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Barack Obama - Chances of reelection in US Presidential Elections 2012 | Vedic Astrology PredictionUnited States Presidential Elections are scheduled to be held In November 2012 and the election campaigning is on full swing.  Current President Barack Obama will be contesting for his re-election as President of the United States; and in this article I will be trying to exploit my limited knowledge of vedic astrology to work out the possibility of Barack Obama winning the elections.

Apropos to my previous article on Barack Obama Horoscope; wherein I tried to conduct Birth Time Rectification on his horoscope – the most probable birth time of Barack Obama is appearing to be somewhere around 13:20 hours (1.20 PM). As per vedic astrology readings of Barack Obama horoscope – Jupiter/Rahu dasa (period) is operational on his vedic astrology birth chart.

In natal birth chart of Barack Obama – the Jupiter is debilitated in fourth house; however, having positive influence of Yogakaraka Saturn (via union).  Besides this, Jupiter is also receiving aspects from the Sun + Mercury union in tenth house, which provides addition support to Jupiter.  But, it is the Navamsha Chart, wherein the actual strength and positivity is obtained by Jupiter.

As explained in the previous article, Jupiter is placed in tenth house of Barack Obama Navamsha Chart; and occupying its own zodiac sign.  Besides this, Jupiter is making union with the Moon (lord of tenth house of Barack Obama Lagna Chart); and also receiving aspect from Mercury (occupying its exalted zodiac sign in fourth house of Navamsha Chart).

Rahu (North Node) is united with Mars in eleventh house of Barack Obama natal birth chart; and in his Navamsha Chart, Rahu is exalted, but positioned in twelfth house.  The mutual disposition of Jupiter and Rahu is, however, a bit inauspicious as such these planets are placed in sixth/eighth houses from each other.  But, the main concern is the current transit position of both these planets.

At present and till United State Presidential Elections 2012, the transit Jupiter is passing through Taurus zodiac sign, which falls in the eighth house of Barack Obama horoscope.  Besides this, transit Jupiter is also making union with transit Ketu (debilitated in Taurus zodiac sign) and having debilitated Rahu (whose Antardasa is operational now) under its aspect.

The transit position of other planets is also looking a bit dim for Barack Obama horoscope.  At the time of election – Saturn, the Yogakaraka planet for Libra Ascendant, will be transiting over first house and in its exaltation zodiac sign.  And, this can be considered auspicious.  However, transit Saturn will also be having union with the Sun (debilitated in transit); and being too close to the transit Sun, it will be suffering from combustion as well.  The transit Venus will also be passing through its debilitated zodiac sign from twelfth house of Barack Obama horoscope.   Besides this, transit Mars and Mercury will be joining debilitated Rahu in second house.  However, the transit position of the Moon is looking strong for the day.

Conclusively, the overall planetary strength (dasa and transit) may not be equally strong as it was during 2008, when Barack Obama was successfully registered his victory.  The Antardasa lord Rahu is also not having any direct and strong relationship with the planets (viz. the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn), which are primarily responsible for professional success.  Therefore, it may be a bit difficult for Barack Obama to get re-elected; and the chances are not looking in his favor.

The pre-election polls are, however, indicating contrary to the above observation made by me.  Most of the election polls results are showing the results in favor of Barack Obama.  Like this one ‘over here’ is indicating very strong chances of Barack Obama being winning in the 2012 US  Presidential Elections.  Some others are also showing results to be in favor of Barack Obama; which are not matching with the conclusion drawn on the basis of vedic astrology analysis conducted by me.

However, I will still be going by the vedic astrology analysis of Barack Obama horoscope; and in my opinion Barack Obama will be having a very tough fight; and the chances of Barack Obama winning 2012 US Presidential Elections are quite weak.

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  1. Dear Rajji,
    Its a record that US president always gets selected for their second tenure also..but even i was very shocked when u did this analysis and wrote that the chances of Mr Obama becoming president is lil weak..lets see..what happens…btw nice article…

    warm regards,

    • Yes, even I wasn’t much comfortable with the conclusion based upon his horoscope; because almost everyone is (whether via astrology or on other basis) is confirming the re-election of Obama as President. But, as far as, his horoscope is concerned – this is not indicating it. And, because I have also done birth time rectification on his horoscope; things are even more complicated.

      But, any how, I have to go by the horoscope and the planetary indications present therein; in place of choosing the easy way and joining others without any independent understanding. Let’s see how it comes out.

  2. Lol @ prediction – he won comfortably today

  3. Obama is re-elected. I think you may have the wrong chart. Journal of astrology (K.N.Rao) predicted it correctly. Maybe you can look up the horoscope in there article.

    • Thanks Axl. Yes, I have gone through the whole article under reference. And, this was really helpful. Though, as far as the chart of Obama is concerned, I am not yet convinced with the horoscope based upon the birth details mentioned in the article. That is why, I have to work upon getting the corrected horoscope of Barack Obama . And, since it is rectified, the chances of having some more adjustments are still there. And, I am working on this.

  4. In Journal of astrology they predict his win on the basis of Capricon lagan but as from your fine analysis it is clearly evident that Libra lagan resemble his life more.
    Sir i think Mitt Romney birth chart was quite weaker then Obama chart on the particular election day.

    • Hello Naveen

      Yes, you got it correct. This was the primary lacuna in the analysis. I should have done the comparative analysis too to ascertain the comparative strength between both the horoscopes; and which did make a significant difference. Anyway, this is how we learn to take things appropriately. Earlier also, I have observed the need of comparative analysis while making observations/predictions of competitive events. The horoscope of Mitt Romney was comparatively weaker, due to which, despite having the inauspicious planetary influences (which did take place); the horoscope of Barack Obama was a bit more stronger than of Mitt Romney.

  5. Love reading your articles on this site. Obama won a very close election. Would love to read your reason as far why Obama’s horoscope indicated a different outcome. There shouldn’t be any confusion about his birth time and other details ’cause it his birth certificate was released earlier this year to public. Looking forward to your response.

    • Hello Manu
      Thanks for visiting here and having interest in reading my articles. Yes, Obama won a very close election; though, the conclusion drawn (i.e. he may loose the election) could not come correct. The primary reason is the comparative strength between both horoscopes of Obama and Romney; wherein Obama was observed to be having a slight advantage. However, I will try to post an elaborate analysis too in this regard.

  6. Yeah rite sir the inauspicious planetry effects did take place in Obama’s chart.
    Sir i read some where that the political parties also have birth charts and they too contribute in outcome of elections.

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