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Do you know your rising zodiac sign or in which Ascendant you are born?  And, are you born in Taurus Ascendant and wondering what your horoscope says about you?  If your answer is, “Yes”, this article may give you some good hints about the basic traits of your personality as well as some good understanding about the role and nature of different planets for your horoscope.

The term “horoscope” is commonly used in wide variety; and, over here I am referring to your rising sign and its general features.  A vedic horoscope comprises your natal birth chart, divisional charts, dasa (planetary periods) and some other aspects of astrology reading like planetary strength, transit etc.  The planetary disposition at a specific time, on specific date and at specific place is worked out to generate your horoscope.  Thereafter, the astrology consultation is provided after detailed analysis of your horoscope.

The rising sign of your personal horoscope is the center point around which all the planets operate.  Whether it is career astrology, marriage astrology or financial astrology – the nature of the zodiac sign falling in first house of your natal birth chart will always have a reasonable say in this regard.  Some of the basic features and general traits of people born under Taurus ascendant are mentioned below.

Taurus Ascendant (Vrishabha Lagna):  If you are born in Taurus Ascendant; you are very likely to having round face, thick neck and strong thighs. Your arms may be strong and a bit short; and you may have prominent shoulder bones.  You may have royal or majestic appearance; and may have calm disposition. You may have natural inclination towards music, dancing and similar artistic things.  You may have good sense and royal taste in your clothing and accessories.  You may be patient and may not get irritated easily.  You may like to accumulate wealth; and may have benevolent attitude towards family, friends and relationships.  You may like to have stability in your professional and social matters.  It won’t be easy for others to pre-judge about your intentions.  You may be quite social and may have many friends.  You may be able to maintain your posture and calmness, even under worst circumstances.

You may also be lustful and impressive in your relationships.  These auspicious results may be there; if the Ascendant lord Venus is well placed and devoid of malefic planetary influences in your horoscope.  The placement of Mars and/or Jupiter in first house of your natal birth chart may give short stature.  And, if the first house of your horoscope is occupied by Venus, Moon, Saturn or Rahu – you may be tall.

Disturbed state of Venus may give weak and diseased body structure, specifically when it is placed in eighth or twelfth house. Weak and/or afflicted Venus may cause you to be impatience, vulnerable to pick fights, and you may have enmity with your parents and spouse. Venus in sixth house may not cause any significant issue in health and nature as such it will be occupying its own zodiac sign Libra. 

The exalted Venus in eleventh house may give short and stout or bulky physique.  Venus is considered as Minister in planetary cabinet; and this may bless you with good social skills.  You may be a patient listener and able to express your sympathy and emotions in a very appropriate way.  You may be naturally inclined towards business activities related to land, property, vehicles, agriculture, farming, construction, and manufacturing.  You may also be inclined towards churning big financial gains through speculative activities.

The strong and well placed Venus and Mercury in your vedic astrology birth chart may bless you with good academic education as well as deep understanding of business or economic activities. This may also be helpful in acquiring high positions in banking, or financial sector.   And, if Jupiter is also auspiciously disposed; you may enjoy huge financial gains and rich inheritance.  Strong and auspiciously disposed Saturn may bless you with success in administrative services; high political posts and great business enterprises.  The auspicious disposition of Moon, Venus and Saturn may also bless you with success in singing, music, media, movies, event organizers, fashion and jewelry related sectors.

You may be a good bargainer and able to judge the pros and cons of business/financial dealings quickly.  You may be a good assistant and of supportive attitude in your professional and social relationships and people around you may usually have positive attitude towards you.

The auspicious disposition of Venus with Moon, Mars and Mercury may also give interest in physically active sports activities. While the auspicious disposition of Venus with Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn may give inclination towards learning and education.

You may like to have big or palatial residence and may like to keep it well decorated.  A well placed Sun along with auspiciously disposed Jupiter and Mercury can give rich inheritance and big family. Taurus Ascendant people are usually seen having sudden and strong financial gains through investments and speculative activities

Relationship between Moon, Mars and Jupiter is not considered much auspicious for your horoscope.  It may cause huge financial losses, problems in marital life and lack of trust in your family and social relations. It may also cause you to suffer from accidents and physical injuries.  And, if Rahu is also involved in this – it may cause you to manipulate in your professional and financial dealings.

