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Do you know your rising zodiac sign or in which Ascendant you are born?  And, are you born in Virgo Ascendant and wondering what your horoscope says about you?  If your answer is, “Yes”, this article may give you some good hints about the basic traits of your personality as well as some good understanding about the role and nature of different planets for your horoscope.

The term “horoscope” is commonly used in wide variety; and, over here I am referring to your rising sign and its general features.  A vedic horoscope comprises your natal birth chart, divisional charts, dasa (planetary periods) and some other aspects of astrology reading like planetary strength, transit etc.  The planetary disposition at a specific time, on specific date and at specific place is worked out to generate your horoscope.  Thereafter, the astrology consultation is provided after detailed analysis of your horoscope.

The rising sign of your personal horoscope is the center point around which all the planets operate.  Whether it is career astrology, marriage astrology or financial astrology – the nature of the zodiac sign falling in first house of your natal birth chart will always have a reasonable say in this regard.  Some of the basic features and general traits of people born under Virgo ascendant are mentioned below.

Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna):  If you are born in Virgo Ascendant; you may have a soft and sophisticated appearance. The arms and shoulder may be small.  Being an earthy and dual zodiac sign; Virgo born people are usually quite active on physical grounds. Therefore, you may also have a good interest and stamina for sports activities.  The physique may be good and athletic, specifically if Saturn and Mercury are well placed and strong.  You may be righteous in your approach and may also be judiciously practical in life.  You may also be a good listener, patient and kind towards your close relationships; and may remain eager to help others with your best efforts. You may be quite positive and optimistic in your approach; and also exercise caution and patience during decision making.

The lordship of Saturn over fifth and sixth houses may give a bit critical approach; and you may like to identify the flaws and loopholes in the work done by others.  You may be quick witted, intelligent and having good memory, specifically if Moon and Saturn are well placed.  You may be a good adviser and people may like to share their secrets with you.  You may be more inclined towards independent profession or business activities against doing job.   You may be economical and may be able to identify hidden opportunities for financial gains.

The above mentioned positive results are subject to the conditions that the Mercury is well disposed and the first house of your Ascendant is also safe from any malefic planetary influences.  Weak and afflicted Mercury may give weak physique and there may be fear of sudden injuries.  If both Mercury and Saturn are badly disposed; this may also cause allergies, and health issues related to skin, teeth, joints and intestine.   If the Moon is also weak/afflicted; you may suffer from hysteria, anxiety and/or memory loss. Weak and disturbed disposition of Mercury, Moon and Venus may generate financial problems; and there may be major financial losses too.

The planets Mercury and Venus are most auspicious planets for Virgo Ascendant; and sometimes, the good placement of  any one of these (Mercury or Venus) can generate strong positive results during their Mahadasa. Saturn, usually, is a giver of positive results unless it is severely disturbed and having relationship with Mars. Due to its lordship over fourth and seventh houses; Jupiter act as a Maraka planet for Virgo Ascendant; and sometimes, even minor weaknesses or affliction on the part of Jupiter may generate troubles in marriage and health. Sun is giver of mixed results; and if under auspicious planetary influences and well placed; it may bless with foreign residence, successful journeys, and safety from financial crunches.

Mars is the most inauspicious planet for Virgo Ascendant people; and is capable of damaging the positive attributes of the houses/planets under its influence. The relationship between Moon, Mars and Jupiter is also not much suitable and generally causes accidents, marital problems, financial losses and sudden setbacks in professional matters. The strength and clean disposition of the Venus is must for expecting peaceful domestic life.  Generally, Virgo Ascendant people are best suitable for advisory work and are capable of giving sound advice, specifically in legal, medical, engineering and other technical fields.

The best placement of Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) takes place when both these planets are exalted in ninth and third houses of the Lagna Chart.  Exalted Ketu in third house gives enormous physical and mental strength; and one is capable of taking bold decisions.  Exalted Rahu in ninth house is giver of good financial gains and sudden rise in social status, specifically when such Rahu is having relationships with Mercury or Venus.  Virgo Ascendant people are also known as game changer in their professional and social relationships.  They are blessed with good orating skills and are also capable of playing at both sides of any arguments.

Professional sectors related to Medicine, Law, Banking, Finance, Sports, Communication, Fashion, Art, Movie, Cinema, Antique, Advertising, Event management, and writing are usually most suitable for you.  Professions related with Religion, Spirituality, Police, Army and Metal are less suitable and should be avoided.

The best part of being born in Virgo Ascendant is having natural ability of analyzing things on rational basis.  It is quite easier for Virgo born people to understand complex issues as well as doing analytical things comparatively easier than others.  Virgo Ascendant people are good at technical and mechanical things; and reasonably secured on emotional grounds.  It won’t be easy to trick them unless the Moon, Mercury and Saturn are severely damaged in their horoscope.

The weak part of your personality and nature is being unnecessarily critical over things.  Sometimes, in the process of analyzing matters on rational basis; you may tend to overreact and give more than required time/efforts to the situation.  Besides this, you may also appear a bit whimsical and your expressions may appear a bit unpleasant to others.  This issue may be significant if third house, Mercury and Mars are inauspiciously disposed in your horoscope.  Besides this, bragging may also be a problem.

Cautions to be exercised:    If you are born in Virgo Ascendant; you should be extra careful about the following:

Nature:    You should try to avoid being over critical and showing off by finding faults in others as it may generate unnecessary enmity in your social and personal relationships. Also try to work upon your gestures; the Lagna being ruled by Mercury, you may have expressive face and sometimes may inadvertently give unpleasant expressions.

Personal Relationships:    This is another aspect of your horoscope requiring attention and care.  Both Mercury and Venus are fast moving planets; and tend to remain combust quite often.  Thus, the family relationships are usually sensitive and vulnerable to get spoiled, specifically if Moon and Jupiter are also badly disposed.  Besides this, the lordship of Moon over eleventh house may also keep you inclined towards building new relationships quite often. Thus, you should try to maintain balance between your social and personal relationships.

Health:        This aspect is also to be looked upon with a bit more attention.  You should try to remain alert for physical safety from injuries.  Being naturally inclined towards sports activities; the malefic impact of Mars (lord of third and eighth houses) is comparatively more aggressive in your horoscope.  And, Mercury and Mars both are fast moving planets, wherein Mercury tends to remain combust too.  Thus, the vulnerability of physical injuries or surgeries is a bit more for Virgo Ascendant people.

Given above are some of the basic traits for Virgo Ascendant people; and the disposition of other planets, divisional chart, dasa and transit may also have their respective say in modifying the results. For personal astrology report on your horoscope; you may consult via following link to get online horoscope reading and astrology consultation.

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  1. jupiter in virgo lagna , mars moon in scorpio(3rd) , saturn 8th , rahu sixth, Venus(10th) , sun me in 12th.

    how will be surya, chandra mahadasa ?

    How is Mars affecting Rahu & Rahu affect in kundali ?

  2. Visit how to consult page for personal consultation.

  3. Birth Date:26/01/1973 time:9.52 P.M. BHOPAL M.P.

  4. Dear Raj Ji, This is such a wonderful explanation on Kanya Lagna person! I am finding as if you know me more than my parents and teachers. Keep up the good work, dear.


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