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Do you know your rising zodiac sign or in which Ascendant you are born?  And, are you born in Sagittarius Ascendant and wondering what your horoscope says about you?  If your answer is, “Yes”, this article may give you some good hints about the basic traits of your personality as well as some good understanding about the role and nature of different planets for your horoscope.

The term “horoscope” is commonly used in wide variety; and, over here I am referring to your rising sign and its general features.  A vedic horoscope comprises your natal birth chart, divisional charts, dasa (planetary periods) and some other aspects of astrology reading like planetary strength, transit etc.  The planetary disposition at a specific time, on specific date and at specific place is worked out to generate your horoscope.  Thereafter, the astrology consultation is provided after detailed analysis of your horoscope.

The rising sign of your personal horoscope is the center point around which all the planets operate.  Whether it is career astrology, marriage astrology or financial astrology – the nature of the zodiac sign falling in first house of your natal birth chart will always have a reasonable say in this regard.  Some of the basic features and general traits of people born under Sagittarius ascendant are mentioned below.

Sagittarius Ascendant (Dhanu Lagna):  If you are born in Sagittarius Ascendant; you may have prominent nose, long neck and big ears.  The jaws may be prominent, specifically if Jupiter and Mars are well disposed.  You may be follower of simple life and high thinking.  Your thought and vision may be quite clear; and you may be able to make your best endeavors towards achieving your goals.  You may also be naturally inclined towards truth, justice and values.  You may have good grasp on understanding and learning new things in life; and may also have good command on language.  Sagittarius Ascendant people are usually lucky; and are capable of achieving success without much efforts. You may be kind and caring towards others, specifically for the weaker section of the society; and may always be looking to provide your best support.  You may be religiously inclined, philanthropist and may not like to speak/express about your generosity.

You may also be protective of dependents, family, sub-ordinates and close relatives. You may like to have relationships with intelligent people; and may like to spend your leisure time in having intellectual discussions within your friend circle.  You may have strong and dependent friend circle; and, may like to remain ideal and trustworthy in your relationships.

The above mentioned positive results are subject to the conditions that the Jupiter is well disposed and the first house of your Ascendant is also safe from any malefic planetary influences.  Weak and afflicted Jupiter may cause lack of moral values; and you may lack domestic happiness. There may also be some physical deformity and you may get involved into immoral and/or illegal activities.  If both Jupiter and Sun are badly disposed; this may cause bad luck, weak family support, trouble to father and failures in professional endeavors.  And, if the Moon is also weak/afflicted, this may cause accidents, injuries, loss of reputation and severe problems to parents.

The planets Jupiter, Sun and Mars are most auspicious planets for Sagittarius Ascendant; and sometimes, the good placement of  any one of these can generate strong positive results during their Mahadasa. Jupiter is capable of not only generating auspicious Yogas but cancelling/diluting the other inauspicious planetary influences on the horoscope. Venus and Saturn are inauspicious planets; and, capable of damaging the positive attributes of the planets/houses under influence.  As lord of eighth house of your Lagna Chart, the Moon is also capable of obstructing the growth of the houses/planets under its influence, specifically when it (Moon) is lacking the Paksha Bala.

Both Mercury and Saturn are Maraka planets for Sagittarius Ascendant; however, the union of Mercury with Mars, Jupiter or the Sun is capable of generating good Raj Yoga, required Mercury is strong and well placed.  The union of Saturn + Mercury does not generate any significant support unless there are other auspicious planetary influences on the union.  Union or relationship of the Moon with Saturn or Mercury is generally inauspicious and capable of generating physical or mental troubles.

The best placement of Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) takes place when both these planets are exalted.  Besides this, Rahu’s disposition in third or seventh house is also supportive, required it is having auspicious planetary influences and relationships.  Debilitated Rahu, placed in twelfth house of Lagna Chart, is not auspicious and capable of generating significant inauspicious results in terms of health, finance and family.

Professional sectors related to Management, Administration, Politics, Engineering, Technology, Education, Training, Banking and Research are usually most suitable for you.

The best part of being born in Sagittarius Ascendant is being highly dependable, trustworthy and wise in your approach. You may also be kind and protective towards those dependent upon you; thus, people may thrive to work under your supervision and control.