Quite often, even with debilitated Venus, Taurus Ascendant people are able to overcome their weaknesses, if Saturn and Mercury are well placed and Venus is devoid of inauspicious influences from Jupiter and Moon. A well placed Mars may give strong and supportive wife and you may enjoy good marital relationships.  However, in case the Mars is weak and/or afflicted; it may cause severe health issues to the spouse and marital life may remain threatened by legal disputes and separation. The inauspicious influence of disturbed Mars may also cause you to get involved in mean deeds and sinful activities.

The best part of being born in Taurus Ascendant is being able to remain steady, calm and tolerant in all circumstances.   Unless Venus is very severely disturbed and weak; this may be the prominent feature of your personality.  In addition to this, your humility, hospitability and being socially friendly can be considered another positive feature of your personality.  Taurus Ascendant people like to keep and maintain their personal and social relationships with their best; and do not believe in leaving their friends during troublesome situations.

The weak part of your personality and nature is not being able to adopt flexible approach and sometimes, you may keep going on in blind faith. You may also face problems with any kind of change in your personal and/or professional matters.  Due to this, you may sometimes lose the best opportunities just to maintain your stability.  Due to this, you may also be considered old fashioned and lacking adaptability to modern means.  Besides this, you may also have some sort of laziness, specifically during initial phase of your professional career; and, these weak parts of your basic personality should be addressed properly to avoid delay in professional and financial settlement. The positive traits of your personality will be more prominent if the Navamsha Lagna is also falling under Taurus zodiac sign.

If Saturn is making direct relationship with Moon and Mercury; and these planets are well placed – this will serve as the best planetary Yoga (Raj Yoga) for your horoscope.  The union of Mercury with Jupiter can be considered auspicious for financial matters; but it may also generate some problems on domestic front, education and progeny. The union of Mars with Moon is not desirable for stable and happy married life, specifically when either of these planets is debilitated too. Mars relationship with Jupiter is also not auspicious and is threatening for longevity and physical safety.

Cautions to be exercised:             If you are born in Taurus Ascendant; you should be extra careful about the following:

Decision making:     You may, at times, experience laziness, and have careless approach towards your professional commitments, which may create problems and delay in decision making, which may ultimately results in spoiled professional prospects.  This may also cause you to deal with unnecessary pressure (created due to delay in decisions) on you in making decisions and can negatively influence your professional stability.

Eating habits:     You should also be careful about your eating habits.  As such, Venus usually remains close to the Sun; the chances of Venus being combust are quite prominent.   And, the same goes for Mercury too.  Thus, the chances of having eating disorder are comparatively high for Taurus Ascendant people.  You may either be indulging in over eating or may lack disciplined scheduled in having your meals (depending upon the zodiac sign and house occupied by these planets).  Therefore, you should try to observe and follow discipline in your diet.  Try to avoid too much oily food and do physical work outs regularly.

Inflexible approach:     Taurus being an earthy zodiac sign may also cause you to be a bit stubborn in overall matters.  You may find it difficult to adapt in changing scenario; and due to this may lag behind in your professional and social matters.  This may also cause you to continue applying old and outdated methods and ways in your professional and personal life.  Therefore, you should try to influx some flexibility and also avoid having blind faith in people and outdated technology.

Given above are some of the basic traits for Taurus Ascendant people; and the disposition of other planets, divisional chart, dasa and transit may also have their respective say in modifying the results. For personal astrology report on your horoscope; you may consult via following link to get online horoscope reading and astrology consultation.

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19 thoughts on “What my horoscope indicate? | Taurus Ascendant”

  1. Hi Raj Shekhar,

    My birth details

    DOB: 15-04-1983
    Time of birth: 9:00 AM
    Place of birth: Tiruvannamalai (Tamilnadu, India).

    Currently, Lord Rahu Dasa with Lord Shani buthi is going on, eventhough Lord shani is said to be benefic for Taurus i was diagnosed with Kidney ailments in his buthi(around August 2016). I am recovering slowly from it.

    Things I would like to know is
    Will I completely recover from the ailments.
    Marriage is getting delayed, Will marriage happen, if so when?
    Untill now everything in my life is late, will this trend continue?



    1. Saturn is a supportive (benefic) planet for Taurus Ascendant. However, mere being a benefic does not mean that the results may also be positive; and, this depends upon a lot of other factors which can only be ascertained after thorough examination. Just to make it easier for you to comprehend. One may have friends who are supposed to assist and help him. But, the potency/strength of the friend may also have a say in determining the actual course of results. Like, if you have a friend who is suffering from some ailment or facing some problems; then, in place of having the advantage, you may also experience problems. For example, if one is going with his friend from place A to place B; and, due to some reason the friend experience some health issues, this will delay the journey. Thus, while the intention of the friend was not to cause harm, his weakness/ailment may still create problems. And, while he will still be considered friendly; the results of his being friend may not be much pleasant.

