Hi Sir

    My newly born son has following

    1st house (Capricorn) – Nothing
    6th House (Gemini) – Jupiter
    8th House (Leo) – Mars
    9th House ( Virgo) – Sun
    10th house (LIBRA) – Rahu, Saturn, Mercury and Moon.
    11ths House (Scorpio) – Venus

    How is this placement ?

    Please reply.


    1. Hello Mihir

      Without complete details, it won’t be appropriate to comment on overall planetary disposition of the horoscope. And, you may take paid consultancy for the same (

      As regard to the union of Rahu with Saturn, Mercury and Moon in tenth house of his Lagna Chart- it looks quite promising required these planets are well disposed in his Navamsha chart too and operating dasa should also be supportive.


  60. Dear Sharmaji,

    If Rahu & Shani both are “Retrograde” and are in 9th house in Tula (Kumbha Lagna).
    Do you think that this combination is auspicious/beneficial ?


    1. Hello Anand

      Appropriate conclusion about the potency of the union (Rahu + Saturn) forming in ninth house of Kumbha Lagna can be had with complete birth details. Apparently, the union looks auspicious.

      1. Dear Sharmaji,

        Here are the birth details –

        DOB – 08/06/2013
        Time – 00.20AM
        Place of birth – Fremantle, Australia
        Lagna – Kumbha

        Please give views on Rahu Shani (Retro) union in 9th house


        1. Except Rahu’s union with the Moon and Mars in Navamsha Chart; the other aspects are supportive for the union of Saturn with Rahu. Therefore, the overall results of the union (Rahu + Saturn) are moderate in support; wherein, Saturn will be able to give good results, while Rahu’s results may be disturbed on temporary basis. For further details, you may consult via under paid consultancy.

  61. Dear Sir,

    When this saturn is ruling the 7th and 8th house, and this yoga is present in 12th house…does it make the person prone to being possessed?

    One good thing is that it is ocurring in gemini, mercury being in 11th house, but saturn lords the 8th house…even though it is a viprit raj yog.
    jupiter is exalted in lagna and moon mars ketu in 6th house.

    1. Hello S

      I don’t believe in black magic or posession like things; therefore, no comments on this. The Saturn +Rahu union in twelfth house of a Lagna Chart may generate sleeping issues and bad dreams due to which one may think of being possessed. I do not go by the principles of vipareet raj yoga; and analyse the planets and their influence on the basis of their placement. Sometimes, there may be a coincidence of some good placement of a planet which may generate good results and the credit can be given to some other planet forming a vipareet rajyoga. As per my understanding, the placement of Saturn with Rahu in twelfth house of Cancer Ascendant (Karka Lagna) is not an auspicious and supportive planetary disposition and capable of generating many issues depending upon its disposition in Navamsha as well as operative dasa. For details, you may take paid consultancy.

  62. Dear Sharmaji, very interesting article! I have query regarding combination of Ve-Mo-Ra in 12th house. How this combination fares? good or bad?

  63. Dear Sharmaji, Thank-you for the very interesting article. My daughter has a very interesting Rahu/Saturn relationship and while the lord of Rahu placement, Saturn is combust it is in a friendly house with mercury (exaltation) but retrograde. The combination is aspected by yoga-karaka mars/jupiter. Wondering how this would fare for the strength of Saturn and how it would be considered for her Rahu in 6th house conjunct Jupiter in deblitation. Please note that Saturn is with a vargottam rahu and retrograde mercury in the Navamsha. I eagerly await your views as. Please find below her details of birth:

    Bate of birth: 21 September 2009
    Place: Hyderabad
    time: 05:27

    thanking you,

  64. Dear Sir

    A friend of mine has kanya ascendant with rahu and shani in 12th house leo. Sun sitting in gemini with mercury. Moon (rohini nakshatra) with mars and venus in taurus. Guru in chandra bhava (11th). what can you tell about the persons personality? thanks

  65. Sir, What will be the effect of Saturn + Rahu in Leo ascendant. with tenth house is with Mars + Venus and sun being in 11 with mercury.

    1. i have the same combination ..some astrologer told me that u will not be successful in anything u do in ur life shani+ rahu in capricorn in 4th house ..plz reply sir

      1. Hello Ravi and Varun

        Detailed and appropriate analysis won’t be possible over here; and, you may take paid consultancy for the same at

        In general, the union of Saturn + Rahu in Capricorn sign and fourth house may not create any severe issues required there are no other planets involved in this union and Jupiter is not placed in eighth, tenth or twelfth house.

  66. Prabhatkar Bipul

    Respected Sharma sir!!

    A very very good article I came to read after long time.

    It would be very nice if you write some same type detailed articles with examples on “SHANI -MANGAL YUTI ” (specially in LAGNA in different signs) in lagna kundli.

    Its very rare to find good articles on the abovesaid yuti specially in Lagna.

  67. what if saturn and rahu are in 12th house ruled by saturn and also ascendant(which has mars and venus) is also ruled by saturn,if i want to become an actor or any health related profession

  68. Sir my DOB is 15 june 1979, Could you please let me know about Shani + Rahu in second House?
    I don’t have kids …..

  69. Sir,my DOB is 29-5-1995.Time:6 32 AM.Place:Mumbai.I would like to know about my education?how is is overall?that much i want to know.Good or BAD?

    1. well the chances of it giving good results may be less. Some positive results can be expected in foreign journey, vocations related to entertainment or hospitality sector and even some financial gains; required, the Sun is well placed, the combo is safe from aspect or union of Mars, Moon or Sun and Jupiter is in fourth house. The disposition of relevant planets mentioned above should also be safe in Navamsha Chart for these positive aspects.

    2. Raj ji, How is the combination of Saturn+Rahu in 10th house in transit? In lagna chart, Saturn is in 7th house in exchange with moon in lagna. Rahu in 10th, Jup in 4th and rashi/lagna is makar.

    3. My son has Saturn +rahu in second house in libra, sun, mercury, ketun aries in 8th house, venus exalted in pices in 7th house, moon exalted in Taurus in 9th. Jup 10H, mars in 1st house. How bad is Saturn rahu placement. Thanks

      1. Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn after having complete birth details for which you may take up paid consultancy.

        As per the provided information though, the union of Saturn + Rahu in second house of Kanya Lagna may not create any severe issues; while, the union of Sun + Ketu + Mercury in eighth house of his Lagna Chart is not good for the health and well being of the child.

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