The weak part of your personality and nature is being too much frank and open in your approach.  And, due to this, you may suffer from deceit and mischievous activities from those who may be jealous of your righteousness and justified approach.  Your opponents or enemies may try to fetch information from you during cordial conversation and later on use it against you.  In addition to this, the strong Jupiter may also cause you to be a bit skeptic or touchy, specifically if Mars or Ketu is having relationship with Jupiter.

Cautions to be exercised:    If you are born in Sagittarius Ascendant; you should be extra careful about the following:

Marital relationships:    You may face some problems in maintaining balance between your professional and personal/family life.  And, the possibility of being not able to devote required time and space to your spouse or children is a bit more prominent in Sagittarius Ascendant.  Therefore, you may need to take extra care in this regard, and try to spend/devote sufficient time to your family, specifically spouse and children. The possibility of having extra-marital relationships is also a bit more prominent in Sagittarius Ascendant.

Maintaining Secrecy:    Your approach of being quite open and frank within your social circle may cause you to reveal your secrets in good faith. And, other people may take advantage of this, specifically if Jupiter and/or Venus are not well disposed.  Therefore, you should try to maintain reasonable distance and only share/express yourself after having absolute confirmation and trust in the social relationships.

Vices:        This aspect is also to be looked upon with a bit more attention, specifically if Moon is having relationship with Saturn and/or Rahu.  Any type of vices or unethical activities on your part may deteriorate and damage the positive attributes of Sun and Jupiter.  Besides this, you may also suffer from anxiety and depression leading to sinful or illegal activities.

Given above are some of the basic traits for Sagittarius Ascendant people; and the disposition of other planets, divisional chart, dasa and transit may also have their respective say in modifying the results. For personal astrology report on your horoscope; you may consult via following link to get online horoscope reading and astrology consultation.

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  1. Sagittarius Ascendant (Dhanu Lagna
    The best placement of Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) takes place when both these planets are exalted. Besides this, Rahu’s disposition in third or seventh house is also supportive, required it is having auspicious planetary influences and relationships. Debilitated Rahu, placed in twelfth house of Lagna Chart, is not auspicious and capable of generating significant inauspicious results in terms of health, finance and family.
    when Rahu is in seventh house dose he will not give v bad effect on martal relationship?when the most effective 7th house is under his influence?
    inaddition beeing at 7th house dose he influence the person for sudden death?

    • If Rahu (placed in seventh house) is having auspicious planetary influences and Mercury is also well disposed; it won’t give any bad influence. On the contrary, if Rahu is having inauspicious influences (via union or aspect) and Mercury is also badly disposed; it may not only cause problems in marriage; but may also generate problems in finance, business as well as making the native vulnerable to accidents.

  2. Sir u say when if budha is with mangal it will produce gud results in dhanu.but what will happen when mangal is with budha in 12 th house.As budha is lord of 7th and 10th nd is in 12th.Whther it is destroying both marital and profession life

    • In Dhanu Lagna, the union of Mercury with Mars in twelfth house (scorpio zodiac) is not supposed to be bad unless there are any other planetary influences, specifically of Nodes (Rahu and Ketu), Moon or Saturn.

      Mars will be in its zodiac sign in twelfth house of Dhanu Lagna; and being lord of fifth house, Mars is a friendly planet for Dhanu Lagna. Its union with Mercury will provide good support to professional and marital prospects. This union of Mars + Mercury in twelfth house of Dhanu Lagna is also indicative of strong inclination towards love marriage; and, if Jupiter and Saturn are well disposed; success in love marriage and happy post marital life can be expected.

      • Thank u sir for answering.But i asked this bcoz budh become weak with mangal as per my knowldge.budha being lord of 7th and 10th in 12 th(loss).
        regarding influence of planets chandra in 6th aspects 12th with 7th aspects
        regarding jupitr thre is xchange of surya and jupiter.
        Sir i am not saying to predict my kundali.i just want u to solve my query.


