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Do you know your rising zodiac sign or in which Ascendant you are born?  And, are you born in Aries Ascendant and wondering what your horoscope says about you?  If your answer is, “Yes”, this article may give you some good hints about the basic traints of your personality as well as some good understanding about the role and nature of different planets for your horoscope.

The term “horoscope” is commonly used in wide variety; and, over here I am referring to your rising sign and its general features.  A vedic horoscope comprises your natal birth chart, divisional charts, dasa (planetary periods) and some other aspects of astrology reading like planetary strength, transit etc.  The planetary disposition at a specific time, on specific date and at specific place is worked out to generate your horoscope.  Thereafter, the astrology consultation is provided after detailed analysis of your horoscope.

The rising sign of your personal horoscope is the center point around which all the planets operate.  Whether it is career astrology, marriage astrology or financial astrology – the nature of the zodiac sign falling in first house of your natal birth chart will always have a reasonable say in this regard.  Some of the basic features and general traits of people born under Aries ascendant are mentioned below.

Aries Ascendant (Mesha Lagna):  If you are born in Aries Ascendant; you are very likely to be slim and/or athletic in physique. You may have prominent neck, which may be a little longer.  Your eyes may be round and hairs may be curly and a bit hard than usual. This is due to the fiery nature of Aries zodiac sign, which is ruled by Mars (considered as Army chief in planetary cabinet). These physical attributes may be more prominent if Mars is also placed in Airy or Fiery zodiac signs in your natal horoscope.  On the contrary, the disposition of Mars in Watery zodiac signs like Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces; and, the influence of planets representing bulkiness in the body like Moon, Venus and Jupiter may generate average and/or fatty appearance.

You may be adventurous, courageous, daring and of enterprising nature.  However, if Mars become weak and/or afflicted in your horoscope; this may give contrary results like short tempered; and may cause you to be egoistic and quarrelsome in nature.  The adventurous part may get converted into lack of focus and consistency in your professional matters.

The strong and well placed Mars in your vedic astrology birth chart may bless you with virtues, leadership qualities and dependability.  People can trust you and you may have many followers. These results are more prominent, when Mars is placed in tenth house of your Lagna Chart; where it will be exalted in Capricorn and generating Ruchak Yoga.

In case, the Mars is placed in third house; it may cause some restlessness in your nature; and you may like to remain occupied in one or other thing.  The auspicious relationship with Mercury or strong mutual disposition of Mercury with Mars may also generate your interest in sports activities.  With auspicious and strong disposition of both Mars and Mercury; you may also like to be independent in your professional activities i.e. chances of being in business or skilled profession (i.e. not doing service under someone else’s supervision). You may suffer from physical injuries, specifically during your childhood or adolescence age.

Strong and auspicious disposition of Mars and Saturn may give you good opportunities in Army, Police or Administration.  And, if Sun is also well placed and having auspicious disposition; this may provide support in politics too.  However, for personal and family matters; the disposition of Jupiter and Moon is very important.  Weak and afflicted Moon and Jupiter may cause problems to parents; or you may not be having enjoyable relationships within your family.  If at the same time, Mars is also afflicted (specifically via Nodes or Saturn); this may result in adopting unethical or illegal means to acquire wealth and professional success.

Quite often, even with well placed Mars, Aries Ascendant people find it hard to forgive others.  You may always be looking for opportunities to pounce upon your opponents; and sometimes may even cross the boundaries to quench your thirst of revenge.  If at the same time, Mercury and/or Saturn and/or Nodes are unfairly disposed in your horoscope – it may cause you to suffer from legal problems or may drag you towards criminal activities.

The best part of being born in Aries Ascendant is being able to remain active and agile in all circumstances.   Unless Mars is very severely disturbed and weak; this may be the prominent feature of your personality.  In addition to this, your dependability or trustworthiness can be considered another positive feature of your personality.  Aries Ascendant people like to confront their enemies face to face; and do not believe in hidden tactics.  This is primarily due to the basic nature of Mars, considered as Army Chief in the planetary cabinet.

The weak part of your personality and nature is not being able to maintain your achievements.  You may always be looking for further heights and making new goals in your life.  Due to this, you may find it hard to make balance between your family and profession.  The lordship of Moon over fourth house is another factor; which can be considered responsible for this weakness. You may be easily manipulated by others, specifically females.  And, if disposition of Venus is not auspicious – you may also lack contentment in your marital prospects.  The strength of Moon and Jupiter may work as covering factor; but still, the disposition of Venus should be strong for expecting full contentment in family and marital affairs.   The positive traits of your personality will be more prominent if the Navamsha Lagna is also falling under Aries zodiac sign.

If Mars is having direct relationship with Jupiter; and both planets are well placed – this will serve as the best planetary Yoga (Raj Yoga) for your horoscope.  The union of Sun with Mars will also be good for your horoscope; but it may also generate some health problems.  The union of Mars with Moon is good for domestic affairs and personal relationships, required the Moon should not be weak and having Paksha Bala.

Mars relationship with Saturn is not considered much auspicious.  It usually causes health issues, and accidents; gives unfaithful friends and lack of good social relationships; and also generates laziness.  However, if Jupiter is getting involved in this – this may give very strong and positive results and generate fame and riches.  This may also be helpful in professional sectors related to politics, high administrative posts, judiciary and big entrepreneurship.

Cautions to be exercised:    If you are born in Aries Ascendant; you should be extra careful about the following:

Property:    You may be quite vulnerable in property related matters.  Chances of being cheated in property and facing legal disputes in inheritance are usually more prominent.  Therefore,  you should exercise extra caution in property related matters; specifically when purchasing or selling property.

Social Circle:    This is another factor, which requires caution and care. Due to your trustworthiness and dependability; people around you may try to use and exploit you for their own selfish interests.  You may tend to support wrong or mischievous persons; and may also suffer from emotional setback in your intimate relationships with your counter gender.

Health:        This aspect is also to be looked upon; specifically in terms of proper physical rest.  Your enthusiastic and active nature may deprive you of good and timely sleep.  You may also tend to get over stressed; and may suffer from sleeping problems.  Thus, you may try to get ample sleep and avoid over exertion as much as possible.

Given above are some of the basic traits for Aries Ascendant people; and the disposition of other planets, divisional chart, dasa and transit may also have their respective say in modifying the results. For personal astrology report on your horoscope; you may consult via following link to get online horoscope reading and astrology consultation.

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    I bumped into your site while surfing the net. Very intrigued!!. I have been trying to search for an article which describes how to interpret Saturn Jupiter conjunction for Aries ascendant. For example how will Jupiter dasa be in such a case when Sat (R) in Aries with Moon aspects Jup in Libra with Venus and Mars.

    Any feedback is much appreciated.


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