Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna Vedic Astrology Overview

Nowadays, many people have developed serious interest in vedic astrology; and trying to work upon various techniques of decoding a horoscope. And, one of such concept, growing quite popular in recent times, is Indu Lagna also known as Dhana Lagna or Wealth Ascendant.  This is a special ascendant, which is derived through calculating cumulative position of ninth house from Ascendant/Lagna and the Moon.

How to calculate and find out the Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna (Wealth Ascendant):
First, we have to know about some values assigned to the planets, which are to be used in this calculation and are mentioned below:

Planet Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn
Value 30 16 6 8 10 12 1

**The planets Rahu and Ketu are not used in this calculation.

    • After this, find out the zodiac sign (rashi) falling in the ninth house of the Lagna Chart; and write down the value of the lord of ninth house.
    •  Find out the zodiac sign (rashi) falling in the ninth house of the Moon Chart; and write down the value of ninth house lord in Moon Chart.
    • Add both these values; and then, divide it by 12 and note down the remainder, which will be between 0 to 11.
  • Count the number from the position of the Moon; and the house identified will be the Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna or Wealth Ascendant.

If the remainder is zero, the house/sign falling in the twelfth house from the Moon Or the previous house from the natal Moon’s position will be considered as Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna or Wealth Ascendant.  If the remainder is one, the house/sign occupied by the Moon will be considered as Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna or Wealth Ascendant.  And, similarly the position of Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna can be identified for the horoscope.

For your convenience and better understanding; let us do the calculation for one example horoscope, which belongs to famous celebrity Shahrukh Khan.

Lagna/Ascendant Chart – Shahrukh KhanRa-one-movie-box-office-prediction-horoscope-astrologer-vedic-astrology-birth-chart-reading-shahrukh-khan

Shahrukh Khan is born in Leo Ascendant (Simha Lagna); and, the ninth house is ruled by Mars.  The value assigned to Mars is 6.

Moon Chart/Chandra Lagna – Shahrukh KhanMoon Chart_Chandra Lagna of Shahrukh Khan

As per Moon Chart of Shahrukh Khan, the ninth house is ruled by Mercury; and, the value assigned to Mercury is 8.

Adding these values gives a total of 14; and after dividing it by 12, the remainder is 2.

Indu Lagna_Dhana Lagna_Wealth Ascendant – Shahrukh Khan

Indu Lagna Example Horoscope

Counting two positions from the Moon gives Aquarius zodiac (Kumbha Rashi); which will be the Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna or Wealth Ascendant for Shahrukh Khan’s horoscope.

After ascertaining the Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna; the next step is to analyze it.  As the name suggests, Dhana Lagna or Wealth Ascendant is meant for analyzing the financial prospects of a horoscope.  The basic rules, in this regard, are as under:

    • The planets placed in the first, second, fourth, seventh, tenth and eleventh houses of Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna are told to be the giver of wealth and financial gains to the native.
    • The planets having their aspect on the first house of Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna are also considered to be supportive for generating financial gains for the native.
    • Debilitated, weak or malefic planets, in the above situation, are considered to be the destroyer of wealth. However, if such malefic planet is exalted or otherwise strong and/or receiving auspicious planetary influences; it can also generate financial gains.
    • Planets disposed  in third, sixth, eighth and twelfth houses from the Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna are considered to be inauspicious for wealth and financial prospects of the horoscope.
  • The results of these planets are experienced during their Dasa and/or Antardasa and in accordance with their strength and disposition.

In the example horoscope of Shahrukh Khan,  Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Mercury, Ketu and Venus are considered to be giver of wealth.  Besides this, Jupiter should also be considered as such it is having its aspect on the first house (Aquarius/Kumbha) of Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna.

On ground applicability of this concept:     Although, it may appear quite fascinating as well as promising to some extent; however, in my opinion, the practical application of this concept is quite doubtful.  The primary flaw in this concept is that it does not consider Navamsha or other divisional charts; due to which it can generate similar and/or wrong conclusions for more than one person.  Besides this, the confusions may also be there in correlating the results of Lagna Chart with Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna.

In my personal opinion, until and unless, one can clearly differentiate between two horoscopes having the same Lagna but different divisional charts; it may not be possible to conclude effectively and the possibility of having wrong or ambiguous results becomes more.

Like, in the example horoscope of Shahrukh Khan, the planets Saturn, Rahu, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Ketu and Venus are considered to be the giver of wealth.  And, during the Mahadasa of Jupiter (April 1992 to April 2008), the native (Shahrukh Khan) did enjoyed good amount of wealth and money.  However, as per the Lagna Chart too, the disposition of Jupiter in eleventh house is auspicious and supportive for financial gains and fame.  And, how would one knows or decides which chart (Lagna Chart or Indu Lagna Chart) is dependable and/or responsible for this aspect?

Besides this, the Lagna Chart remains operational for around two hours; and, the Moon remains in one zodiac sign for around 54 hours.  And, that can generate very similar results for people taking birth during the same Lagna within those 54 hours.