        • Moon becomes the lord of eighth house for Sagittarius ascendant; and as has been mentioned in my previous comment; the involvement/aspect of the Moon is not auspicious for the positive attributes of Mars + Mercury in twelfth house of Dhanu Lagna.
          The strength of planets is also required to be considered. You may take paid consultancy for your horoscope to have specific analysis for your horoscope.

  3. Hello sir
    Sir i also have budh mangal in 12th and chandra is aspecting it.Some says i dont have gud professional and marital plz tell me it is actually gud or not.

    • The basic concept and understanding has been stated. If none of these planets (Mars and Mercury) are having any inauspicious influences; and not combust and not loosing strength in Navamsha. Despite the weakness of being placed in twelfth house; the union of Mars + Mercury in twelfth house may generate some good results. You may take paid consultancy for full explanation and analysis of your horoscope.

  4. According to Rushi Parashara the harmful effects of 8th lordship is not applicable for Sun & Moon. Please comment and let us know your experience. In above article you have considered Paksha bala.

    Some say Saturn is neutral for Dhanu lagna. While you seem to indicate it will be harmful. How harmful it would be – in the absence of benefic aspects?

    You have mentioned Dhanu as a fortunate ascendant. But significantly Dhanu does not have a Yoga karaka planet. Mars has 12th lordship while Sun is lord of only one house. Kindly explain the reasoning behind considering Dhanu as fortunate.


    • Yes, as per Sage Parashara, the harmful effects of being eighth lord are not applicable for the Sun and Moon. That is why, the inauspicious influence of Moon will remain subjective to other conditions like Paksha bala and some others. And, the basic inharmonious planets for Dhanu Lagna are Saturn and Venus.

      No comments on what some people or other people say about Saturn’s role for Dhanu Lagna. What I have observed and able to understand has already been made clear in the article itself. The harmful influence of Saturn will depend upon its strength, relationship with other planets and its disposition in Lagna and divisional charts.

      Having a Yogakaraka planet (due to the lordship over Kendra and Trikona Bhavas) is one aspect of deciding the auspiciousness of planet; but it does not deny other Ascendants for being able to provide strong and positive results. And, there are other factors also which can cause a planet to act as a Yogakaraka, even in Dhanu Lagna. For example, the union of Mars with Jupiter is usually observed to be delineating quite strong and productive results, required both these planets are safe from combustion, placed in auspicious houses and suitable zodiac signs, strong in Navamsha and having their Mahadasa/antardasa operational.

  5. Sir do you consider rahu to be exalted in Taurus or Gemini ,, thx

  6. Namasthe sir,
    dhanur lagna, Budha in 9th with mangal and shukra, where sun in 10th, does it indicates strong maha parivarthan yoga? does it mean dharmakarmadhipathi raja yoga, whether budha dasha of horscope will be fortunate as budha is lord of 7th(maraka as you said) as well as 10th but participating parivathana with 9th lord, will it be help full to achieving professional growth because 10th lord? kindly brief about doubt on this raja yoga and dasha of budha

  7. I have dhanu lagna and sun, mercury and Saturn in 11th house in libra rashi.
    Is there any way to strengthen my sun as it is told to me that sun is my bhagesh and it is delebrated in libra 🙁
    , mercury is also giving bad result because it is asth.

  8. Sir I red that according to indian astrology saturn in 1st house in dhanu is very beneficial as a king is this true??

    bt other planets positions scars me i hav mars in 6th , jupiter in 8th ,mer sun ven in 12th moon &rahu in 2nd so will I incure huge losses hav late bad marrige hard progeny ….etc as I red or may some good yogas will apply … please sir help me and thanks in advance

  9. Sir in my horoscope mer, sun n rahu are in 7th house n Venus is in 6th house and my ascendent is sagittarius how my marrige would be n is there any harm in my love n married
    life as Venus is in 6th house plz suggest some remedy if there any problem

  10. Sir, placement of bhava vargottama jupiter in 3rd house in dhanu lagna is good or bad. Saturn placement in 12th house also good or bad alongwith Mars in Lagna.


