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Do you know your rising zodiac sign or in which Ascendant you are born?  And, are you born in Scorpio Ascendant and wondering what your horoscope says about you?  If your answer is, “Yes”, this article may give you some good hints about the basic traits of your personality as well as some good understanding about the role and nature of different planets for your horoscope.

The term “horoscope” is commonly used in wide variety; and, over here I am referring to your rising sign and its general features.  A vedic horoscope comprises your natal birth chart, divisional charts, dasa (planetary periods) and some other aspects of astrology reading like planetary strength, transit etc.  The planetary disposition at a specific time, on specific date and at specific place is worked out to generate your horoscope.  Thereafter, the astrology consultation is provided after detailed analysis of your horoscope.

The rising sign of your personal horoscope is the center point around which all the planets operate.  Whether it is career astrology, marriage astrology or financial astrology – the nature of the zodiac sign falling in first house of your natal birth chart will always have a reasonable say in this regard.  Some of the basic features and general traits of people born under Scorpio ascendant are mentioned below.

Scorpio Ascendant (Vrishchika Lagna):  If you are born in Scorpio Ascendant; you may be beautiful, attractive and having sharp features.  Prominent jaws, round thighs and strong feet are quite common in Scorpio Ascendant people.  Quite a time, your gaze may appear fierce to others.  You may be highly enthusiastic, courageous and dominant in your attitude.  You may also be lustful in nature; and, may be vulnerable to fall prey to vices.  You may also be impatient in nature; and may face opposition from close relations.  You may be highly dedicated and devoted to your elders; but won’t mind speaking the truth, even at the cost of your relationships.  You may also be short-tempered in nature; and may not believe in forgiving.  However, you may be clean at heart and may be quite attached with your spouse and children.  You may be strongly determined to achieve your goals by all means; and, won’t mind taking big challenges. Quite often, Scorpio Ascendant people are able to achieve/acquire high post and authority in professional and social prospects.  You may prefer to take your own decisions; and following the advice of others may not be much acceptable to you.  Usually, the relationship with father remains stressful for Scorpio Ascendant people; while, they are more inclined towards their mother and maternal relationships.

The above mentioned positive results are subject to the conditions that the Mars is well disposed and the first house of your Ascendant is also safe from any malefic planetary influences.  Weak and afflicted Mars may cause physical injuries and sinful attitude.  If both Mars and Saturn are badly disposed; this may cause accidents, injuries, involvement in disputes and legal issues, obstructed growth and sometimes criminal tendencies too. If the Moon is also weak/afflicted; you may suffer from bad luck, weak family support, anxiety issues and suicidal tendencies.

The planets Jupiter, Sun, Mars and Moon are most auspicious planets for Scorpio Ascendant; and sometimes, the good placement of  any one of these can generate strong positive results during their Mahadasa. Jupiter is capable of not only generating auspicious Yogas but cancelling/diluting the other inauspicious planetary influences on the horoscope.

Mercury, Venus and Saturn are inauspicious planets; and, capable of damaging the positive attributes of the planets/houses under influence.  The union and healthy mutual relationship of the Mars or Sun with Jupiter and/or Moon generates  good  Raj Yoga, required these planets are not weak and well disposed in both Lagna and Navamsha Charts.

Despite being lord of eighth house, Mercury may also generate a good Dhana and/or Raj Yoga, if it is well placed and having auspicious planetary influences.  The union of the Mercury with Jupiter is auspicious for financial prospects.  Being lord of seventh and twelfth houses; the Venus is a Maraka planet; and when weak and ill disposed- Venus is capable of damaging overall prospects of the horoscope, specifically relationships and finance.  As lord of ninth house, the disposition of the Moon is also quite important for Scorpio Ascendant people.  Weak and badly disposed Moon can compromise the auspicious and positive placements of others planets.

The best placement of Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) takes place when Rahu is in seventh and Ketu is in first house of the Lagna Chart; and also having auspicious planetary influences.  The placement of Rahu in third or fourth houses is also good, specifically when it is under influence of Mars or Jupiter.

Professional sectors related to Administration, police, army, politics, medicine, Training, Banking and Finance are usually most suitable for you.

