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Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is 44th President of United States of America.  Barack Obama is also the first African American to hold the highest post of President.  He assumed his office on 20 January 2009.    His mother Ann Dunham was an American anthropologist and got married to Barack Obama Sr in February 1961. And, Barack Obama was born on 4 August 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Obama parents separated during his early childhood; followed by divorce in early 1964. At  the age of around 10 years in 1971, Barack Obama was sent to live with his maternal grandparents in Hawaii. During his stay in Hawaii, Obama became conscious of racism and also struggled in reconciling with social perceptions of his multiracial heritage as such he was one of only three black students at the school.  Besides this, Barack Obama also struggled with separation of his father from the family, who expired in November 1982.

In 1979, after completing the high school, Barack Obama moved to Los Angeles for college education.  In 1981, he transferred to Columbia University in New York and graduated in Political Science in 1983.  After working in the business sector for around two years, Barack Obama moved to Chicago in 1985 and worked as a community organizer till May 1988 Thereafter, in February 1990 he was elected as editor of Harvard Law Review ( law review published by independent student group at Harvard Law School).  After law school, Obama returned to Chicago and started his practice as a civil rights lawyer. He also taught at the University of Chicago Law School as well as helped to organize voter registrations drives during Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign in 1992.  In 1989, Barack Obama met Michelle, who was working as an associate at law firm in Chicago; and soon they started dating followed by marriage on 3 October 1992.   The couple is welcomed by two daughters namely Malia (1998) and Sasha (2001).

In 1995, Barack Obama published his autobiography’ “Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance”, which received high appreciation.  Within a few months’ periods of the publication, Ann Dunham, the mother of Barack Obama, died on 29 November 1995.  Obama was elected State Senator to the Illinois State in November 1996 and served three times in the Illinois State Senate (1997 to 2004).  In November 2004, Barack Obama won election in the US Senate followed by his election as President of the USA in November 2008.  Unfortunately, the grandmother of Barack Obama died just two days before his selection as President of USA.

As per the available birth details, Barack Obama is born at 7.24 PM on 4 August 1961 at Hononulu in Hawaii. The Vedic Astrology Calculations generate following Lagna Chart (Natal Birth Chart) of Barack Obama, wherein the Ascendant is occupied by debilitated Jupiter and Saturn.

Barack Obama Natal Birth Chart
Barack Obama Natal Birth Chart 7:24 PM

However, during close examination and analysis of the past events/information; the matching of the available horoscope with on ground results is lacking significantly.  And, I am having some strong doubt about the accuracy of his birth details, specifically the time of birth.  Some of the prominent reasons/clarifications in this regard are discussed below.

We have got the following absolute information to cross check with the available horoscope of Barack Obama based upon 7.24 PM on 4 August 1961 at Honolulu in Hawaii:

Physical Attributes:    Barack Obama is tall and slim with attractive and impressive personality. He suffered a minor accident (lip injury) on 26 November 2010, while playing basketball.

Family:      His father left the family during very initial phase of his childhood and his parents divorced in 1964. His father Barack Obama Senior died in November 1982.  His mother Ann Dunham died on 29 November 1995; and his beloved grandmother expired on 2 November 2008.  Barack Obama got married on 3 October 1992 and blessed with two daughters namely Malia (1998) and Sasha (2001).

Profession:    Barack Obama started his professional career as community organizer, and then as a lawyer followed by his successful entry into politics in 1996.  In November 2008, Barack Obama became the 44th President of the USA.  Barack Obama has authored three books viz. “Dreams of my father”,  “The Audacity of Hope” and “Of Thee”.

Now, as per available birth details, the vedic astrology analysis of Barack Obama horoscope is not reflecting the above traits and information appropriately.  The first house of Obama birth chart is occupied by Saturn and Jupiter; and both are retrograde in motion.  Jupiter is also debilitated.  Further, this union of Jupiter + Saturn is taking place in Capricorn zodiac sign, which is earthy in nature.  And, the combined influence of debilitated Jupiter and Saturn on first house of Barack Obama birth chart might have given some stout and short buildup. The seventh house is tenanted by Sun and Mercury of which the Sun rules over eighth house; while the Mercury is the lord of sixth and ninth houses.  These planets (Sun + Mercury) are having their aspect on the first house as well as the planets placed therein.  Some chances of improvement in height can be expected due to aspects of Sun and Mercury; but still, the impact of Jupiter (debilitated in earthy zodiac sign) is totally absent. And, in Capricorn zodiac sign, Saturn also gives a strong and muscular build.  And, because Barack Obama is tall and quite slim in physique – generally represented via Fiery and Airy zodiac signs – the chances of his Ascendant being Capricorn are not much.