  11. Sir i have dhanu lagna and having sun mars venus and mercury in 9th leo… but due to having sun in own house and planets near by i think mars venus and mercury are close and are combusted…so will the combustion good or bad? and im becoming more inclined to spiritual aspects nowdays…im running through guru dasha and ketu antar bhukti…. can u please tell me the combustion problem and mind set changing towards spiritual aspect

  12. I am 65 years age male born with Dhanu Lagna & Dhanu Rashi. Moon is in Lagna, Ketu in 2nd house of Makar, Surya-Budha-Shukra & Shani in 7th house of Budh, Rahu in 8th house of Kirk, Mangal & Guru in 9th house of Sinha. I am facing long pending property suit which was handled by my father till he died last year, but now I have to face it. My cousins want to swallow this property. What will be outcome & when will it end? I am also suffering from Arthritis, will there be any relief? Will any Gem help me?

  13. Sir,u analysis is exceptional regarding the maintainance of secrecy what are the possible remedies to deal with these kind of cheaters ?any protective remedies please……

  14. hello sir i have sagittarius as ascendand with the union of mercury and jupiter is this my bad birth..and i have mars and sun in second house..and saturn and venus in third house..moon and ketu in 4th house and raahu in 10th house…………will i have a successful married life..and some astrologer told me that ur wife will be unfaithfull…and u r an impotent…am really depressed by this news..dont i get kids or will i not be able to satisfy my partner……if yes i will not marry at all,,bcoz why should i destroy the girl’s life whom i will marry…which is better choice for me….plz say sir…bcoz of this i m getting afraid to love any girl in the future…is it better i dont love any girl and dont marryyy…..

  15. Sir,
    What if someone hs Moon and Venus conjunct in 7th house with Sagittarius ascendant??

    • This may create problems in marriage and post marital life. Besides, the health and finance may also create problems. The gravity of inauspicious influence will be more if Mercury is weak and/or the union of Moon and Venus is under influence of Saturn or Nodes. The gravity of inauspicious influence will be less, if there are positive influences (of Jupiter or Mars) on this union and the Mercury is well disposed. The disposition of these planets in Navamsha may also modify the results.

  16. sir,
    if for dhanu lagna and tula raashi,
    saturn +mars combination in kendra i.e 10th bhava and ketu in asc , so will a mars be in negative along with saturn or both would be malefic….in nature…??????

    • The nature of Mars is positive for Dhanu Lagna; however, its union with Saturn in tenth house is not much healthy. If the union is under auspicious influence of Jupiter (via aspect or union); this will become a very strong and auspicious Yoga (required, these planets viz the Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) are also well disposed in Navamsha. You may take a detailed report on your horoscope via under paid consultancy.

  17. dhanu lagna mars +saturn in 10th bhava kanya lagna, jupiter +moon in tula 11th bhava,
    ketu in ascendent i.e. lagna, rahu in 7th bhava ,
    married life spoilt completely, divorce going on in court venus in 5th bhava leo rashi…….

  18. For dhanus lagna what does Saturn Moon parivartana signify? ie Saturn in the 8th and Moon in the 2nd houses.

    • Not a very healthy and supportive parivartana. This may generate problems on many fronts like family, finance, health, marriage and profession too. And, if these planets Saturn and Moon are not well disposed in Navamsha Chart and the operating Dasa is also of Saturn or Moon; the negative influence may be quite severe.

  19. Rahu exalted in sagit ascendant in 6th house which is already consider to be the best house for rahu to be in,,,, and rahu relation with trine lord like sun for this ascendant will make it more stringer for this ascendant ,,, do u think rahu mahadasha will b gud for the native having rahu alone in 6th with only suns(9th lord) aspect????????

    • Won’t be possible to access it without complete birth details and, you may take up paid consultancy for the same. On a general note though, when you say that Rahu’s is receiving aspect from the Sun; it implies that the Sun may be in twelfth house along with Ketu; and, the potency of planets (specifically for their auspicious influences) is subject to their independent disposition too. Therefore, if the badly placed Sun (in tweflth house of Lagna Chart) is devoid of any additional inauspicious influences and also well disposed in the Navamsha, some support of the Sun to Rahu may be considered.