The best part of being born in Scorpio Ascendant is  being highly determined and firm in your approach. You may also like to be free and independent in your approach; and may be able to learn and understand things with self experience. This will also be helpful in updating and improving yourself on regular intervals.

The weak part of your personality and nature is being too much straight and sometimes stingy in communication. You may also lack sympathy for those whom you consider your enemy or rival; and may also be extremist in your personal and social relationships.  The short-temperedness and impatience may also create problems. Therefore, you should be very careful in expressing yourself, specifically during verbal communication.  Also try to avoid making sarcastic remarks and do not indulge in any unethical activities.

Cautions to be exercised:    If you are born in Scorpio Ascendant; you should be extra careful about the following:

Extremism:    You being extremist in your personal and social relationships may obstruct you to adopt flexible and justified approach.  And, sometimes, you may continue to hold on your views and defying any possibility of amicable understanding and settlement.  Therefore, you should try to maintain your cool during unfriendly situations and exercise caution in your verbal expression too.  Quite often, it is the personal relationships, spoiled due to extremist nature, which become the primary cause for problems in overall aspects of Scorpio Ascendant people.

Maintaining ethics:    You should always try to maintain ethics and values in your overall dealings and relationships.  The ninth house lord Moon is a very fast moving planet; and remains vulnerable get combust and weak quite often.  Therefore, the chances of your being susceptible to adopt unethical, immoral or illegal approach for achieving success are a bit more.  Besides this, you should also try to avoid all types of vices, specifically drinking.

Profession:    This aspect is also to be looked upon with a bit more attention.  The chances of being in wrong or incompatible profession are also there with Scorpio Ascendant people.  And, besides this, you may also fail to identify this during initial stages; while, later on it may be difficult for you to change your opinion/profession accordingly.  Your being courageous, impatient and ambitious may not allow you to give due time and thinking in decision making; and, during the process of quick decision – you may adopt wrong direction or wrong choice of profession.

Given above are some of the basic traits for Scorpio Ascendant people; and the disposition of other planets, divisional chart, dasa and transit may also have their respective say in modifying the results. For personal astrology report on your horoscope; you may consult via following link to get online horoscope reading and astrology consultation.

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  1. what is the result if saturn is placed in scorpio ascendant rahu in 5th house, jupiter in 6th house,ketu in eleventh house, moon in 12th house, and sun,mars,venus,mercury in tenth house

  2. sir please tell me when ketu is in seventh house and rahu is in virchika lagna and also kethu is placed with bhutha, jupiter and sun in seventh house.
    please tell me this alone in my mail. i beg u sir. iam so worried. pls tell me the truth.

  3. can you please tell me if scorpio ascendant have venus and mars in 10th house, then what will be expect in venus maha dasha.

  4. Kuja with Shani in Vrishchk Lagna, Chandra in 2nd house, Surya+Shukra+Buddha in 3rd House, Guru in 4th House, Rahu in 6th house and Ketu in 12th House. Dhanu Rash with Moola Nakshatra – Can you please analyse this?

  5. Sir,

    My husband DOB is 21st November 1978 and time 8:38 AM place delhi. He is facing lot of problem in career. He lost his job and now he is nt able to get a new job. Some one told that he is having venus mahadasa in 12th house which is not good and he wont be able to get job till 2024. Please help and suggest any upay.


  6. dear sir my dob 9-5-1984 time 8 pm chandigarh india
    my husband 24-10-1979 time 12;07 pm day time chandigarh india .currently he left our son and me on 24 th july 2014 .it been 8 months i mangeddt to flee from australia.last yr i tried to do suicide and was mentally weak ,there is lot troble pls help us. i donot want divorce

  7. Hi, My DOB is 30 Jan 1976
    Place of Birth is Indore (MP)
    Time is 2.25 AM
    I want to know how my Jupiter Mahadasha Will be.

  8. my son’s birth date is 01 aug 2005 and time is 15.22 hrs Mysore,karnataka. he is weak in his studies.please help

  9. Sir
    If Moon ,Jupiter and Mars in 8th house they still gives good results for Scorpio peoples

    • Hello Harish

      This will depend upon the potency of these planets (Moon, Jupiter and Mars). If there are no inauspicious influences on these planets and the planets are not getting weak due to some other reason – in that case moderate positive results can be expected. The malice of being in eighth house may still be there though.