      Similarly, if a planet is benefic, it is supposed to help and assist the native. The chances of his actually being able to help and assist will, however, depend upon its disposition in the horoscope. If a friendly planet is well placed and having auspicious/supportive planetary influences; it is able to promote and promote its attributes.

      Second thing is relevance. Like, if your friend is working in aviation industry, he may not be able to help in matters related with health and you may need the help of some other friend working in medical sector. Thus, while Saturn is a benefic planet; the matters related with health are not directly in its control (only partial or indirect relationship can be there depending upon the disposition of Saturn in specific horoscope) and are to be addressed as per the disposition of first and sixth houses (and their lords which happens to be Venus in your case – Taurus Ascendant).

      Third aspect is misreading the results. Sometimes, one is unable to comprehend or notice the beneficial impact of a planet due to apparent results not being pleasant. For example, if one is suffering from some boils or ulcers which are causing pain. Then, during the course of medical treatment too, he may experience some pain; and, if one try to evaluate things on the basis of pain only, he may draw wrong conclusions. The medical treatment, despite being painful, is actually beneficial for the health; and, this aspect also need to be understood with open mind.

      I hope this may be helpful for you to have some clarity. However, please do take note that such explanations may not be mentioned in the personal astrological readings. In this message, I have tried to explain things for educational purpose only; and, this may not be possible for me to teach the concepts of astrology being practiced by me. In the personal astrology readings, only a general description of the planetary disposition will be mentioned. Your specific concerns may, however, be addressed in detail (with minimum inclusion of astrological terms).

      1. Sir, It would be very obliging if you kindly told me when my professional career is likely to begin & how am I going to fare in my finances.
        D.O.B- Nov 12th,1992
        Kolkata, 17:44 hrs

  2. My Details:

    DOB: 30-08-1974
    Time: 00:10
    Place : Hyderabad(AP)
    Not getting much success/growth in carrier. Please tell when can I expect good time in life.
    What are chances of going and settling abroad.

  3. My Name is Raj.Born in 25 march 1977. tob: 2:08 pm,tiruchirappalli,TN.Saturn is in my lagna.Is it good 4 me?. I’m going through divorce now.

  4. Hi sir,
    I was born on 30 09 96 at 11 45 p.m in malaysia.. im mesha rasi rishaba lagna ,krithikka natchatra
    How will my life in future ? Which studies is suit s me and the profession ?

  5. Hello Sir,

    Mine is TAURUS LAGNA – Moon in Lagna, Jupiter in 3rd (Pushya nakshathira), Saturn in 4th, Rahu, Mercury and Sun are in 5th, Venus and Mars are in 6th places. Krithik nakshathira.

    Whether marriage is possible or not? If it is when and will marriage life be fine?

    1. Proper analysis is possible with complete birth details for which you may take paid consultancy via

      As per the provided information, some chances of marriage are looking possible (subject to the disposition of planets in Navamsha as well as operating Dasa). Lagna lord Venus joined by Mars (seventh lord) and the placement advantage of Sun and Mercury are looking supportive to generate marriage.

      1. As per my knowledge, marriage is impossible since Moon and Jupiter both aspect 7th place and 7th lord in 6th place which is 12th house for 7th house. Even if it happens on Mars bukthi in Rahu dasa, it won;t go for long since jupiter’s aspect from 3rd house. Currently Rahu dasa Moon buhkthi is running.

  6. Dear Sir,

    I was born on 13.04.1979 at 08.30 am in dhanbad(Jharkhand).
    How will be my job prospects in coming future.

  7. Sir, my son’s dob is 01-mar-1982; 11:50 am, Poona. His marriage is getting delayed. Please tell whether ther is marriage yog in his horoscope

  8. Rajeshwararao.T

    Sir, I was born on 6-11-1971 at 19 hrs. Since my degree I have been doing different types of private jobs. Please tell me will there be any important in my financial status. Am I likely to start any business of my own or continue in private jobs.

  9. i want to know whether i could migrate to foreign country according to my horoscope? my birth time is 11.12 am on 05/07/1979

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