  20. Hello sir, i am having sun, mars, mercury and ketu in 2 house in dhanu lagna, also moon is in 08 house with rahu, what that does it mean? jupiter and saturn are in 10 house whereas venus is alone in 1 house,
    do i have a kaal sarp dosh in my kundli and some says that there is chandra grahan too. please suggest and specify. thanks

  21. Dear Raj Shekhar Sharma,

    I only have one question now Is mars in my chart malefic or benefic

    Thank you in advance.

    Birth details:
    TOB 10: 12 AM

    lon 14.16 W
    lat 32.39 E.


  22. Hi Everyone,

    I am Karthik born on October 28th, 1987, 11 PM IST (born with Sagittarius and Utradam star).. Could some one please help me to predict my Astrology as I did not happen to have horoscope for me?

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  23. sir mera janam samrala punjab mei hua hai. aur main dhanu lagan mein paida hoea hu. meer rashi jani ke kundli 4 house theen greh hai. chandma,ketu,and budh.and mesh rashi 5house mein suraj hai,6house mein shukar aur brishpati 7 house mein mithun rashi mein mangal 8 house , shani 9 house,rahu 10 house me sir please mera marg darshan kre.apki baut kirpa hogi.mera ko jindgi mein kia karna chai e.mera birth place samraladate birth 04-05-1978 time 23-15 hai. thanku sir.

  24. Sir i have moon and rahu in 1st house in dhanu lagan and jupiter in 8th, venus in 7th, if i wear zircon, i met with accident and hurt, mars and ketu also in 7th, i m upset, help me

  25. Dear Sir, I appreciate you for being kind enough to answer questions posted by interested persons. My question is that being a dhanu lagna with mercury in 9th house combusted, what would be the effect of it? I’m currently running mercury dasa which started in october of 2013. I also happen to have guru in 3rd house and mars in the lagna, staurn in 12th house, and venus+moon in 11th house. Thanks for your response.

  26. My DOB-01.10.1972 – Time 14:10 pm – Neemuch (MP)
    Venus dasha is started how will be my future

  27. sir mera dob 30/06/1988 time 19:08 pm ,place Kolkata
    Isir I want to know my financial position and about my marriage

  28. helo sir i m also born in sagittarius ascendent with rahu in lagna saturn in second house, jupiter moon and venus in ninth house……sun mars and mercury in tenth house……my date of birth is oct6 1991 a.d. 11:30 am in dharan nepal ……lattitude 87 17 longitude 26 45……time zone 5.75…….i want to know about my education and spouse

  29. sir my dob 08.01.1965 time 06.06 am, mumbai…budh mahadasha is going on…it is above average, i am worried on account of ketu & sukr mahadasha, my best high has been on early sani mahadasa. Ketu in 12th & sukr in lagna, guru in the fifth.

  30. Hello Dear

    Please contact via email; won’t be possible to discuss this here.


  31. Hi sir,

    You have mentioned “Venus and Saturn are inauspicious planets; and, capable of damaging the positive attributes of the planets/houses under influence”

    Whether Sukra mahadasa will be good for sagittarius ascendant even if sukra is placed in 11th house(libra) with budha?????
    Also if saturn is placed in ascendant whether ones marriage will be delayed even if venus dasa(since venus karaka for marriage) is going on?????

    Thanks …

  32. Sir in my h scope Jupiter and moon in 1st house dhanu 9
    2nd house rahu there
    4th sun and mercury house no 12
    6th mars Saturn and Venus

    How will this performs in coming year so far Hamas yog
    There but I can’t see
    Pl reply

  33. Hi Raj,
    Big fan of your reading. I have Dhanu Lagna.
    Saturn(28 Degree) in Mesh Rashi No 5.
    Moon in 6th house.
    Sun ( 7 Deg) , Mars,Ketu in 9th house Leo.
    Mercury and Venus in 10th house Virgo.
    Jupiter in 11 house.
    Trying to do business and moving slowly.
    Saturn Dasha going on Mercury antardasha.

    How much will I be successful in business of commission ?

  34. Hello Sunil

    You may contact me via ; won’t be possible to address these things over here.


  35. Sir ,

    I have only one question .

    My lagna is Dhanus

    Venus is with Rahu in second house in Makara .