      Raj Shekhar Sharma

  10. Sir,
    could you please help. I was born 02 june 1993 at 21:41 (8:41 pm) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA)

    I think i have Scorpio Ascendant with Rahu in 1st house, Ketu conjunct Sun in the 7th house, and a debilitated mars in the 9th house…am i doomed? this article makes me worry even more

    maybe I read my chart wrong?

  11. Sir, my husband lost his job in aug ‘2015& since then he is unemployed, the family is suffering on physical , emotional& financial front( i got paralysis attack, my child is getting some weird ailments i.e. juvenille rheumatics etc) so we r spending a lot on medical expenses.

    Pls tell when will d situation improve& my husband will be able to get a decent job.
    Pls reply.

    DOB of my husband: 26/11/1969
    Time: 8: 09 am
    Place: New Delhi

  12. Sir,
    My husband is scorpio ascendent with exalted mars & jupiter cinjuncts venus in 12tn house.
    My child is also scorpio ascendent & exalted mars but jupiter& saturn conjuncts & both retrogade

    Thanx & regards

  13. Hello sir my DOB is 09 July 1992. 5:15 pm delhi. Till now I have given many exams for job but I am not able to clear any its almost 3 years now. sir please reply me when I will get an job and get settle in my career. Please help.

  14. Respected sir,
    I m facing too much problems in career,
    My relation with my friends and with my brothers and my parents effected,
    I m unemployed now,
    I want to know remidies of Guru chandal yog and is daridrya yog is in my chart or not and how I can reduce all bad effects 100 percent ,
    Which yogas are auspicious and which yogas create too many problems in my life I want to know Sir and which planet I should make strong and remidies of bad planets to reduce all ill effects
    Thanks Sir V much
    I need guidance,
    I m very unhappy ,help me plz Sir,
    Thanks so much sir,
    My name is Hemang,
    Dob 31/1/1980,
    Mumbai,malad east,
    Time of birth is 3:20 am

    Thanks very much sir

  15. Sir,
    My Name is Nirmalkumar, I was born on 25-11-1992 at 6.15 am…. birthplace: Madurai, Tamilnadu, I am Scorpio Ascendent with venus in 2nd house …After completing my MBA i been jobless for 2 years i been criticised and mocked by my relatives and brought disgrace to my parents… currently i am running kethu dasha and its gonna end by this year after that it’s venus dasha which been told by many astrologers as malefic for scorpio so till now i have not seen any good things in my life and becoz of upcoming venus mahadasha it seems like my future would also be in trouble so help me in knowing the harshness of my venus mahadasha and is there any scope for better future!!!!!

  16. I am a male born in 1967, November 7th. 3.55 am. (kerala Trichur)

    I have been facing lot of problem with my job, The same is gone worst since April 2014.
    I am married Man with 2 kids. living in gulf for the past 23 years.
    i have incurred financial losses in Share market.

    Can you let me know the bad phase i am going through has anything to do with the planet position, if yes when i can expect some relief.

  17. Sir,

    I am born on 24th June 1984 5:25 pm. Mine is scorpio ascendant with ketu in the lagna house. May you plz predict about my career in teaching in computer science and engineering ???

  18. I am a male born in 1981, July 19th. 3.07 pm. (Nadia,WB)

    I have been facing lot of problem with my job and also I am working far away from my home without my family.

    Can I change job now or can I go abroad related to my profession for long term.Please help me.Looking for a change in job and not happening.

    Can you also tell me if I can reunite with my family in near future.

  19. Sir How good is mahadasha of Venus for Scorpio ascendent if Venus is in fourth house??
    My DOB 27 /03/1979 Time 2255 hr. MY VENUS MAHADASHA HAS COMMENCED .Can I go to foreign on a deputation in this mahadasha in near future.

