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sagan-francoise-author-vedic-astrology-horoscope-readingsFrancoise Sagan was born on 21 June 1935 in Cajarc, France when Leo zodiac sign was rising in her Vedic horoscope. Francoise Sagan was a female French author, who achieved overnight success at the age of 19 years.  She is best known for her first novel, “Bonjour Tristesse” which was published in 1954 and became immediate international success. Her real name was Francoise Quoirez; while, she chose “Sagan” as her pen name.  Francoise Sagan was also known for her lifestyle and drug abuse. In 2002, she was convicted of tax fraud; and then on 24 September 2004, Francoise Sagan died of lung disease in the hospital.

What makes her horoscope special is the fact that despite being immensely successful during very early age, Francoise Sagan had a challenging life and financial constraints.  In Vedic Horoscope of Francoise Sagan, the Ascendant is Leo and lord of first house Sun is placed in eleventh house along with combust Mercury and Ketu. Third house is occupied by Jupiter, which rules over fifth house of her Natal Birth Chart.  Jupiter is also having its aspect on Ascendant Lord Sun, Mercury and Ketu (South Node) placed in eleventh house of Francoise Sagan horoscope. Venus, the lord of third and tenth houses, is badly placed in twelfth house in the zodiac sign of the Moon. Vedic Astrology Readings for being an author are moderately applicable on her horoscope.  From October 1952 onwards, when Francoise Sagan was 17 years of age, the Jupiter’s main period (Mahadasa) started on her horoscope.  For Leo Ascendant people, Jupiter is a very auspicious and supportive planet; and its disposition in third house of her Birth Chart gave very excellent results pertaining to third and fifth houses.  The Yogakaraka Mars is also placed in second house of Francoise Sagan horoscope, which also added to the fortunate results.  However, the weakness on the part of Venus, lord of third and tenth houses, is not very desirable as it did not allowed the positive attributes to be stable and strong.  Besides this, the combustion of Mercury and the union of Saturn with Moon in seventh house of Francoise Sagan Birth Chart made her suffer on various accounts including problems in professional and personal matters.  Francoise Sagan married twice; but both marriages were short-lived and ended in divorce.


Saturn is in its own zodiac sign in seventh house; thus generating Shasha Yoga.  But as such, Saturn rules over sixth house of Francoise Sagan Birth Chart and is also making union with the Moon (inauspicious lord of twelfth house); most of the positive attributes of the Shasha Yoga have been compromised.  The aspect of Jupiter on the union of Saturn + Moon is auspicious for diluting the negative influence to some extent.

Francoise Sagan was also known for her love of fast driving.  During Jupiter/Saturn period in 1957, Francoise Sagan had a terrible accident that left her in coma for a few days. Being lord of sixth and seventh houses, Saturn is a Maraka planet in Francoise Sagan horoscope.  And, being united with twelfth lord Moon, Saturn is quite capable of generating inauspicious results pertaining to health, physical safety and finance on her birth chart. The first house of Francoise Sagan horoscope is having aspects from Rahu, Saturn and Moon of which Moon is the lord of twelfth house.  Thus, the aspectual influence is negative.  Ascendant lord Sun is united with Ketu and Mercury in eleventh house of which the union of Ketu with Sun is also not auspicious and supportive for attributes of the Sun.  The inauspicious relationship of planets related to first, second and sixth houses of Francoise Sagan horoscope had resulted in drug addiction. The Jupiter’s Mahadasa (main period) was followed by Mahadasa of Saturn and Mercury.  During these planetary periods, Francoise Sagan fortune declined significantly and she struggled for professional and financial stability.  The bad placement of Venus, lord of third and tenth houses; multiple malefic combinations and operation of inauspicious planetary period failed to give stable results in overall matters of her life. Francoise Sagan died in September 2004, when she was passing through Mercury/Saturn period.  The life of Francoise Sagan was portrayed in movie, “Sagan”, which was released in 2008. Even though, her success was short lived, Francoise Sagan is still remembered as one of the most brilliant and sensitive writers.

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