    How will be my Venus dasha ?

    Thanks and regards

  36. Sir my name is Nutan Kumar, i was born on 24th december 1981 at 7:45 am in bhubaneswar. i am having dhanu lagna. please suggest me about my career as i am finding it difficulty to find a proper career though i am management graduate and currently running Venus Mahadash. Please suggest me

  37. My Birth date 1973 25 Dec Time 8.00 Morning ,Birth Place = Malegaon, Nasik, Maharashtra
    what is my future, what about my divorce going on, and future wife nature and support in future,
    let me, business in overseas how good fortune, how many kids

  38. Hello Sir, my name is Sri.. please suggest if our marriage can be compatible. Sri- 4th Sep 1984, 3:42 Pm, vizag born. Guys details- 16th may 1980, 10:22 pM, ranchi. The guy belongs to dhanur lagnam and i have makara lagnam. can you please also consider if there is a mangala/kuja dosha for me and if they are remedies I can perform for a blissful marriage for both of us

  39. hi sir

    my birth details are 12121981 delhi 9.30 pm.
    I am thinking to start my business as a contractor. kindly advise. will it work or shall i continue in job

  40. Hello! Thanks for this wonderful article. On the Mercury mars conjunction being good for dhanu lagna, what if mercury+mars+ketu occupy the inauspicious 8th house together for the dhanu lagna?

  41. my date of birth 2nd may 1982, place alwar city rajasthan and time 23:45pm do I foreign travel yogas in my kundli..if yes then for which purpose I would be travelling and in which year

  42. Roohi
    my d.o.b is 17dec1990 , place delhi and time 7:10 am
    I want to know about my future nd my marriage

  43. Dear Sir,My lagna is Dhanu from July Mahadasha of Saturn will start,I am somewhat scared… Different people say differently about this dasha,Specially I know about my job status during this time and my financial position,my details are-DOB-21st Jan 1978,time-04:30 am,Place-Daporijo Arunachal Pradesh.

  44. Dear Sir, I am an sagittarius ascendant born with Rahu in 5th house from lagna and mars in lagna. Pl tell me whether this position is benefic or malefic for me…

  45. birth date: 9/9/1976, time of birth 13:50 place of birth delhi,india. in which business i would be successful. please clear me.

  46. Sir,


    DOB : 03 feb 1977.
    TOB: 4.30 AM.
    Place of birth : Gudivada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

    Will my Venus mahadasha is fruitful to me? if not fruitful what kind of problems I am going to experiencing in my coming Venus Mahadasha? How will be my Career growth and financial growth in Venus Mahadasha?

  47. ram sankar,
    sir my dob is 9/12/1988, 7:10 am,jeypore(odisha),please tell me one answer can i wear emrald stone ? thnx.

  48. what happens if mercury and Venus are in 7th house of Sagittarius lagna???????

    • appropriate conclusion can only be drawn after having complete birth details for which you may take paid consultancy. In general, the union of Mercury + Venus in seventh house of Sagittarius Ascendant is not auspicious for marriage and/or business.

  49. Sir your article is really informative and interesting. Sir I have a query regarding marak grahas. I would like to know if shukra is marak graha of a person born in dhanu lagna? Thanks.

    • Primarily the lords of second and seventh house are Marak Grahas; however, sometimes, planets coming under their influence also become Marak. Sukra (Venus) is not a friendly planet for Dhanu Lagna; and, if it is having relationship with second or seventh house or with their lords (Saturn or Mercury), it can also act as a Marak.

      The influence of supportive planets may, however, generate a counter positive influence too; besides, the disposition of Venus is also to be checked in Navamsha.