  20. sir.
    i am a male born in patna ,bihar. Date OF BIRTH 28-07-1990 at 13:50 pm afternoon. plz tell me about my job as i worked abroad and my mairriage. Time is not very good right now and i am facing a lot of problem. plz reply

  21. My date of birth 8 aug 1992…I have scorpio rashi and jyesta nakhatra….Venus is in 10 th house with jupiter and in 9 th house sun mercury…Ketu is on the 8 house. mars is in 7 th house,satrun is in 3 rd house rahu is in 2 nd house and moon is in first house…now I have Venus mahadasha and jupiter antradasha till 25 May 2017….when I got a patner,I failure in love life please Sir tell me

  22. Please sir reply

  23. Dear Sir,
    My Ascendant is Scorpio.dob is 23.12.59, 5.30am in Sagar, Karnataka state
    Lagna has Mars, Jup, Mercury
    2nd house has Sun & Saturn
    5th House Ketu
    11th house Moon & Rahu
    12th house Venus.
    Please advice. I am not able clear loans. Always have professional problems.

  24. Sir me anup kumar mishra…date of birth 8 aug 1992,time 13.36 pm,place cuttack odisha….moon is in my first house,rahu in 2 nd house,satrun in 3 rd house,mars is in 7 th house,ketu in 8 th house,sun and mercury in 9 th house,venus and jupiter in 10 th house….when does good time will come for me..when I got job?

  25. Hello Sir, it is wonderful reading your articles- so informative, I feel quite curious to know and explore more through astrology about my time ahead in life. My dob is 28. 09. 1967 place: Lucknow (UP, India) and Time 11:45 AM. Passing through Ketu mahadasha. As you commented I read that Venus is marak for Scorpio Lagna, how Venus will have impact on my life as it stars from April 2018 onwards. (Venus is placed in 10th house with Jupiter)
    …Also Ketu ….how my rest of the period of Ketu/Sat and Ketu/Mercury dasha will pass. I have been passing thru a stressing period specially on account of career front, though still continuing with job but future looks unpredictable due to mounting pressure. Kindly reply and guide me. BEST REGARDS, Y Prakash.

  26. Respected Sir,

    I recently got married, but I’m not happy with my husband. Can you tell me if he is my partner for life or we will separate? Will I have only one marriage? My DOB is September, 18th 1991. Place of birth Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Time of birth is 12:25 p.m.
    Thanks a lot!

  27. Hello Sir, I always read your article and enjoy the knowledge you share. I have self studied astrology and analyze charts and predict as per my knowledge. But I am in kind of a delima with my own chart. I am scorpio lagna with Saturn in 5th, rahu in 6th, Mars & Jupiter in 8th, Sun, Moon, Mer, & Venus in 9th and Ketu in 12th. My Snn dasa is in progress, but with the start of Sun Dasa Moon bhukti I have lost my Job. Sun & Moon form a karma dharma yoga ( best Raja Yoga ), so why is there so much tension around me. I am unable to even get an interview call. Please advice.
    DOB: August 15 1966, Mumbai , 2:12PM

  28. Sir my date of birth is 13 april 1990…time 5.36am,location lucknow,..
    Sir after completing my mba i got job through campus placement n work for 1 yr 3 month aftr resigning n joing new company 2 days befor i met n bike accident…then gap in my career i was work in marketing ,administration but not satisfied with my job…after 3 yr since i resigned i searching job in stock market…because i m personally intrest in it but i m at mid of mid of my age n still my career is not settle because i m not getting success ….kindly guid me that which sector is better for me …can i will be get success in stock market…wat to do for successful in it… because it my last choic i was also prepare for govt sector but not succesded …kindly guide me about my career n health ….i m in too much stress since last 3 years…..

  29. Hello Sir,

    My Name is Harish Kumar , from bangalore, my date of Birth is 11.12.1984 Morning 4:55 AM was born in Bangalore only .

    Mine is also Vrishchika Lagna and combination of Sun and ketu in Legna, please advise , Im struggling to get some onshore opportunities still not able to find good one.


  30. Sir, My date of birth 22nd Sep 1975, 11.18 AM, Place of birth – Dharwad or Dharwar (Karnataka). I have gone through lot of problems in my marriage life and professional life. Lost my job 2 to 3 times, unable to hold myself in one place. Running into legal matters. All sorts of problems. Now again I am jobless. I request you to please tell me if at all I will become stable in my job and life.. when will I get back to job…when my court cases will end. Will I have peace of mind. Please advice.