The Ascendant in Navamsha Chart  is Leo; and Saturn has gone to sixth house occupying its own zodiac sign (Capricorn).  And, the first house of Navamsha Chart are devoid of any planetary influence; thus, even Navamsha Chart is not having any strong indications of tall and slim physique.  The Leo zodiac sign is Fiery in Nature; however, (as I expressed above); the influence of Jupiter (placed in first house of natal birth chart) is totally absent in the actual physical attributes of Barack Obama.

Barack Obama Navamsha Chart
Navamsha Chart Barack Obama (7.24 PM)

Barack Obama Sr., the father of Barack Obama, left the family during every initial stages of childhood followed by divorce in 1964.  The second house (family) in Barack Obama horoscope is occupied by Ketu; and the second house lord Saturn is having inauspicious union with debilitated Jupiter (lord of third and twelfth houses).  The second house is also under aspect of badly placed Mars (making union with Rahu in eighth house).  The tenth lord Venus (also rules over fifth house and is a Yogakaraka planet) is badly placed in sixth house.  These planetary dispositions are capable of generating such issues in family like separation between parents and/or other troubles in the family.  However, there are some counter Yogas (planetary dispositions) against the inauspicious planetary influences. Mercury rules over ninth house in Obama birth chart; and is united with eighth lord Sun in seventh house.

Thus, both Sun and Mercury are representing father; Mercury as lord of ninth house and the Sun as significator.   The dispositor of Sun + Mercury is the Moon, which is exalted in fifth house; and at the time of birth Obama was under main period of the Moon.  Mercury is, however, combust; and the Moon (placed in fifth), Sun + Mercury (placed in seventh) and the ninth house – all are under aspect of Jupiter (malefic lord of third and twelfth houses). In his Navamsha Chart, Mercury is in its own zodiac sign and placed in second house; and Venus is joined by Mars and Sun in the fifth house.      His father expired in November 1982, when Barack Obama was under Mahadasa (main period) of Rahu (North Node) and Antardasa (sub-period) of Jupiter.  Having union with second lord Saturn, the Jupiter (as lord of third and twelfth houses) is capable of generating inauspicious events related to family during its sub-period. Thus, this aspect of Obama’s life is somewhat matching with the horoscope based upon 7.24 PM.

Marriage took place on 3 October 1992; and it can be considered a successful marriage.  The seventh house is occupied by the Sun and combust Mercury; and as lord of eighth house the disposition of the Sun in seventh house is not desirable for timely and stable marriage; specifically when the union (Sun + Mercury) and seventh lord Moon both are under aspect of Jupiter (malefic lord of third and twelfth houses).  The affliction to both second and seventh houses and their lords is not observed to be auspicious for family and post marital life.  Besides this, the Venus (significator for wife and marriage in male horoscopes) is badly placed in sixth house of Barack Obama birth chart; and marriage also took place during Rahu/Venus dasa; and both these planets are badly placed in natal birth chart of Barack Obama.  Thus, the marital prospects and their stability is not being reflected in the horoscope of Barack Obama.  Some improvement is there in the Navamsha Chart of Barack Obama; but it is still not sufficient enough to generate such strong and stable results in marital prospects; which are apparently visible in real.

Ann Dunham, the mother of Barack Obama, expired on 29 November 1995, when he was under Rahu/Mars dasa; and this looks somewhat possible as such both these planets (Rahu and Mars are badly placed in eighth house of his natal birth chart; and Mars has also become debilitated in tenth house of Dwadashamsha Chart meant for analyzing parental happiness).  Therefore, the family aspects of Barack Obama horoscope are partially matching; wherein the marital prospects are not compatible at all with the horoscope based upon available birth details.

Barack Obama started his political journey in 1996 and in November 2008, he became the President of United States of America; one of the most powerful countries of the world.  And, this aspect should be strongly and clearly reflected in the horoscope as such this is not a normal or routine course of professional success being enjoyed by Barack Obama.  As per available horoscope, the tenth house lord Venus is badly placed in sixth house, lord of fourth and eleventh houses (Mars) is badly placed in eighth house along with Rahu (North Node); and debilitated Jupiter is having its affliction  on first house and Saturn (lord of first and second houses of natal birth chart).  Besides this, the ninth house lord Mercury is also suffering from combustion and affliction of the Sun (via union) and Jupiter (via aspect).  The Navamsha Chart is slightly better but not looking strong enough to counter all in-auspiciousness generated by the disposition of Sun, Mars and Jupiter in Lagna Chart.  In fact, the Venus (Yogakaraka planet in natal birth chart of Barack Obama) is having union with Sun and Mars in Navamsha; and despite being well placed in fifth house of Navamsha – the affliction of both these planets (the Sun and Mars) still counts on it.  Some may opine about the Neecha Bhanga obtained by Jupiter in first house of the natal birth chart to be responsible for such high status enjoyed by Barack Obama. Though, Neecha Bhanga is applicable to some extent; but we are also required to consider the intensity and strength of the overall planetary strength; which is lacking significantly in this horoscope.   There should be some very strong and clear indications in Barack Obama horoscope to support this very fact about his being able to rise to such extent.