      If you want, you may take paid consultancy for proper and detailed analysis of the horoscope via

  50. DOB 22 OCT 1984

    I have guru with mangal in Dahnur Lagna.
    Ketu in 12th house with Venus.
    Saturn, Mercury with sun in 11th house that is in thulam.
    Moon in kanni that is 10th from lagna.
    and rahu in 6th from lagna.
    What u think about my spiritual life.
    I am married but least interested in grihastha life.
    I like prayers, Bhajans. I love the universal mother durga in any form she may be.
    I have crossed many downs in my life but never let Her go out of my mind.
    As a astrologer you could know the pains in my life after reading my chart.
    I like astrology and always like to read charts I didn’t practice it in deep. I completed MCA but really not interested in IT field. Now doing a business with cars. I really don’t understand what’s happening around me. I always hear some divine calls. Please help me out….
    Thanks in advance. Please mail me if u can

  51. Namaste Rajji,
    How are you? I had contacted raj sir in 2011 when i was very much in pain,i had asked him one question(sorry i cant disclose it here,but he had given apt answer for it) and now it is vey much happening .why i am mentioning this in public forum and why not personally mailing is because i want people to know that this Raj sir is truly marvellous and always guide advice properly.thank you sir.your predictions have always been on dot.just was going through your above blog,i want to ask what if for dhanu rashi saturn and mars are together in 12th house in scorpio.thanks a ton sir..take care

  52. Hii Sir,

    Just read your blog while researching on astrological indicators for divorce specially for a dhanu lagna horoscope. i really need to know if following is the horoscope that can give divorce and remarriage. thanking you sir, for helping me as i am in terrible need of help.

    D.O.B : 15/4/1986
    Time : 2355 hrs
    Place : Rajkot, Gujarat

    Please, please do get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you Sir.

  53. Sir per the above discussions, If someone has Dhanu Lagna and Mars, Saturn and Mercury are all placed in Lagna (first house) and Jupiter (retro) in Seventh House (mithun rashi). Can we conclude that it is a good combination. Since Jupiter is looking at Lagna.
    Or we will have to analyse other planetary placement. In second house four planets are place namely Venus, Rahu, Sun and Moon. And Ketu is in 8th house (Kark rashi). Regards Ajay

    • Hello Ajay

      The aspect of Jupiter on the union of Mars, Mercury and Saturn (in first house of Dhanu Lagna) is good. The role of other planetary dispositions can not be ruled out though.

      Besides, the disposition of relevant planets should also be safe/good in the Navamsha. Like, if Jupiter becomes debilitated in Navamsha, the potency of its aspect in the Lagna Chart may get diluted. Similarly, if Saturn becomes debilitated in Navamsha, this may create unwarranted delay or obstructions in the fruitfulness of the union (Mars + Mercury + Saturn coming under positive influence of Jupiter).

      In addition to this, the operating Mahadasa may also have a say in deciding the results.

      Raj Shekhar Sharma

  54. Sir, Can you please throw some light on the effect of Saturn Mahadasha for Dhanusa lagna. If Saturn is placed in 10th house along with Jupiter.


  55. Sir,

    Does mars combust in the 10th house affect for Dhanu Lagna?
    Dhanu lagna :
    Moon+Saturn in 7th house, Jup in 3rd, Kethu in 6th, Sun+Mars+Venus in 10th, mer in 11th

    How will be the Mercury mahadhasa?

    • Mars is a friendly planet for Dhanu Lagna; and, thus, its presence in tenth house is good. The combust state of Mars may dilute its potency though and strong/clean results of its good presence in tenth house may not be there. The strength and placement of tenth lord Mercury may also have a say. Besides, the other relevant factors (operational dasa/transit/disposition of Mars and Mercury in Navamsha) should also be considered.

      If you like to have more detailed personalized readings, you may take paid consultancy via

  56. Hi sir,

    You have mentioned “Venus and Saturn are inauspicious planets; and, capable of damaging the positive attributes of the planets/houses under influence”

    Whether Sukra mahadasa will be good for sagittarius ascendant even if sukra is placed in 11th house(libra) with budha?????
    Also if saturn is placed in ascendant whether ones marriage will be delayed even if venus dasa(since venus karaka for marriage) is going on?????

    Thanks …

    • You have mentioned “Venus and Saturn are inauspicious planets; and, capable of damaging the positive attributes of the planets/houses under influence”


      Whether Sukra mahadasa will be good for sagittarius ascendant even if sukra is placed in 11th house(libra) with budha?????

      Appropriate and detailed analysis is only possible with complete birth details for which you may take paid consultancy.

