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Apropos to the vedic astrology predictions already given for India horoscope:

At present, the last pratyantar of Rahu is operational in Sun/Jupiter Bhukti, and from 13 July 2012 onwards, the Antardasa of Saturn will start.  The transit position of Mahadasa lord Sun is somewhat better in Gemini zodiac sign (second house of India’s Natal Chart).  However, the transit position of Antardasa (sub-period) lord Jupiter is not much auspicious.  Jupiter is still making an inauspicious union with Venus and debilitated Ketu; and it will be after 31 July 2012 that Venus will come out of the transit affliction of Jupiter and Ketu.  In addition to this, another inauspicious transit union of Saturn + Mars is also operational in Virgo zodiac sign in fifth house of India horoscope.

Transit Mercury is passing through third house of India horoscope (in Cancer zodiac sign) and is also having aspect from transit Rahu (North Node), which is also debilitated.  Moon is a fast moving planet; and therefore, it will also be coming under inauspicious influences. Overall, except Sun, the remaining planets are in inauspicious relationships with each other.  The union of Mars and Saturn is not considered much auspicious unless there are specific and strong auspicious influences on these two. While, for India horoscope, the role of Jupiter is not positive; and the aspect of transit Saturn on the transit union of Mars + Saturn is further deteriorating the positive attributes of Saturn (which is a Yogakaraka planet for India horoscope).  Such mutual transit position of the planets (specifically Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) is likely to generate negative events for most of the Ascendants too; and when ever, the transit Moon comes under direct relationship with any of these planets, the intensity of in-auspiciousness will be more pronounced.

Therefore, caution and care should be exercised by all during the month of July 2012.  Some betterment is expected in economical prospects of the country, like share market may have some stability.  This has also been pointed out in the comments section of previous readings (click here) that long positions can be made with a short term view for the period between July to October 2012 But, the other aspects of the nation are still  looking quite vulnerable and volatile.  The political stability may remain a great cause of concern as well as the threats of inauspicious events/accidents are also looking prominent.  The change of Antardasa (from 13 July 2012 onwards Sun/Saturn bhukti will commence on India horoscope) is expected to reduce the negativity to some extent; but it may also take time and immediate relief and improvements may not be possible. Thus the whole month of July 2012 is looking to create problems in the nation.  There threats of nature (we already have severe flood situation in North-East states) may continue to cause problems; and the masses (public) may also remain violent and agitated. The transit union of Mars + Saturn, which is coming under aspect of transit Jupiter and Ketu (debilitated) may also generate possibility of increase in severe criminal activities.  And, as such, the Saturn is suffering most of the transit affliction, even political people may suffer from violent and aggressive behavior.  There has already been such incident in Assam, wherein the local MLA Rumi Nath was beaten up by the crowd.  And, the chances of recurrence of such events are quite prominent.

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  1. Dear Rajji,
    was mars and saturn combination responsible for assam riots and factors which created such an havoc…

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