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Raj Thackeray horoscope readingSwararaj Thackeray, popularly known as Raj Thackeray is the founder and president of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) in Maharashtra, India.  Raj Thackeray was born on 14 June 1968 in Mumbai, when Scorpio zodiac (Vrishchika Lagna) was rising in his Ascendant.  His father, Late Shrikant Thackeray, was a notable music director, cartoonist and journalist.  In fact, Shrikant Thackeray had been told to help Bal Thackeray in building and establishing the journal Marmik in 1960.   Shrikant Thackeary expired on 10 December 2003 and according to available information, Raj Thackeray was working on an election campaign at Nasik at that time.

During his schooling, Raj Thackeray used to contribute cartoons in the weekly magazine Marmik; besides, he had a special interest in music and learned Table, Guitar and the Violin. Raj Thackeray completed his graduation from  Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy School of Art, Mumbai- India.  Raj Thackeray started his political career under the guidance of his uncle and Shiv Sena Supremo, Bal Thackeray. In 1997, Raj Thackeray started a youth wing, “Shiv Udyog Sena” in Shiv Sena and succeeded in establishing himself as leader of the youth. However, due to some differences in 2006, Raj Thackeray left Shiv Sena and established MNS (Maharashtra Navnirman Sena).  And, despite being having a separate stand from Shiv Sena – Raj Thackeray still holds due regards towards his mentor Bal Thackeray.

Raj Thackeray remained in controversies and disputes many times; in July 1996, he was implicated in a murder case; though, later on the CBI dismissed the case as of suicide. In 2005 – there was a Kohinoor Mill controversy.  The year 2008 was quite active in this regard.  During initial 2008, Raj Thackeray was arrested for his involvement in leading a movement against the supposed dominance of migrants in Maharashtra.  During the same year 2008, Raj Thackeray took a strong stand against Jaya Bachchan words, “’Hum UP (Uttar Pradesh) ke log hain, isliye Hindi mein baat karenge, Maharashtra ke log Maaf Kijiye’ (We are from UP region, so we will speak in Hindi. People of Maharashtra, please excuse)”.  And, following this Mumbai police acted against Raj, issuing a gag order preventing him from speaking to the media.

Then during last quarter of 2008 near Diwali,  Raj Thackeray provided support to the sacked employees of Jet Airways and announced that unless Jet Airways cancelled the layoffs, his party (MNS) would not allow any Jet Airways plane to take off from any airport in Maharashtra. Surprisingly, within 12 hours of this announcement, the sacked employees were reinstated.

And, such controversies continued to accompany Raj Thackeray; be it Chhath Puja, screening of the movie, “Wake up Sid” or demand for introduction of telecom customer service in Marathi.  The point is some planetary dispositions of his horoscope are strongly suggesting him to be a controversial personality.  However, as far as, the reasoning or the rationale behind the controversy/arguments is concerned – this I leave upon the reader to judge by himself/herself.

Raj Thackeray Lagna Chart

Being Scorpio Ascendant, the first house of Raj Thackeray natal  Birth Chart is ruled by the planet Mars; and it(Mars) also rules over sixth house. As lord of first house of Raj Thackeray horoscope, Mars is an auspicious planet; however, it is badly placed in eighth house along with the Sun and Mercury.  And, both the Mars and Mercury are combust; thus not a very comfortable position for both these planets, specifically Mars, which rules over first and sixth houses of his Lagna Chart.  The union of Mars with Sun and Mercury is also devoid of any auspicious planetary aspect; thus, Mars has become quite weak and troubled in his Lagna Chart.

In his Navamsha Chart, the Mars has joined debilitated Sun; which further deteriorates the positive attributes of both Sun and Mars in Raj Thackeray horoscope.  This weak and disturbed placed of Mars is the primary reason for his being so much troubled via controversies and disputes.  This also causes him to be misunderstood most of the times.  A troubled Mars is itself not desirable for cool temperament; while, in Raj Thackeray horoscope, Mars is troubled being lord of first and sixth houses; thus enhancing the chances of getting involved into disputes, arguments and controversies.