      Apparently, the placement of Venus (Shukra) in eleventh house is good since it is placed in its own rashi and, therefore, capable of promoting the traits of eleventh house (like income, gains).


      Also if saturn is placed in ascendant whether ones marriage will be delayed even if venus dasa(since venus karaka for marriage) is going on?????

      Generally, such Saturn is capable of causing delay in marriage specifically when the seventh lord Mercury is weak or disturbed. The disposition of these planets (Saturn and Mercury) is to be seen in Navamsha also. Besides, the role of operational planetary period (Dasa/bhukti) also have a role to play.

      Therefore, as mentioned earlier, for appropriate analysis in this context – all relevant factors/attributes are to be examined for which full horoscope should be taken into consideration. And, if you like, you may take paid consultancy for the same.

  57. Hi Sir,
    I belongs to dhanush lagna with Guru and Budha in 4th and 7th houses (own houses) and Kuja, Budha and Moon are combined in 7th house, and I am currently running Guru mahadasha -Moon bhukti and my marriage got delayed, So Guru-Mars period will be gud for me for marriage and Mars is exalted in my Navamsa and its the 7th lord of Navamsa. Pls reply.

    • As per the description of planetary dispositions, Jupiter/Mars bhukti may generate positive results for marriage. In fact, generally such disposition does not delay marriage; sometimes, it also generates love marriage or marriage according to one’s choice or liking.

      So, there is something more which you have not disclosed (deliberately or inadvertently). Like, if Mercury, Mars and Moon (united in seventh house of your Lagna Chart) are combust or otherwise; or like if Jupiter is clean or under influence of some inauspicious planets; or, whether Saturn is suitably disposed or otherwise; or like, how is the support from ninth house ruled by the Sun; or like, if Venus is well disposed or afflicted or combust etc.

      Therefore, appropriate conclusion can only be drawn with full horoscope analysis for which you can take paid consultancy. While, if the planetary disposition mentioned by you is clean and meet the other requirements, Jupiter/Mars (even Jupiter/Moon) may generate marriage for your nativity.

  58. My rashi is scorpio and dhanu lagna but it has a strong venus in taurus sign in 6th house, also moon in 12 and rahu in 2nd house. So this placement of venus is bad or worst

    • Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn with full horoscope birth details for which you may take paid consultancy via

      Apparently, the disposition of Venus looks strong (occupying its own sign) but afflicted (aspects from Rahu and debilitated Moon); thus, mixed results of Venus (both good and bad) may be there. If Venus is not combust and well disposed in Navamsha, the intensity of bad results may be less while the positive results may be comparatively more. However, if Venus is combust and/or not well disposed in Navamsha division, the negative/bad results may be more frequent.

  59. Hi sir my name is Ridhi Bansal. My birth details are 23rd December 1989 2:29 am Delhi. My childhood friend Sanket Bansal ‘s birth details are 4th January 1990 7:35 am Delhi. Will I get married to him or my parents will find a match for me

    • Hello Ridhi

      Our actions and decisions can not be preidentified by horoscope; and, it depends upon the individual concerned to decide.

      I can only offer my observations about the suitability and compatibility of this match; i.e. whether the match between you and the other person is suitable and compatible to be pursued or otherwise?

      And, please also note that Astrology Readings/consultations are subject to financial charges and provided via email only.

      If you are okay with this, you can send an email at to proceed further.


  60. Pranam Sir,

    I truly admire your posts and suggestions.

    Please can you suggest on the combination of Budh @20 degree, Shukra@12degree and Shani @18 degree in the seventh house of Dhanu Lagna.

    Will this bhadra yog yield significant during budh dasha.

    Sanjeet Dubey

    • Hello Sanjeet

      Appropriate conclusion can only be drawn with full horoscope for which you may take paid consultancy via

      On apparent note, the chances are looking somewhat weak in this context (results of Mercury’s Bhadra Yogas).

      In case, Mercury is well disposed in your navamsha under auspicious influence (via union or aspect) from Jupiter, Sun or Mars and safe from any negative planetary influence – then, you may expect moderate (not significant but average or just above average) results of Bhadra Yoga during Budh Dasha.


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