In my opinion, the last Navamsha in Libra Ascendant (Tula Lagna) is looking to be appropriately matching with most of the information.  This is falling between 1.18 PM to 1.32 PM; and the Ascendant Chart of Barack Obama comes as under:

Natal Birth Chart of Barack Obama corrected
Natal Birth Chart – Barack Obama (corrected)

The Ascendant is Libra (Airy zodiac sign) and the Ascendant lord Venus is placed in ninth house under aspect from Ketu (South Node).  The Saturn (which becomes Yogakaraka now in Libra Ascendant) is placed in fourth house (in its own zodiac sign) and having its aspect on the first house of natal birth chart.   Thus, there is sufficient matching with physical attributes of Barak Obama (tall and slim). The Airy and Fiery zodiac signs are capable of giving slim and tall physique; and in this corrected birth chart, the following dispositions are indicating the physical attributes actually possessed by Barack Obama:

  • First house of Natal Birth Chart contains Libra zodiac sign, which is Airy in nature; and receiving aspect from Saturn, which is capable of giving tall and slim physique.
  • The lord of first house i.e. Venus is also placed in Gemini, which is also an Airy zodiac sign and represents slim physique.  Besides this, the Ascendant and its lord Venus; both are under aspect of Ketu (South Node), placed in fifth house.  Ketu is considered of fiery temperament and is also occupying Airy zodiac sign.

The Navamsha Ascendant is Gemini, which adds to the Airy temperament of the horoscope; and the Navamsha ascendant is under aspects of Venus, Sun and Mars (all placed in seventh house in Fiery zodiac sign; thus confirming the physical attributes reflected in natal birth chart of Barack Obama.

Navamsha Chart of Barack Obama
Navamsha Chart (corrected) Barack Obama

Thus, the corrected horoscope of Barack Obama based upon birth time falling between 1.18 PM to 1.32 PM is very suitably matching and reflecting the actual physical attributes of Barack Obama.
The professional success enjoyed by Barack Obama is also very well represented in this corrected horoscope; and, some of the prominent features are explained below:

  • Tenth house of Barack Obama natal birth chart is occupied by Sun and Mercury.  Sun rules over eleventh house and its union with Mercury (auspicious lord of ninth and twelfth houses) in tenth house is capable of generating strong and positive results pertaining to professional success.  Besides this, the Sun is a general significator of politics; and such disposition of the Sun is capable of generating strong results in this regard.
  • The union of Sun + Mercury is making mutual aspect relationship with Saturn + Jupiter union in fourth house.  Being lord of third and sixth houses, the role of Jupiter is not much positive and capable of generating negativity on the houses/planets under its influence (via union or aspect).  However, it will still be protecting and promoting the attributes related to the houses owned by it.  That is, the significations of fourth, eighth, tenth, twelfth houses and the planets Saturn, Moon, Mercury and Sun may suffer to some extent; but the attributes of third and sixth houses will flourish.  As lord of fourth and fifth houses of Barack Obama natal birth chart, Saturn becomes the Yogakaraka Planet; and its union with Jupiter will be auspicious for Jupiter; while, Saturn will suffer the affliction.
  • And, as lord of third and sixth houses, the positive influence of Saturn via union and the aspect of the union of Sun + Mercury (placed in tenth house) is capable of giving strong boost and support to Jupiter in exerting the strong and positive results pertaining to third and sixth houses.
  • The lord of tenth house Moon is exalted but badly placed in eighth house; and also having aspect from Jupiter, which is not auspicious.  Being exalted, the Moon is holding some strength; however, still the affliction of Jupiter will count upon the Moon.
  • In Navamsha Chart of Barack Obama, the tenth house is occupied by Moon and Jupiter; and the union is having mutual aspect relationship with Mercury.  Jupiter has obtained its own zodiac sign in Navamsha, which provides additional support and strength to Jupiter.
  • And, the Mercury is also positioned in its own zodiac sign (Virgo).  The union of Jupiter + Moon in tenth house of Navamsha Chart is under aspects of Mars and Saturn, which further adds to the strength of tenth and sixth houses of Barack Obama horoscope.  It was during Jupiter/Sun dasa (planetary period), when Barack Obama was elected as the President of the USA; and the planetary disposition of both these planets is clearly and very sufficiently indicating such rise/success in politics.