The birth details of Shahrukh Khan are 2 November 1965 at 2:30 AM at Delhi, India as per which his Lagna/Ascendant is Simha(Leo).  And, on that day, the Leo Ascendant remained operational between 12:50 AM to 3:07 AM.  That means that anyone who has taken birth between 12:50 AM to 3:07 AM on 2 November 1965 in Delhi will have the same planetary disposition as of Shahrukh Khan’s Lagna Chart.  And, not only this, but anyone who is born between  12:54 AM to 3:11 AM on 1 November 1965 in Delhi, will also have the same Lagna and Moon Chart as of Shahrukh.  This also means that every person born during these four hours and thirty four minutes (12:54 AM to 3:11 AM on 1 November 1965 in Delhi + 12:50 AM to 3:07 AM on 2 November 1965 in Delhi) will have the same Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna.

And, therefore, concluding the financial prospects of all such people (born during these 4 hours and 34 minutes) on the basis of same chart (Indu Lagna) may not be wise and rational.   The only difference in this case will be the operation of Dasas; which will be shifting within some days to few years; while, the overall conclusion about the wealth and financial prospects have to be decided with the same chart (Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna).

Hence, in my opinion, the reliability of Indu Lagna or Dhana Lagna is very limited; and one may remain vulnerable to draw wrong and/or ambiguous conclusions.  The crux of vedic astrology is directly related to the time; and, that is why, the use of divisional charts has been suggested by the Ancient Sages of India.

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  1. when the remainder is 1.4 something then should we take it as one or should we consider second house as it has crossed the number by some margin.

  2. svr prabhakar raju

    Sir, My Ascendent is Aeries, rahu is in cancer, moon is in virgo all the remaining planets were in capricorn, the 10th sign, my indulagna is mithuna., what is my wealth position .
    pl. analyze it sir…

  3. krishnaraj

    sir please what is my indhu lagnam . ( 29.01.1968 ) 1.35 pm at pattukkottai . tamil nadu. thanks sir by krishnaraj

  4. For gemini ascendant 9th lord is Saturn = 1, with Moon in Libra 9th lord is Mercury = 8 Total = 9.
    Considering 9 as reminder since 9 < 12. If we count 9 places from Libra Indu lagna is Gemini i.e Birth Lagna. So can Indu Lagna be same as Janma Lagna?

      1. my son lagna is kataka and rashi is vrischika. From lagna 9th lord mesha (mars 6) and from chandra rashi vrishika 9th lord sima (surya) 30 and totl 36 when divided gives zero as reminder. how to consider INDU lagna from chandra rashi?

  5. sir i m cancer accandant having satern-rahu-jup dasa and sun moon mars and mer in 4 house and ven and satern in 6 house and jupter in 12 house.rahi in 7 house sir jupier gives me wealth but not progressive time. rahu time pregresive but with worries and less will power. satern is good but venus quite defiult to predict. i want to know who is malific for me at alll.
    moon time happy in family but not pregressive. sun and mars i m gettig nothing

    1. sir i want good carrier life .trying in banking industry also get offer in bank po and clerk posts not joined yet. with computer also.

  6. Sir what if the Indu Lagna lord is in the 8th house? Also how does the retrograde planets effect the results?
    So for Indu Lagna:
    1st House: I have Jupiter(retro) and moon in Gemini
    2nd House: Ketu in Cancer
    7th House: Venus (retro), Mars, Saturn in Dhan rashi
    8th House: Sun, Rahu, Mercury..

  7. VSS Srinivas

    My 9th lord from lagna is saturn (1) and the lord of ninth house is mars (6) totalling to 7. If I divide the same by 12 I am getting a fraction. In this back drop, kindly suggest the caluculation of my Indu lagna pl. I give bwlow my details for ur consideration- DOB April 22, 1964 TOB 0748 hrs and POB kakinada, AP

    1. The remainder is to be used for identifying the location of Indu Lagna; thus, 7 will be considered as remainder. Count the seventh position from Moon i.e. the seventh house from the Moon will be the Indu Lagna

  8. Dear Sir,

    Thanks for this nice article. When I try this method, I get my Indu lagna in ninth house where Ketu is conjunct benefics. Since Ketu is there, will it mean I will not have money? I would appreciate any suggestions from you.

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Sir, what is the situation if debilated sun with exated saturn n swargruhi venus along with jupiter ? It can count combust? Or what?

    1. Combustion of a planet is related with its closeness identified on the basis of its distance from the Sun i.e.via difference between the degrees of the Sun with respective planet. Venus becomes combust within 10 degrees of the Sun (and within 8 degrees if Venus is retrograde). Jupiter becomes combust if it is falling within 11 degrees and Saturn becomes combust within 15 degrees difference from the degrees of the Sun. Sun is the combustion causing planet and never gets combust.

  10. i,m scorpio ascendant moon in gemini…. my another ques is that for scorpio asc who is functional melfic suppose in 10 house of mine sun, mars ,mercurry ,venus having close to sun its mean ?? mars lossin its directional strengh ?degree ..sun is 4:… and mars 4:7. mercurry :4;3 ,venu -2:3 ………

    1. For Scorpio Ascendant, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are inauspicious planets or malefic. For some details you may visit

      Planets coming too close to the Sun become combust (Asta); and, thus, lose their power and potency to generate positive results attributed to them.

      In tenth house, the Mars does not lose its directional strength. On the contrary, the planets Sun and Mars are considered to be having directional strength in 10th house.

      For further details and clarifications – you may consult me off the board at under paid consultancy.

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