    Lagna Chart Details
    Rahu and Ne 1st house, Ju Mo in 5th house, Ma Ke in 7th house, Sa in 9th house, Ve in 10th, Me Sure Pl in 11th, Ur in 12th

  31. Sir, born in Chennai – Perambur, 11 Mar 1975 at 23.10 PM, Male. I used to work until 2012 but due to unfortunate events I had to quit and re-locate. I love to read and acquire knowledge, other than that I don’t know what to do in life. What do you see in my future as finance, family life ?

    Scorpio ascendent, (Ra/Ne – 1), (Ma – 3), (Me, Mo, Su – 4), (Ju, Ch, Ve – 5), (Ke – 7), (Sa, Y – 8), (x – 9), (z – 10), (Pl – 11), (Ur – 12)

  32. Hello Sir , My date of birth is 3rd Jan , 1986 . 04:15 AM . Place of birth is Kolkata (WB). Presently working in MNC . Can you please suggest whether I will be able to travel foreign for Job purpose and also how can I reach better position in professional life as well as financially ? . Lagna : Scorpio , Rashi : Virgo . Overall planetary position as follow : Saturn in Lagna , (Sun + Ven + Merc) in 2nd house , Jup in 3rd (Debilitated) , Rahu in 6th , Moon in 11th , Ket + Mars in 12th rest are blank . I have a Ruby as suggested by local astrologer and he has also suggested Pokhraj and Perl as well . Please suggest what should be ideal the mentioned problem

  33. Dear Sir,

    My son is born on 19/09/2017 – 10:42:10 – place : kolkata (Scorpio lagna – venus in libra in 12th)

    I am born on 26/04/1986 – 17:25 – kolkata (libra ascendance – lagna lord venus is in taurus in 8th)

    we are both starting venus MD in 2020 . how will the venus MD be given they are in own houses but in dusthana houses – given rest of horoscope.

  34. Hello sir hope you can guide Scorpio ascendant Jupiter and Venus in 10 th house Shani in 3 r house Rahi and Keri in 2 and 8 house moon and Mars conjuct in 12 th house sun and mercury in 11 th house…going through Jupiter Dasha and Venus antardasha…

    My quest ion is I am not getting clarity about my career not yet settled. Working with my dad in his business plz tell what’s better for me. ..also my marriage talks are going but with slow speed thinks work but stop due to some reason…the imp emotionally feeling very weak plz tell solution

  35. Hello Sir!

    i’m worried for my daughter’s health, she got right side paralysis at the time of birth , still not fully recoverd plz advice.

    DOB- 7 nov. 2013

    TOB- 15:27 pm.DELHI

    Will be very thank full to you if can advice.

  36. Dear Sir,
    My date of birth:
    7th September 1987, Bhadrak-Odisha, Time: 11:35 AM, Male
    I am facing several illness ( like anxiety problem, Bone pains, Stress, Piles etc..) in my life, even though I maintain a decent life style ( I am a non smoker, non alcoholic).. Also, sir, I am always having a unknown fear running in my mind, even though I am unable to figure it out why it concerns me a lot. Kindly help me sir, to understand what should I do to get rid of these. Kindly reply sir.

  37. Sir I’m facing problems in education and job. And enmity with relations and all are insulting me without any reason because of this is I’m staying away from my home.
    My family assets were enjoy by the brothers and sister of my dad. I didn’t inherit any assets from my dad. I don’t want good yoga’s information in my chart.

    Is this possible in my life can I lead my family happily.

    Date of birth -20-09-1990, 10-20Am. Rajahmundry.

    Scorpio Lagna
    Mars in 7th Jupiter Ketu in 9th exalted.
    Sun moon in Virgo 11th
    Mercury Venus in 10th.

    **Saturn restro in 2nd house
    Rahu in 3rd house , now Rahu Mahadasa.

  38. After reading your post, I’m very interested to know about few things in life.
    Pls tell about my spiritual life, future profession I should take up?
    Vijay Balaji.K

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