Therefore, the planetary disposition in corrected horoscope of Barack Obama is reflecting the actual situation/attributes (related to professional success)more profoundly against the horoscope based upon 7.24 PM.

In addition to above, the other events/information is also matching very suitably with this corrected horoscope of Barack Obama.

Separation and Divorce of parents during early childhood:    The lord of second house (family) is Mars and the same is having union with Rahu (North Node) in eleventh house.  The union of Mars + Rahu is not desirable generally; and in Barack Obama horoscope, the attributes of second and seventh houses (both ruled by Mars) are damaged to some extent. The second house receives aspect from exalted Moon, which is badly placed in eighth house and also suffers from the aspect of Jupiter (malefic lord of third and sixth houses).  The ninth lord Mercury and significator for father i.e. the Sun; both these planets are also under aspect of Jupiter.  The lord of fourth house Saturn is also suffering from Jupiter’s affliction, while placed in fourth house itself.  From January 1963 onwards, the Mahadasa (main period) of Moon (having aspect from Jupiter) started on Barack Obama horoscope; and his parents divorced in March 1964, when he was under Antardasa (sub-period) of Mars (lord of second house family).

But, one more thing should be given attention – Barack Obama was not completely denied of family life and environment.  He was well cared and adored by his grandparents; as well as by his mother.  Besides this, his mother Ann Dunham was highly qualified (Ph D in anthropology), which looks possible with strong fourth lord Saturn (though afflicted) placed in fourth house itself.  With the previous horoscope (based upon 7,24 PM); Mars becomes the fourth house lord, which is badly placed in eighth house along with Rahu; and not looking capable of giving such results pertaining to mother.  In the corrected horoscope, the affliction of Jupiter is there on the fourth house and Moon; however, the gravity is not equally strong and limited to struggled life of mother. Ann Dunham died in November 1995, when Obama was passing under sub-period of the Moon (badly placed and afflicted by Jupiter’s aspect in natal chart )

Marriage:  Obama got married on 3 October 1992 and as per corrected horoscope, he was under Rahu/Venus period at that time.  The placement of Venus is quite better in corrected horoscope.  Venus rules over the ascendant and its disposition in ninth house is auspicious and supportive for luck and fortune.  Besides this, as significator for wife and marriage (in male horoscopes); this also supports the marital significations of Barack Obama horoscope.  In his Navamsha Chart too, Venus is placed in seventh house along with Mars (lord of second and seventh houses) and the Sun; thus, generating some additional strength and support in terms of marital prospects.

Barack Obama Sr., father of Barack Obama, died In November 1982 and at that time Rahu/Jupiter period was operational on his corrected horoscope.  As can be seen, Jupiter is having its inauspicious aspect on Moon (tenth house lord), Sun (significator for father) and Mercury (ninth house lord).  And, during main period of Rahu (making union with second house lord Mars) – such event is possible generating inauspicious results pertaining to family and father.   During Jupiter/Mars, while playing basket-ball, Obama suffered a minor injury on 26 November 2010, which is also looking possible as such Mars is Maraka planet; and capable of generating health issues or injuries during main period of Jupiter (lord of sixth house signifying injuries, diseases and enemies).

Thus, the thorough analysis of Barack Obama’s real life incidents is being sufficiently reflected in corrected horoscope of Barack Obama against the one based upon 7.24 PM.  I am still working on Obama horoscope to conclude more precise birth time and will be coming back on this at the earliest possible.

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  1. Dan R Halvorson

    This information about Barack Obama involves the system of planets and houses in combinations that are eithe good, malefic, or neutral and I have just learned some the the cominations from another website. I think the analysis of Barack’s physical type is very important and reassuring, as I once thought him to be his father, born in Kenya, and not legally a president. This was very confusing to me for awhile as to who was born where. He was born in Hawaii. This unfortunately make certain United States defense problems very tough -I have heard this from veterans. However, some anaylses suggest a very very certain end to his presidency around 2014 or 2015 that perhaps could be prevented. I hear about three groups or so who want to kill him that are very sleezy. I have heard there is very little chance of him finishing his term in office. Thank you for the info,, and I will try to get in touch with you later.

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