Jupiter (lord of second and fifth houses) is well placed in tenth house of Raj Thackeray Lagna Chart; and denotes high level of ideology and intellectual concepts.  However, due to the bad placement of tenth lord Sun and disturbed Mars – he may find it difficult to share/express his view point clearly as well as implementing his concepts.  Venus is occupying its own zodiac sign in seventh house; thus generating Malavya Yoga. But, in his Navamsha Chart, Venus has become debilitated; thus most of the positive attributes of Malavya Yoga has been compromised.  Besides this, Venus is also receiving aspects from Saturn and Ketu; due to which, the element of delay and depreciation is also added into the positive attributes of Malavya Yoga.  As per lordship, Venus is a Maraka planet for Raj Thackeray horoscope; and the aspect of afflicted/weak Venus on first house also makes Raj Thackeray a bit more sensitive and touchy in nature.

On other side, the mutual disposition of Venus and Jupiter has blessed him with strong and deep inclination towards music and similar artistic skills and virtues.  The union of Saturn + Rahu in fifth house of his Lagna Chart makes him rigid on the outside, courageous, adventurous, and daring in nature.  As lord of third house, the well placed Saturn in fifth house is good for taking strong endeavors; and as lord of fourth house, the placement of Saturn makes Raj Thackeray popular in masses and gives inclination towards leadership in society and politics. However, for the signification of fifth house; the union of Rahu + Saturn is not much good as it may give emotional set-backs as well as delay and obstructions in personal and social relationships. The well placed fifth lord Jupiter is having some protection, due to which the negative intensity of the affliction (Saturn + Rahu) in fifth house is reduced to some extent.  In Navamsha Chart of Raj Thackeray, Saturn has retained its placement in Pisces zodiac sign, which also provides some additional support to the positive attributes of the Saturn, specifically related to his political and social endeavors.

The third house of Raj Thackeray Lagna Chart is occupied by the Moon (lord of ninth house); and can be considered the most auspicious disposition of his whole horoscope.   The Moon is receiving aspects from Ketu and Mars of which the aspect of Mars is auspicious and reasonably supportive for positive attributes of the Moon.  In Navamsha Kundali of Raj Thackeray, the Moon is positioned in its own zodiac sign along with Ketu.  The disposition of the Moon in Raj Thackeray horoscope makes him a visionary, who can look beyond the apparently visible scenario. The disposition of Moon also makes him royal in nature, though it may not be easily acceptable to some – but if the birth details (available to me) are correct, the strength and positivity of the Moon in Raj Thackeray horoscope is quite remarkable to bless him with royal, justified and correct approach in his life.

As expressed above, the primary reason (behind his being vulnerable to criticism and controversy) is the weakness on the part of Mars and; the operation of weak/inauspicious planetary periods quite often makes it more troublesome.  Like, it was during Jupiter/Mars bhukti in 2008-09, when he faced most number of challenges/controversies.  Similarly, during Jupiter/Sun (2006), he has to leave Shiv Sena and got separated from his mentor Bal Thackeray.

At present, Raj Thackeray is under Saturn/Saturn bhukti, which will be operational till mid August 2014. And, very recently, the transit Saturn has re-entered into its exalted zodiac sign and passing through twelfth house of Raj Thackeray Lagna Chart.  Thus, it may be difficult period for Raj Thackeray and he has to face tough challenges in his political and social matters.

Though, he may be able to overcome the obstructions; but, sufferings, deterioration and losses cannot be ruled out. And, till 13 January 2013 (when both dasa and transit afflictions are looking grave) Raj Thackeray should remain careful about his health and initiatives.  Being well placed in Lagna Chart; and passing through its exalted zodiac sign – Saturn is capable of giving strength to his efforts and endeavors.  However, the possibility of endeavors being fruitful and capable of generating the desired results may remain doubtful; and Raj Thackeray may again fall prey to the tactics of his political and social rivals. From 14 January 2013 onwards, the transit Jupiter will be relieved from transit Ketu (which is currently debilitated and making union with Jupiter); thus, some ease and relief can be expected during 2013.  So, overall, the Saturn/Saturn period is looking tough in Raj Thackeray horoscope and the negative intensity of the period (Saturn/Saturn bhukti) may remain more pronounced till 13 January 2013.

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